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    Designing Leather tools that make it easier & more fun to create art. Also, I absolutely LOVE teaching & sharing my years of experience with others.

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    BearMan "Swivel Design" Notebooks, Bible Covers, Knife Cases, Belts, anything tooled
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I've been doing leather work for about 40 years now,,, & stll learning everyday. I love developing & making unique tools for "leather people". I'm disabled with a spinal condition called Arachnoiditis,,, thats basically where scar tissue surrounds the spinal cord, squeezing it, creating lots of pain & limiting mobility. So,,, I'm not able to do nearly as much as I'd like,,, but I keep trying!! My goal,,, is to help promote leather craftsman,,, & woman, by creating tools that make it easier,,, & more fun to create the art. I'm constantly striving to get better with my leather design, carving, & coloring. Maybe by the time I'm 100,,, I'll get as good as I want to be!!

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