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  1. I have this same machine, and changed to the 135x17 needle system several years ago. I used Bob’s instructions and it worked perfectly .. very easy to do.
  2. @MHeaps … ok. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. @MHeaps it’s available … sale fell through
  4. @MHeaps you are correct .. my customer is coming to No Nevada from Arizona. He is planning on coming next week …we have had a fair amount of weather …. if it falls through, I have a list of those interested, and you are on that list.
  5. @Hobbit1Leatherworks …. I’ve got a deposit on it and it may be sold, but if it falls through, I will contact you.
  6. Beautiful ! … What topcoat do you use after dye?
  7. I have the same machine … Call Bob at Toledo Sewing …. He has quite a few parts for various machines. +1 (419) 380-8540
  8. I wasn’t needing it , as I have a Juki 1508, but this showed up locally and I couldn’t pass it up. Unbelievable original condition, with original manuals and cover. Has a newer Consew Servo. I got it home, installed a new needle, set it up for 138 thread, and it was smooth and stitched perfectly …. I’ll use it as a back up, or to just look at!
  9. Thank you, and no, I did not make the buckle. It was made by Sheridan Buckle Co. It was brought to me by the owner to have the belt made. Thank you … Practice, proper casing, and a good stamp are important … I use Barry King stamps.
  10. It was dyed with Fiebings dark brown … after it was dry, Neatsfoot oil, then after that was dry, tan kote.
  11. Just off the bench … custom hand stamped Basketweave belt made to go with a custom buckle. Hermann Oak skirting w/ burgundy latigo lining.
  12. I’m testing the waters of selling my Techsew 5100. It is the set-up with the needle positioning, laser light, and edge guide. Very few hours, and when I’ve needed it, it has performed flawlessly. I’m in No. Nevada, and I will not ship, but may help with transport in No. Cal. $2900.
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