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  1. Clintock

    Pressure foot issues with Cowboy 3200

    Sorry I didn’t get the picture earlier this week. It’s been a hectic week with 14-15 hr work days. Here’s the mod I was talking about. Just took a dremel and cut a groove so I could see what was happening. Hope this helps.
  2. Clintock

    Pressure foot issues with Cowboy 3200

    Let me get home this evening and I’ll get ya one
  3. Clintock

    Pressure foot issues with Cowboy 3200

    I don’t know much about machines but I have the 3200. If your needle foot is not installed correctly it will leave those marks. I ran into that problem when I cut the front out of my needle foot. I didn’t want the hole because it made it harder to see exactly where my needle was landing. So I cut a groove in it. Reinstalled it but it did not “bottom out”. I loosened the screw that holds it on the rod and worked it up to where it “seated” and tightened screw. No more problems.
  4. Clintock

    Holster / Pattern Videos

    I’m in agreement with Wayne and glamb here. I’ve been doing leather for only two years and not full time. When I first came to this site I had a few questions. Out of all the top contributors and ones that comment all the time, Jeff was the only one that reached out to make sure I was doing the steps correctly and didn’t ask for one cent! Still hasn’t. I didn’t know if I’d like to do this for fun, side money, or what. He sent little scraps of different leathers to try and see what I liked. I don’t recall seeing many folks just givin stuff away to complete strangers just to further the craft. Jeff has given more patterns away than anyone would really know. In a world where everyone thinks they should be paid just to give advice, Jeff still offers FREE advice. To the beginner that’s a tremendous help. Especially when he or she is trying to build up a tool collection, as we all know this craft is expensive. It’s easy to get mad at a guy when he’s giving information away for free and you’re charging for it. Just my 2 cents worth.
  5. Clintock

    ""Hear Sir" from Mississippi

    Welcome from south Alabama
  6. Clintock

    Hello from Alabama

    Looks like you did a pretty jam up job! Southwest Alabama here
  7. Clintock

    The Freeze

    Got pretty cold here in south Alabama but bank still working. I still ain’t getting no deposits.
  8. Clintock

    Bolt Bags

    Those are nice. I have an uncle wanting some pig ears. I got no where to start on that so I told him I’d have to pass
  9. Clintock


  10. Clintock

    Glock 30 flapjack

    Does he have small hands? If not he’s gonna have a hard time getting his hand on the grip.
  11. Man throw those little stitching boogers to the side. Get a sewing machine needle and chuck it in a drill press. A feller once sent me a needle before I got my machine. Chucked in a cheap drill press and made a world of difference. Lots less headache. Easy to keep straight. And YOU can decide what “pitch” you want your holes to be. Straight or canted can all be done by turning your chuck just a tad. Use the press as an arbor. Don’t turn the machine one. feller tellin ya the truth right chere!
  12. Did the same for my nephew this past summer. Straight outta stohlman book!
  13. Clintock

    Speed reducer

    IS this still available??
  14. Clintock

    Maker Mark

    Yep. Easy fix. Shouldn’t take moren a min or 3! It’s the getting round to it that takes the longest!!
  15. Clintock

    Maker Mark

    Apparently you not hammering with a big nuff hammer! But seriously I didn’t say anything about pressure. I said cut down on trips. Plus with a hammer stamp you can see EXACTLY where you want it and not covered up with a plate at the press. But I digress...