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  1. I have the same machine … Call Bob at Toledo Sewing …. He has quite a few parts for various machines. +1 (419) 380-8540
  2. I wasn’t needing it , as I have a Juki 1508, but this showed up locally and I couldn’t pass it up. Unbelievable original condition, with original manuals and cover. Has a newer Consew Servo. I got it home, installed a new needle, set it up for 138 thread, and it was smooth and stitched perfectly …. I’ll use it as a back up, or to just look at!
  3. Thank you, and no, I did not make the buckle. It was made by Sheridan Buckle Co. It was brought to me by the owner to have the belt made. Thank you … Practice, proper casing, and a good stamp are important … I use Barry King stamps.
  4. It was dyed with Fiebings dark brown … after it was dry, Neatsfoot oil, then after that was dry, tan kote.
  5. Just off the bench … custom hand stamped Basketweave belt made to go with a custom buckle. Hermann Oak skirting w/ burgundy latigo lining.
  6. I’m testing the waters of selling my Techsew 5100. It is the set-up with the needle positioning, laser light, and edge guide. Very few hours, and when I’ve needed it, it has performed flawlessly. I’m in No. Nevada, and I will not ship, but may help with transport in No. Cal. $2900.
  7. Thank you ... I found it on Buckleguy. Swivel Chain Connector w/ Screw
  8. Hello all ... what do you call this attachment that is on the wallet the the chain gets attached to? I’ve looked on buckleguy and can’t seem to find it. Thanks in advance.
  9. No .... I ended up with a Juki 1508 .... Sorry
  10. Thank you ..... the cut out dimensions are 28” wide x 35” tall.
  11. Thank you .... I’m not sure what weight of waxed canvas the Filson coat is ...
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