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  1. dfrensdorff

    Harley Davidson Trunk Bag

    Nice work!
  2. dfrensdorff

    Card Holders and Wallet

    Open an Etsy shop, or post them on an Instagram page of your own, and put in your info ... “message me for purchase inquiries “.
  3. dfrensdorff

    Tina 1218/6 L'Indispensable Style Knife

    Would have been nice to get a response of some kind ....?
  4. I’ll take the two Kevin Lee knives if still available ..... Message sent
  5. dfrensdorff

    New Beer Growler Carrier

    Very nice work!!
  6. dfrensdorff

    Tina 1218/6 L'Indispensable Style Knife

    Can you still get blades?
  7. dfrensdorff

    Leatherman Case

    Thanks Handstitched ..... in most cases regular rivets work just fine .... I use copper rivets when I want to make 100% sure it won’t come apart.
  8. dfrensdorff

    Leatherman Case

    Here are a few pics of the back/strap/snap etc.
  9. dfrensdorff

    Leatherman Case

    Thank you, and yes machine stitched. I’m out of town for a few days not will post a pick of the back for you end of week.
  10. dfrensdorff

    Leatherman Case

    Thank you .... they were not wet molded .... after sewing, and before applying any finish, I got them a little wet, placed the tool in, and then let it dry completely ..... then I applied the stains, finishes, etc.
  11. dfrensdorff

    Leatherman Case

    Thank you .... the key for me has been high quality stamps .... Barry King in this case ...... and proper casing of the leather.
  12. dfrensdorff

    Leatherman Case

    Thanks guys ..... I appreciate it. The simple design is actually a tweaking of a design from Bruce Cheney.
  13. dfrensdorff

    Leatherman Case

    Hello All .... I carry a Leatherman Wave everyday, and could not live without it .....the “man-made material “ cases wear out .... so I made a few cases. Here are a couple of “lefty” cases. Pretty basic, Barry King tools, basketweave stamped .... but much better than a cloth/nylon case imho.
  14. dfrensdorff

    Chink Chaps for My Sisters

    You’re a talented young man! Nice work!
  15. dfrensdorff

    Durkopp Adler 269-373

    Hello All ..... I have for sale a Durkopp Adler 269-373. I picked this machine up from Uwe. It is in pristine condition, and works beautifully. Efka servo motor, with Efka Needle positioning system. 220v, with air actuated foot. Two sets of feet and edge guide. Truly a beautiful machine. $3200 (a bit less than I paid for it) ... will ship (in the crate I received it in) for shipping charges. I am located in No. Nevada. If serious, please email me at dcfrenzy@hotmail.com to communicate about this machine. Can send additional photos if need be. Don