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    Selling my tools, leather hides I have almost anything you want. For some reason some responses here are not coming through so you can call/text 646-22zero-49threeseven thanks

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  1. Hi, folks I have about 50 hides left. If you buy it all I'll throw in a lot of leftover hides. Only pick up thx
  2. Lowering this beautiful brand new splitter to $400 till Aug 10, 2022 and then will go back to $600
  3. Lowering price to $800 till Aug 10, 2022 and then price will come back to $1100 thx
  4. Hi, lowering to $750 for the next 10 days and then price will go up to $1000. Let me know thx
  5. Lowering price to $700 untill Friday. Dies are for duffel bags. around 4 different bags. Very sharp. some not used at all. Not gonna last at this price
  6. Will sell all cordura rolls for $500. Its less than a $100 a roll. You can easily resell it for tripple. You have 3 days and then the price will go up. thanks
  7. Its $800 now folks. Let me know. thanks
  8. Lowering to $1000 or best offer. Thanks
  9. Very good condition strap cutter machine. $1100 or best offer. Pick up in Brooklyn NY please. thanks
  10. free. this thing is around $600 on ebay now. You could find a little cheaper somewhere. At this price its a steal!
  11. lowered to $350 with free shipping in the USA. let me know. thanks
  12. Lowered to $850 or best offer. thanks
  13. 40+ commercial clicker dies. 3 sets of bags including design pictures and paper work. Pick up from NJ. Pictures were edited to download here. Full size bins full of dies
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