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  1. Using a laser would seems like it would be the most efficient way to cut the leather, but I don't work with leather enough to justify buying one yet. I went to your website and I'm nowhere near your level of proficiency. When I get better I will definitely reconsider!
  2. The process I have planned would be to display the pattern on the leather and trace the pattern with a scratch awl, and then when I am making the permanent cuts/holes double checking things on the computer screen if I get confused. I'm this alone will give me a reason to sell my $400 printer and replace it with a $300-$400 projector.
  3. I have recently been looking into using a ceiling mounted projector to display leather patterns straight down onto my workbench, but I have only seen this technique done with sewing patterns. Are there any major issues with using this technique to replace paper patterns? My hope is to reduce production cost as well as save time spent preparing the patterns. Thanks for reading!
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