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  1. Ya, he said it's not part of the magneto, some weird buckle, or just a really bad photo of a regular buckle
  2. I'll ask my husband tonight, he works tractors, usually vintage-antique. What you have circled doesn't look to be part of the cover, looks more like a metal strap part of the magneto sticking through a hole in the leather
  3. Try a Antique tractor forum. I looked up a few videos of antique magnetos being refurbished and there doesn't appear to be leather on them, it may be a very short time frame they were used, could be why you can't find anything
  4. Being in a location where buying tooling leather in person is not generally an option, I am always wary of buying online even from reputable sellers. As we all know, many sellers re-grade there stock, so buying an A/B grade Wickett and Craig or Hermann Oak may not actually be A/B, and I've had some bad experiences with this, even from some reputable companies. Being a smaller business, I am in no position to buy a bunch of hides at once unfortunately, so that is out of question currently, as I know tannery direct purchases can be a fantastic approach. What are some of your favourite suppliers of tooling leather in Canada?
  5. Good to know, especially that we can still buy the dye, just have to bite the bullet and buy bigger quantities.
  6. Techsew 2700, i know the parts number for the feet and such, easy to come by, I've got some extra presser feet and may modify them myself instead of buying more. I should say as well, I'm not talking about it not being able to climb an abrupt huge ridge of material, it just slips often on skived layers. Various materials, not just slippery leather.
  7. I'm having trouble with my presser foot not walking up and over layers, I'm guessing a foot with teeth would fix this? I'm slipping often, and it's driving me nuts. thanks
  8. Thanks again, I seen you other post in supplies and commented on the dyes as well. I hope fiebings won't become hard to get.
  9. From what i've gathered, they purposely keep all chemical dyes out of stock because they now have to ship them differently. Hopefully no shortage coming though! A few cheaper places that i've found that you can order right online without calling is Zelikovitz and Martin equine and pet products. Every time I call in Tandy to order in Halifax they don't have the colors i need and theyre weeks away. Also, from your last post on my thread, Cains tack shop in Dieppe(near moncton) has fiebings dyes.
  10. Thanks, i've never heard of that place before, it loos like they don not generally advertise to the public. I go to Cain's tack shop in dieppe, they have some good stock, but lacking in the solid brass.
  11. Checked them out before, mostly plated stuff. I try to only use solid brass. Thanks though I did find a nice Canadian source in case anyone sees this thread and also in search: https://shop.aaronmartin.com/Hardware/folder/355 they are a harness/saddlery hardware supply. Great prices and selection, and actually categorized from light to heavy duty. Stainless, some plate and brass
  12. Thanks! Probably a little too far away. I do love buckleguys quality and prices, but every once in a while i get dinged bad with customs and duties.
  13. Anyone find any suppliers that have better prices than BuckleGuy for bulk purchases? Preferably Canadian. I find it's getting harder to find good prices, everyone is jacking up solid brass hardware prices. Like 5-6 bucks for 1? Ridiculous. I buy from Canada and still find the conversation cheaper than some of the Canadian sources I've found. For quality and style options. I've scoured the internet but thought maybe one you have found some little hidden source, a stretch I know! I've already looked through the stickied supplier list. Open to international outside of North America, but wary of quality, it can be hit or miss. Thanks!
  14. The time it would take to properly test out an unknown homemade edge paint would be the time it takes to wait for an order. Unless of course you are just testing things out to see what works in the mean time. I wouldn't use an unknown in work that is to go for sale or an order especially for edges, they flex and move and get rubbed and chaffed so much with use. Personally, I find regular acrylics, even high end ones, don't look nice on leather like the acrylics made for leather do. There's lots of Pre formulated and long time tested edge paint works great and goes a long way, imo. I like tandy's ecoflo edge flex paint(rebranded Fenix, works just like it has. The only 'ecoflo' product i've ever used that works decent for me, imo.)
  15. I should add to what i previously said, i have nothing against mass production or folks who run larger leather businesses. I more have an issue with the lying that is coming along with it in many instances. Something something 'usa' darling western leather resellers claiming they are the individual artists, local handmade small mom and pop business. You're a reseller, stand by it no problem, don't lie.
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