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  1. Big Bend Saddlery in Alpine TX. is looking for a full time leather worker. Basic skills are wanted but we will help teach you. If interested in more details call 432-837-5551 ask for Gary. Thanks
  2. Uwe this is the groove right where the bobbin goes in and where the thread comes out. This list you talk of make sure and put me on it!!! The problem was that I loosened the pressure foot tension while sewing thin leather. Then I was stitching skirts and I believe the leather was moving a bit and was causing things to hang up. Tightened the presser foot up and it worked next time I will work on it longer before heading to the forum so I'm not black listed sorry uwe.
  3. Hello I'm having trouble keeping the bobbin thread to stay in the groove. Also it seems the thread from the top side doesn't make it all the way around the shuttle then pulls up tight and snaps my needle just about every time. And I do have the thread in the bobbin threaded the correct way. Thanks
  4. Hello I was wondering if any of you had any tricks at photographing open wallets I've tried blue painters tape and it wasn't sticky enough I'm afraid to use something that may leave a mark on the leather. Any suggestions?
  5. Hello, my question is about after you get everything cut out and your middle layer in place. How do you get the top layer to stay put after it is sewn on? Here are some pictures of what I mean. What I did on this one is glued the carved piece let it dry then glued it again and stuck it on the other piece while it was semi wet still.
  6. Hey, Im interested in your punches would you do 140 on them?

    1. thefanninator


      No, but thanks for the offer.

  7. Try using a rawhide maul they seem to absorb the blow and deaden the sound.
  8. Would you take 80 for everything but the heart punch? Thanks
  9. Yea I received my maul it was worth the wait if he said it will be 6 weeks anyway good so far just wish customer service was better
  10. Im in the same boat you are its been over 2 months since I ordered mine. Ive emailed him atleast 5 times he answered me once said it was gonna ship 3 weeks ago and that was the last ive heard from him still havent got it not sure whats going on I dont mind if it takes 6 months to finish just tell me that I dont wanna play games. Wish you luck.
  11. Dont know why my comments get erased. But im officially done with this site. Its kind of a joke
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