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  1. A bleed knot is used to attach horizontally slotted conchos. But how do you attach vertically slotted conchos? Thanks
  2. Tandy has some 9-10 oz. CLASSIC BLACK GLAZED DOUBLE SHOULDERS on sale.They say these are great for making belts and I want to make a few belts. I'm a novice just starting out, understand. But I want to tool and stamp the belts and paint and seal the work as well. The black glazed shoulders sound great since the dye goes all the way through the leather and the size seems thick enough for a good belt. My rookie question is; can glazed leather be tooled, stamped, painted and sealed? Thanks for your help. Jim
  3. The solid core door sounds a good idea. Can they be cut down to size? I looked online at doors but couldn't determine what the core was made of and if it could be cut and drilled to suit my needs. Thanks for the replies and helpful information, folks.
  4. I just beginning to leatherwork and am planning a small workbench for my apartment. I plan to use 2x6 for the frame and 4x4s for the legs and sink the 1-foot by 1-foot granite to be level with the bench surface. My question is; what's the best material to use as a bench surface? I was planning to use 3/4" A/B plywood. My brother-in-law is an advocate of particle board because it's always flat and he can push the leather against the edge when sewing and the needle will go into the particle board easily. But I'm concerned with the particle board chipping and since the bench will be a fixture in my small apartment, not in the basement or a garage, I think the plywood will look better and I can stain it. I see some folks are using kitchen counters but since my bench will be about 34' wide, with an end leaf of 18", and 22' deep, I'd be waisting a lot of countertop. Plus they all seem to be particle board. Thanks in advance for any help and opinions.
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