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  1. I've been wondering if this would work. now I know! Thanks for sharing, very cool.
  2. this is great, thanks for sharing.
  3. nice! love it. You wouldn't want that coffee getting cold.
  4. really nice. Love the look of the double stitch lines with different colors
  5. Sometimes I see something random that is asking to be wrapped in leather. This time it was a bottle opener I had laying around. I know I'm not the only one who can't resist the urge to tinker with things and thought it could make for a fun topic. Let's see what you got! tools, random containers, the family cat... the more ridiculous and unnecessary the better!
  6. Nailed it! form meets function. Really nice work.
  7. try using a small Phillips head screwdriver on the post first. put the tip of the screwdriver in the post and tap gently with just enough force to make four little notches in the post. Then it should roll down easier with setter.
  8. please let us know how you like it. I'm looking for an affordable splitting option that actually works. How wide of a piece can it split?
  9. Wow! I'm so glad you made this thread. I had no idea this existed and have been searching for something exactly like it.
  10. CJJ

    Duck Sling

    Thanks for the tips everyone!
  11. CJJ

    Duck Sling

    Thank you! I'll look into snowseal. Do you know if it would affect the color of the leather?
  12. CJJ

    Duck Sling

    A friend commissioned a duck sling from me which I've never made before, but how hard could it be? He wanted something unique and told me to surprise him. I ended up spending more time on it than I should have but am really pleased with how it came out. Just wanted to share with y'all! Also, if anyone has advice on what I can do to make it water resistant I'd love to hear it.
  13. CJJ

    Magnetic bookmark

    Thanks Frodo I'll give that a try
  14. I agree with everyone else here, you absolutely should not be reluctant to show this off. I think it's super nice and the craftsmanship is outstanding. Great job!
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