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  1. Nice! Looks good, I might give that a try
  2. I have tried that way and liked it but now I use a nfo and beeswax mix with electric burnishing wheel Thats interesting. Is their a video that shows this process?
  3. I was wondering if yall sand yalls edges before burnishing. I started sanding with a 220 grut and get them smooth and then burnish. Always liked the way they turned out but was wondering if it was just an unnecessary step as I have been getting behind on orders.
  4. Thats a really good idea, I think I will give it a try.Black isnt too much trouble soI would guess you dont have to worry about inconsistency doing it that way. 10 inches X 4 inches will fit the straps you use coiled up?
  5. The reason we dont buy pre dyed leather is we do a wide variety of colors so its easier just to do it from scratch. Might look into that though. Also i like the price and quality of the leather we buy so its hard to change
  6. Thanks, I have seen a couple videos and figured black would be the safest color to do it on seeing as how its less blochy and streaky. We spray brown and red dye but the black i usually just dob but even 5 or 6 straps and it gets time consuming. figured dipping would go alot quicker taking care of both sides and edges at once
  7. I normally use a dobber when dyeing my black leather straps. I have a big order of straps though and felt dip dyeing using a large tupperware container would save me time. Anyone have experience doing this and offer any tips or prefrences
  8. I have a mini 441 and have had it a couple years and have been sewing alot lately and recently when the needle comes up it gets stuck and I have to help it by turning the wheel to get it back through. Does anyone know what this could be. Thanks for any help
  9. Nice, yes I have used neatsfoot oil for awhile just didnt know the abbreviation. I have been doing a similar process. Burnish withwater to get the edges to come together, then dye and finish with beeswax. Just tried the 50/50 mix of beeswax and nfo today and really like it. Might get some Ron's edge rub and give that a try as well. Right now we do about 20) 65"straps a month so I get alot of practice. Lol
  10. Hey, this is probably a stupid question but I was going to try your mix and was wondering what nfo was? Cant find a description for it
  11. And yes you are right, water and saddle soap are fine to burnish with before dyeing but I learned the hard way that bees wax and gumtrag can seal the leather so if you get some on your leather it wont accept the dye
  12. Thanks for all the info, I have been doing edges for a long time and as good as I get them I am never satisfied. They take up a lot of time but going to have to give some of these a try. My main goal is them holding up over time. I see my product out and the last thing I want is a edge that has lost its burnish
  13. We are making radio holsters for fire departments. The tricky part is the way they are attached or we could use rivets. Right now we do loctite with the Chicago screws
  14. Thanks, right now we are using about 200 a month but might be moving up to close to 1000. It hasn't been a big issue with the 200 but moving up to 1000 just checking our options to make them cost effective. Thanks for all the help
  15. We are using alot of Chicago screws and we are just looking for better prices. Anyone have a good place to order them on the web. Thanks
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