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  1. Hey Everyone, I hope that someone can help. I am making a stamped leather picture matting (hollow square that goes around a picture inside the frame) for a picture from Sturgis this year. I did this before and had issue beveling the inside corner. I will be using a punch to make clean corners but would like the corner to be beveled like the straight runs of the matting. Anyone have any tips? thanks, Zonker
  2. i've used PVA, regular wood glue, with good results on some dog collars. the weldwood contact cement was bleeding through the thin liner. zonker
  3. i measured a maul at tandy when i thought about making a maul from HDPE. i came up with a handle ~5" long, diameter depends on how big your hand is and a HDPE head of 2.5" tall with a 3" diameter. i hope that helps zonker
  4. https://www.ianatkinson.net/leather/leatherguide.htm about 1/2 way down the page. zonker
  5. where is everyone getting their sheepskin pads for dying, antiquing and oiling? I've seen some "scrap" bags on esty but not much else. thanks, Zonker
  6. I just come across this and i thought it may help out some members that are dealing with space issues like me. I have been hesitant to purchase full sides of leather. I envision several disaster scenarios using my small cutting mat. I found this banquet table at target for $29.99. It's 72x29 inches and made of a "resin" which i believe is HDPE. Target has these on close out, so get it while you can. They also have a 4 foot version for $35. zonker
  7. about 1/2 way down the page ian has a table that may be helpful. https://www.ianatkinson.net/leather/leatherguide.htm for that application he suggests 8-9 spi
  8. scroll about halfway down. https://www.ianatkinson.net/leather/leatherguide.htm zonker
  9. good idea rockoboy. thx.
  10. Thanks a lot rockoboy. I also do not have the handle, so I doubt I'll b using them in the near future. Zonker
  11. Zonker1972

    Tool ID

    I recently made a purchase on E-bay for the items in the picture. I am not sure what the small tools on the bottom row of the picture are used for. the two on the ends look they are a male and female snap or rivet set but i am unsure about that and the other small tools. any help is greatly appreciated. zonker
  12. this was asked a few weeks ago and i suggested flexible cutting boards. you can get them at the dollar store. zonker
  13. i used to airbrush paint... or at least tried. i would recommend just about any of the Badger brushes. i would assume that you would want a siphon feed for bottles so that would be either a Badger 105 or 150. you can usually find used ones on ebay for pretty cheap. zonker
  14. i assume you mean thread for hand sewing. Here is a link that i found useful. About 1/2 way down there is a comparison of thread from different companies and stitch size (stitches per inch) to use for different types of projects. https://www.ianatkinson.net/leather/leatherguide.htm Hope it helps. zonker
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