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  1. Handmade is expensive, so should we give the price right away? If you are selling your works, you have surely done this more than once: Reveal the price and the customer runs away.... Handcraft should cost its money, the hours we spend, knowledge and experience that can be seen in the selection of leathers/hardware and finishing details is a valuable value. So you can't sell works at chain store prices. The price must stay high - it's a premium product, not for everyone. When someone asks "How much for that?" - we should give the price right away? Since most sellers delay responding to the price question, you’ll immediately differentiate yourself by giving the direct response the buyer is requesting. It also suggests you are unashamed of your prices. Give the price - but in context. "It costs X $" - it is not enough. In addition to the price, you need to interest the customer, encourage him to continue the conversation and, in a way, distract his thoughts from the price itself. So that he does not consider whether it is worth it or not - he will do it at the end of the conversation. Here are the 5 simplest techniques for giving a price with a distraction: 1. Price + Benefit: "The preliminary price is $____ with the little story behind. When someone asks "What's that?" - you will start the story, about joint design, about an idea, about a craftsman. How important is this benefit to you?" 2. Price + Question: "The preliminary price is $____ and that includes choice of leather. Please tell me what criteria, other than price, are most important to make your final decision?" 3. Price + Personalization: "The preliminary price is $____ and we will add something special for you like a guitarist dice pocket. I’m thinking this is the cool additional for you because you play guitar. Let me ask you some additional questions to confirm that I’m on the right track." 4. Price + Budget Check: "The preliminary price is $_____. Tell me how this sounds in terms of your budget and the prices you’ve heard from others." 5. Price + Anchoring Price: "I would compare the ____ I make to premium brand like LV, Fendi, Channel etc. that cost a couple of times more. I use much more expensive veg-tan leather and traditional craftsmanship - yet I have lower prices. Our price is $ _____. Of course, this will not make literally everyone suddenly buy an expensive handmade product. But it will make you able to have a longer dialogue with him and present the advantages, benefits and show that it is something more. If you are struggling with the sale of your work, below you will find 9 ready-made sales texts which show the benefits of leatherworks and convince sales (I study marketing). And a Card Holder pattern (it's free). Enjoy it. https://leatherinspire.subscribemenow.com P.S. Admin, if this content is not appropriate for this group, please do not add a post and a little feedback
  2. Instead of writing about the features, write about the benefits. A feature is: color, size. A advantage is: fashionable color, compact size. And a benefit is: you will impress your friends with a fashionable color, thanks to the compact size you can even fit it into your pocket. If you enjoyed today's - hop in newsletter for leatherworkers. Every Wednesday: 2 leathercraft clever examples, 2 marketing tips, 1 project of the week. https://leatherinspire.subscribemenow.com For sing up (it's for free): - Free Card Holder pattern, - Free 9 ready-made sales texts which show the benefits of leatherworks to you customers. P.S. Have nice day!
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