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  1. Do you seal it and put this on afterwards or are you using this to seal it
  2. Is there a place where you get your mink oil and brand. Always looking to experiment and get a better feel. I would like to try the way you seal it.
  3. Thanks for the input. Yea, we use resolene and I kinda of see that plastic look too. I get worried cause our stuff is used outdoor and in tough conditions so scared to go away from resolene but I might give that a try. It just seems like it's hard and rigid and takes awhile to break in. Was wondering if there was something I could do afterwards to loosen . Thanks again
  4. Yea, just too small for what we do. We our going deeper. Ours works fine just looking for other ways to do it rather than washing it
  5. Looks good, how deep is that? Do you have air assist?
  6. Was wondering if anyone on here engraved on veg tan leather. We do and afterwards we rinse it off with water and a soft tooth brush. Is there a better way? Haven't found a tape that dosent scuff the veg tan leather
  7. I was interested in what everyone was using. I have been making straps and suspenders. I finish with resolene to protect it as they are used outdoors in the elements. They come out pretty stiff though. Have been using pure neatsfoot oil but dosent seem to soften it up much. Is there a better product for this
  8. Sorry about that, I was meaning of an online supplier. But will do in the future. Houston, Tx
  9. I am trying to find friction swivel and lazy susan for a tool belt at a reasonable price. Any ideas?
  10. Jason046

    Best stuff to buy to sharpen swivel knives

    I have been only doing the same but o have a blade I like that dosent seem to be sharp enough with just the rouge on a strop
  11. I received a card from Amazon and was wondering if anyone has gotten any good sharpening stones or strips off here. Mainly just sharpening swivel knives so was wondering what grit y'all use and the compound. I have red jewlers rouge but was wondering if the different colors meant anything?
  12. Hey I was interested to find out what you thought about the panhandle leather hermann oak side you said you were buying. I am about to purchase a side from them but wanted to get some input before I did

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    2. Jason046


      Hey, just giving you an update. Bought a side from them yesterday and the charge was $205 with shipping. Paid with card and later that night got an email saying they modified it and now they charged me 221$. Wondering if they have done this to you?

    3. Squilchuck


      No.  Ordering was no problem. What was their reason?


    4. Jason046


      Haven't had the chance to call them yet

  13. Jason046

    Best value for leather

    If you don't mind updating me on the HO leather from panhandle leather. That's a pretty good price. Would like to know what you thought about it
  14. Jason046

    Best value for leather

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I will look I to all the options. I am buying oak leaf sides so it's a B grade leather I believe. I'm cutting 7" squares and tooling them along with 50" x 1 1/2" straps. We are running a business so the more we can get out of it the better. Would pay more for the side if I could get a better side with less marks
  15. Jason046

    Best value for leather

    I have been buying my leather from a local Tandy store and I was wondering if this was the best value for the leather I am getting. I buy a side of 8-9oz veg tan and I tool on it. The only problem I have found is I really have to look for good sides. I wouldn't mind buying from a supplier if anyone has a good recommendation. I have checked out Weaver but they are more expensive than Tandy.