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  1. Good choice … you will never regret it! You have one of the best flatbed industrial machines made.
  2. I have the 1508 NH. I sew primary leather, but occasionally I’ll sew some waxed canvas. Getting the tension correct is a bit of a challenge on thinner material, but not insurmountable. If you get the 1508, you’ll never need another heavy duty industrial flatbed.
  3. Thank you …. The pattern is from Cow Camp Saddlery and Mark Barcus.
  4. Thank you all for the kind comments!
  5. Had a few orders for Shotgun Chaps and Chinks this past winter/spring. These chinks just left the shop. Cream Glovetan, with Handstamped Basketweave yokes and side panels. Stainless steel buckles and conchos.
  6. I have this same machine, and changed to the 135x17 needle system several years ago. I used Bob’s instructions and it worked perfectly .. very easy to do.
  7. @MHeaps … ok. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. @MHeaps it’s available … sale fell through
  9. @MHeaps you are correct .. my customer is coming to No Nevada from Arizona. He is planning on coming next week …we have had a fair amount of weather …. if it falls through, I have a list of those interested, and you are on that list.
  10. @Hobbit1Leatherworks …. I’ve got a deposit on it and it may be sold, but if it falls through, I will contact you.
  11. Beautiful ! … What topcoat do you use after dye?
  12. I have the same machine … Call Bob at Toledo Sewing …. He has quite a few parts for various machines. +1 (419) 380-8540
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