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  1. Ryndunk

    Hello from Michigan

    Thanks. I'll check it out.
  2. Ryndunk

    Hello from Michigan

    Tons of video s on you tube. It was hard to decide where to start. I did find a few that seem pretty helpful. Thanks
  3. Ryndunk

    Hello from Michigan

    Any you tube channels in particular I should look for?
  4. Ryndunk

    Hello from Michigan

    Thanks for the welcome.
  5. Ryndunk

    Hello from Michigan

    Hi. New member here. I'm a chef in Ann Arbor MI. Been curious about leather work for a while. Came here to see if I can learn how to get started in this fascinating hobby. Like I said I am a chef so kitchen knives are an obsession of mine I am hoping I can learn to make some sheaths for my collection of blades. Traditionally Japanese knife sheaths(sayas) are made of wood but I have never much cared for them. Anyway, hoping I can learn where to find quality information, instruction, tools and materials. I've yet to do any leather work but am eager to learn. So any tips, advice, book or video recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks from a newbie. Ryan