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  1. Thank you both for the information, I look forward to fixing up this round knife! -Cheyenne
  2. Hello I recently acquired a w.rose round knife that I'm going to have to repair, most likely completely replace the ferrule and handle. I've scoured the forums and have read quite a bit by folks here who have restored many a knife. That said I am looking for more information and detail on making a handle(once I figure out how it is attached/assembled). I have no experience in this department though I have always been able to learn new skills adequately enough to do a functioning, half decent looking job, more utilitarian wise, maybe not so much finesse with carpentry or wood working in general. Though I would love to, I am not able to send it to be professionally restored currently, though it may be something I could do in the future if anyone knows what an approximate range might be in cad. I have much for hardwood(ash, maple, birch), I found some curly maple, thought that might be nice though it is not kiln dried, just a hunk of seasoned wood yet to be fondled. Any links to videos, previous threads I might have missed, etc would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! -Cheyenne
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