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  1. dfrensdorff

    Waxed Canvas/Leather Shop Apron

    I put an edge on all my waxed canvas with an overlock machine.
  2. dfrensdorff

    Waxed Canvas/Leather Shop Apron

    Thank you
  3. dfrensdorff

    Waxed Canvas/Leather Shop Apron

    Thank you ..... the cut out dimensions are 28” wide x 35” tall.
  4. dfrensdorff

    Waxed Canvas/Leather Shop Apron

    Thank you .... I’m not sure what weight of waxed canvas the Filson coat is ...
  5. dfrensdorff

    Waxed Canvas/Leather Shop Apron

    Thank you ... !
  6. dfrensdorff

    Waxed Canvas/Leather Shop Apron

    Hello All ... I’ve been working with some leatherworkers, as well as woodworkers, and making them aprons. Martexin #10 original waxed canvas and Horween Dublin pockets, as well as oil tan straps.
  7. dfrensdorff

    Wanted: Kwikprint any model

    I’ve got a Howard .... message if you’re interested and I’ll forward some pics
  8. dfrensdorff

    Farrier Chaps

    Thanks .... Great point .... I’m not a shoer, but if I were, that is how I would want it, as I’m right handed. Makes sense.
  9. dfrensdorff

    Farrier Chaps

    Ok .... I’ll look into adding one on my next pair
  10. dfrensdorff

    Farrier Chaps

    Thank you!
  11. dfrensdorff

    Farrier Chaps

    Thank you both .... great idea re. the magnet! Where would you place it?
  12. dfrensdorff

    Farrier Chaps

    I haven’t posted here in a while .... just finished up a custom set of Farrier Chaps being given as a gift to a gentleman in Farrier School in Kentucky .... Oil Tan Chap leather, Chap Split suede, & Burgundy Latigo yoke and belt.
  13. I’ll take the strap cutter and the kyoshin English point strap end punch if still available .... message me payment details. Thanks
  14. dfrensdorff

    Cantle Saddle Bag w/Hair on Hide

    Thank you ....It is made up of three pieces ... top, bottom, and gusset. I construct the top and sew the zipper in first, then I put the bag together inside out and sew the gusset in, then it gets turned back through the zipper.
  15. dfrensdorff

    Matte Black American Alligator Pieces