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  1. dfrensdorff

    Need alphabet stamp set advice

    Thank you. I’ll look into it ...
  2. dfrensdorff

    Need alphabet stamp set advice

    Hello all .... I’m looking to step up my ability to put a customer’s initials on a few of my leather good .... tote bags, Dopp Kits, wallets .... and want something other than the options that Tandy offers. I’ve found this seller on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/275515814/alphabet-leather-stamps-with-t-slot. Has anyone here bought from them? Any suggestions on a nice font, and size? Thanks .... Don
  3. dfrensdorff

    Durkopp Adler 269-373

    This machine is no longer for sale.
  4. dfrensdorff

    Western Basketweave Belts

    Thank you
  5. dfrensdorff

    Western Basketweave Belts

    Thank you. Yes .... this dye job did. On my next one I’m going to try your method with the oil .... thank you
  6. dfrensdorff

    Western Basketweave Belts

    Just finished up a commission for a friend and client .... two hand stamped basketweave belts w/ Wage’s German Silver buckle sets. 1.5” wide, dyed Sepici veg tan leather w/ beige pig lining.
  7. I’ll give it a try as well ... thank you both!
  8. Thank you both for the suggestions ... a few questions, as I’ve never oiled after dying, before finish. * How long after dye do I oil? * What oil? * How long do you wait to put on the finish? once again, thank you both.
  9. No oil or any treatment .... clean veg-tan from Sepici Brothers. Here is a pic of a basketweave belt I did with the same leather just two weeks ago .... the only difference I can think of is I mixed some new resolene and water together ... after it is dyed, it looks very even.
  10. I could give that a try ....
  11. Hello all you dye experts.... I’m having trouble when finishing a dyed veg-tan belt, that has no tooling. I normally dye my basketweave tooled belts (after casing and tooling), and then seal with 50/50 resolene, and never have a problem. With a basic strap of veg tan, after dying and letting dry overnight, in which there is no sign of an uneven, blotch problem, I put on the resolene, and get a few areas, like the resolene couldn’t penetrate. I’m using Feibings Pro Dark Brown dye. See pics and thank you in advance for any help or suggestions. ..... Don
  12. dfrensdorff

    Durkopp Adler 269-373

    It is in between my Juki flatbed, and my 441 cylinder arm machines. Perfect for many applications, but doesn’t get a lot of use in the things that I make. I’m happy keeping it as well.
  13. dfrensdorff

    Harley Davidson Trunk Bag

    Nice work!
  14. Open an Etsy shop, or post them on an Instagram page of your own, and put in your info ... “message me for purchase inquiries “.
  15. dfrensdorff

    Tina 1218/6 L'Indispensable Style Knife

    Would have been nice to get a response of some kind ....?