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  1. that maybe the 1st time i have ever heard of a Barry King knife referred to as "budget friendly". i am by no means a greater carver but i have several sk, from basic craftool, craftool pro and a pro delux from Springfield. i don't really notice a difference between the really cheap sk and the bit more expensive sk. perhaps you'll find a large difference when you move up to BK or the Wranglers sk. please let us know your findings.
  2. you can and should treat the leather with a sodium bicarb solution to neutralize the acid in the 'groon. for a sodium bicarb solution, dissolve some baking soda, not baking powder, in water. i heated mine up on the stove. let it cool and store in a bottle just like the 'groon. dip the leather in the sodium bicarb solution for about 5 minutes. this sodium bicarb treatment will neutralize the acid, vinegar is a weak acetic acid, and get rid of some of the vinegar smell. this treatment may address the corroding/tarnishing of some metals that maxdaddy spoke noted
  3. thanks saintjoy. i also made another story board awhile ago for the other figure carving tools i have on the right side of my bench. it helps me remember what the tools will do
  4. retswerb, it's a surface pro3. the touch screen broke so now i use it just for leather videos.
  5. I got this piece of countertop off craigslist for next to nothing. cut it in two and epoxied it so that it was ~2.5" thick. However, it was annoying that when cutting pieces of leather the granite got in the way. i decided to inset the 2.5" granite into my bench. to make sure the table held, i put 4 1" square steel tubes spanning the granite from side to side and then epoxied it in place. it took me way too long but it was a fun use of some tools. now to start tooling...
  6. I got a bit annoyed with how long it took me to get out my stitching pony. since i made it, i decided to modify it. it is now mounted under the bench. it slides forward on some 1/2" bolts and then mounts to the front of the bench using a 5/16" bolt and a threaded insert in the bench front. in the left side pic you can see that i also built a swivel base that i can mount on the bottom of this pony to turn it any angle that works. i saw a pony like this on etsy and decided to make one. i've got another pony that isn't so elaborate that will mount to the bench front just to the right of this pony (see the two holes for the threaded inserts. Now, i just need to start using the ponies for stitching up some motorcycle items. zonker
  7. thanks for the link. i also found an instructable where he just makes the frame out of 1/8x1/2" steel. obviously that would allow you to make it in any size you need. https://www.instructables.com/Leather-MD-Briefcase-Doctors-Bag/
  8. i was afraid that it might be too large.
  9. has anyone ever used a doctor's bag frame on a dopp bag? https://ohiotravelbag.com/collections/purse-frames/products/p-2927?variant=30384615620692 I feel like it would keep the dopp bag open and allow you to get things in and out a lot easier. zonker
  10. Zonker1972

    Barge cement

    weldwood from Lowes or Homedepot works well. or wood glue if i'm gluing something thin to something thick.
  11. i use these from bottom of the harbor freight. they work really well. especially helps when i'm stiching. https://www.harborfreight.com/magnifier-head-strap-with-lights-38896.html
  12. Hey Everyone, I hope that someone can help. I am making a stamped leather picture matting (hollow square that goes around a picture inside the frame) for a picture from Sturgis this year. I did this before and had issue beveling the inside corner. I will be using a punch to make clean corners but would like the corner to be beveled like the straight runs of the matting. Anyone have any tips? thanks, Zonker
  13. i've used PVA, regular wood glue, with good results on some dog collars. the weldwood contact cement was bleeding through the thin liner. zonker
  14. i measured a maul at tandy when i thought about making a maul from HDPE. i came up with a handle ~5" long, diameter depends on how big your hand is and a HDPE head of 2.5" tall with a 3" diameter. i hope that helps zonker
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