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    I do firefighter strap work I'm am intrested in expanding my skill set and better my products as well as add new items

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    Firefighter strap work
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  1. Hey, I’m researching stitching clamps before I buy any thoughts. I’m considering dream factory or Romanov middle size. I program be doing wallets, watch bands, and journal covers as I don’t see my self hand stitching bag when I have two perfectly good machines for that.
  2. I can’t pick it up now as I’m am still working on my last sewing machine project. Plus I’m moving but I’ll keep you in mind if it hasn’t sold by mid summer.
  3. Engine1

    Tannery wanted

    Hello, I’m located in North Carolina. I had a local farmer ask if I knew of a small batch tannery near use. He wants try to utilitarian His cattle to it full potential. He said his long term goal is pay someone tan and return the hides because he is looking at making products with his hides.
  4. What’s your price on what’s left
  5. May be interested in hand tools depending on what you have
  6. I’m looking at getting a machine this weekend I think it has a clutch motor and I plan to swop it for a servo
  7. Thoughts on 3D leather stamps... I have been using a set a 1/2 3D letter stamps for a few years now that I bought off eBay. The set has more than payed for its self but as my work improves I find it extremely frustrating how uncentered they are. Is there a difference in 3D letter stamps or are they all from the same suppler. If one is better than the other where is the best place to get the highest quality 3D 1/2 letter stamps.
  8. Engine1

    Consew 225

    Interested I have sent a pm
  9. Have your businesses sold yet... what part of NC are you located in
  10. Do you still have it if so I’ll take it
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