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  1. Hi Klutes, all experiance levels will get a lot out of the class. But those with more experiance than pure beginner will get the most out of it. Thanks for asking.
  2. Hi Everybody, I will be teaching 2 classes at the Reunion in June. The first day will be highly focused on Tooling , Carving & Sculpting to create your very distinctive project. We will be going over the finer point of Detail & Depth. In the second class On the second day we will be focused on color & how to make your project stand out! Please take a loot & get signed up asap as space is limited. I hope to see you all there. Thanks for looking. ED the"BearMan" LaBarre
  3. BearMan

    Quality Stitching Awl

    Hi, sorry to hear you haven't gotten a reply yet. I found out yesterday that his daughter was in the hospital. But, are you looking for any special wood? If you haven't gotten together with Ed yet, I'd be happy to make it for you myself. Just get back with me. As far as the blades Barry King has so.e good. Lades now. Also the blades from Bob Douglas are top notch!
  4. Hi Everybody, September 18th, 19th & 20th I will be teaching a class on making my Natural Leaf & Curved Basketweave Notebook in Portland Or. We will go from layout to assembly, with all the steps in between. From laying out the pattern, tooling the Natural Leaves with all the detail, Curved Basketweave & assembly. We will even do some of the Natural coloring! If you live in the area or not, it will be well worth your time! For more details you can message me on here or email me at: You can also call Tana at: 503-255-8818 for the detail. Hope to see you there!! Thanks, Ed the"BearMan" LaBarre
  5. strange,,, I dont know how the double up happened,,,
  6. Thanks,,, I am putting on a class at the Prescott show in late Feb, on how to color things like this. Thanks,,, I am putting on a class at the Prescott show in late Feb, on how to color things like this.
  7. BearMan

    My Last Swivel Knife Before Christmas

    Hi,,Thanks A Lot!! It looks like I will need to make more like this. It will be probably around the beginning of Feb, before I start on them though. So,,, get back wth me around that time,,, Thanks for your interest,,,
  8. Here is the last project before Christmas. It has an Antler body thats just over 1/2" in dia. It's adjustable from about 2 1/2" up to about 3 1/4". Which would fit most everybody. I dont know if I'll be making many of these as finding a section of antler that is fairly close to the right diameter,,, thats not too crooked,,, & has some good makings,,, gets kind of difficult. If I do make more, they will be in the $100.00 range. As far as blades,,, I like the blades from Bob Beard & Henley. Thanks for looking,, Ed
  9. Thanks Everybody,,, Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas! Looking forward to all the excitement that 2015 brings,,, lots of changes I'm sure,,,
  10. Thanks Everybody,,, I hope you all have a Great Christmas!! The class is in Prescott Az on Sat Feb 28th. This class if for beginners on up. You will explore not only the coloring techniques, but also the equipment and materials used. You will do some dye mixing and learn theory behind creating interesting colors and designs. Blending, shading, & fading techniques will be discussed and applied. I will supply you with patterns ahead of time so that you can tool them before the workshop, and spend your class time coloring.
  11. Thanks Everybody,,, I hope you all have a Great Christmas!!
  12. Hi Everybody,,, Here is the latest project. It's a small notebook, for the little spiral bound note pads. It uses a lot of the coloring techniques I'll be teaching in the class in Prescott at the end of Feb. Thanks For looking,,, Ed
  13. Hi Everybody,,, I just wanted to let everybody know about a change in the email address for The new address is: thier old email address with Yahoo went bad. Luckily they sinked up the old email a couple days ago,,, so they should have all the old emails. But if you've tried to contact them in the past day or so & havent gotten a responce,,, please use the new email address. Thanks,,,
  14. BearMan

    My Latest Bible Cover

    Thanks Jon & Steve!! I have it's twin in the workshop right now. A person that saw this one in person insiste on the same design. The main difference is that the "twin" willo be a regular design,,, that doesnt have the big welt. Thanks Again,,, Ed