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  1. Clintock

    Singer 111W152

    Machine has consew servo. Leather machine co lollipop speed reducer. A bunch of assorted needles. A pound of 138 natural thread. Several extra bobbins. Any questions send me an email. Will meet if not too far. Asking $500 Clintock1981@yahoo.com
  2. You mean assembling by itself.. as in separate from any leather? Could be intended to be used on leather/materials 1/8" thicker? They’re 1/4” so two pieces 7/8 oz should work. Nope. It would take two pieces 7/8 AND a piece of 2/3 to make the gap close
  3. Ones from SLC do not seem to screw all the way down. There’s about a 32nd to a 1/16” gap difference. If that makes sense. And the lot of 100 I got from them are mismatched. Some have flat backs some have domed backs. Sometimes a little more money is worth it to get the same each time.
  4. Same here. Bought that 111w152or 153. Good little machine too
  5. I have a 3200. Great machine. Up to about 9/16” thick and handles the lighter stuff too. 138 thread is about as small as you can go. If you’re planning on stitching 2/3 oz I wouldn’t recommend it. I can do a layer of 2/3 to 4/5 and it works great. But I can’t hide the knot in 2/3 to 2/3.
  6. You’re telling it now. I wouldn’t say I have a business in leather but I do sell several finished goods a month. Regardless, when you tell a customer that it’ll be ready in a certain time he expects it. He doesn’t wanna hear the supplier sent me crap for leather. Nor do I really wanna tell him that. I ordered from slc (if you’re gonna say they have great leather then save it. I don’t wanna hear it.) and the leather was pink with white streaks and stretch marks. Called them. Said they’d send me another piece. No problem. Just a couple days out. Second piece. Scratches. Bite marks. I won’t send the second one back due to time restraints but I definitely won’t be buying anymore leather from there.
  7. @chrisash means there’s some fabricated numbers. And a lot of non licensed carry. Then there’s open carry. No need to have a permit. Several states have open carry. Carrying a license means nothing. How many folks drive without license. Your comment is like saying there’s no drugs out there because it’s against the law. Even if your numbers are correct which they aren’t, you failed to mention the amount of folks that want to carry but are still going through training, becoming familiar with their weapon, learning to be proficient with their weapon etc. So the 92 cents bullcrap just became a lot less. I find it ironic how MOST people from overseas think they know more about the US than actual US citizens.
  8. Pretty nice. I’d be interested in how you done the rule bender.
  9. Appreciate ya @JLSleather @keithpip I do have a pattern for a single six. If you’re interested send me a pm with your email.
  10. That smell is probably the same smell I grew up smelling when my dad made fox horns from cow horns. You could hear those horns for miles on a cool night listening to dogs.
  11. I kinda the way the buckle is attached. Make it a little longer and put a loop and I think you may be on to something. Nice work.
  12. Big thumbs up! Maybe one day I’ll get up your way and learn a few things!
  13. Why order online? When I do it usually takes a week before I get my email saying my order has been filled. Then the shipping time which is usually 3 days. So that’s 10 days. Just use the site for reference to place a phone call. Much faster! Ashley I believe is her name. That girl get your order taken and collected faster than McDonald’s can tell ya their ice cream machine is down. Just my two cents but then again I ain’t no big time saddle maker nor do I make 1000 orders.
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