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  1. Thanks a lot for this @ScottWolf. Excited to try this out. The petroleum stuff I've always used has got to go.
  2. Hi all. Looking for some leather finishing cream suggestions. What does everyone like to use? I'm looking for some that doesn't have a high beeswax content and is mostly natural. The kind of stuff you can apply with your hands if need to? Is there such a thing that exists? I've been using Aussie for years but I'd like to find an alternative. Appreciate it!
  3. Hello everyone. Can someone please tell me what the piece of hardware on shoulder/tool bags that allow them to be remain open at the top? Wide mouth bars? Anyone know where to get them? Appreciate it
  4. Hey everyone. I'm looking for some recommendations on a decent set of 5mm diamond shaped pricking irons. Looking for a set that's the best bang for the buck. The Oka Factory ones look pretty nice but everyone is out of the sets. I might just have to but individual ones. Anyhow, just wondering which brand/brands people have had good results with. Thanks for the help.
  5. Great info Bruce, always appreciated. Would you say the Brooks punches have the same weight and beefiness compared to the Jueschke and Douglas ones?
  6. I'm currently looking for a nice rivet setter set myself. The Richard Brooks ones look very nice. Can someone please enlighten me about the differences between BuckleGuys set, the Richard Brooks set and the super expensive Douglas set? In my eyes, if the ones are handmade from Richard brooks, that's a no brainer.
  7. Oh hell. I’m just gonna get both an 8oz and 12oz. I like the vintage stuff. Proto, Plumb, etc.
  8. What say you? Trying to decide between an 8oz or a 12oz. I might just buy both
  9. Good morning. Can anyone speak for the quality of these tools? Not too much info out there on them. Appreciate it
  10. Thanks. He doesn't have any at this time
  11. Hi everyone. Looking for a decent plough gauge for sale if anyone has any leads, etc. Appreciate it!
  12. I use these to dye my edges and they work fantastic. Been using them for years. I bet they would work nicely with Tokonole. https://www.springfieldleather.com/Applicator-Rect-Sponge-10pk
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