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  1. I don't think she knows about them to be honest. The one thing I couldn't find a match on was the position of the stitch length dial in the photos. Thank you very much for the info. I figured it wasn't what I was looking for but had to ask! One thing I find very frustrating looking for a used machine on craigslist or kijiji is so many people don't tell you the model number of the machine.
  2. Hi Folks, I have been in the market for a sewing machine and came across this one: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-hobbies-craft/city-of-toronto/industrial-consew-sewing-machine/1222300498 Unfortunately the person who is selling it doesn't know the model number as the tag is gone and hasn't been able to find any serial numbers. I am hoping one of you folks would be able to recognize this machine. I have done loads of google image searches to find a match and no luck. I am looking to sew anywhere up to 3 layers of 5/6oz veg tan for bags and 2 layers of 5/6 oz for totes and this one fits a sewing machine beginners budget considering it may need a tune up and a servo but may not fit my needs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have been following this thread for a while. What about using a rheostat like this for $22.00 https://shop.rings-things.com/cart/pc/Rheostat-Choice-p34516.htm Soldering iron, then the tips from ebay? Should come in at about $100 total?
  4. Hi folks, I am making a bag with a double gusset, externally stitched I have been looking for a clip that is used to attach a shoulder strap to the middle gusset. I have seen them on a number of different branded bags. Basically U shaped with rivet/screw holes that that has an eye on it to attach the shoulder strap hardware. Here are some examples: http://www.shoebuy.com/bosca-old-leather-double-gusset-brief/202094/447034?cm_mmc=ca_sb_thefind-_-none-_-none-_-none (see the clip in the third pic) http://www.promo-wholesale.com/Upfiles/Prod_k/Harrison-Leather-Partners-Laptop-Brief_20090669943.jpg (you can see the screws) Where would I find these? Looking for nickel plated with 2 holes as I feel just the one hole for a rivet isn't secure enough.. Many thanks.
  5. There is a place in NS that sells a limited amount of leather, has some hardware and tools Leathersmith designs 88 Woodlawn Road Dartmouth, NS B2W 2S5 Canada Toll Free 1-800-845-1829 Local Phone 902-434-9721 http://www.leathersmithdesigns.com/leather-craft-supplies-leather-craft-supplier/
  6. Hi Bob, Just wanted to thank you for your tutorial. Now that I have finally been able to track down the glycerine soap, my burnishing has definitely improved and the amount of time spent trying to get those perfect edges has decreased. Using a refillable marker full of dye has also made my edge dying look 100% professional, and reduced a mess on my fingers. My only question is what can be used to toughen up the burnish when we are say making bags that get bumped around etc. I have used both resolene, beeswax and tan kote but if the edges of a flap on a messenger bag get rubbed from a shoulder strap, I have found that the burnish tends to go "fuzzy" in a very short time. I have not seen neat lac here in Canada so have not had the opportunity to try it. Perhaps one of the Tandy sheens which are acrylic based may work? Anyones thoughts would be appreciated. Tim
  7. Hi folks, I have been using the Tandy waxed nylon thread, handstitching. https://www.tandyleatherfactory.ca/en-cad/home/department/lacing/threads-sinews/1227-038.aspx and am happy with the size of the thread but would like to try the tiger thread, same size. All the package says on the tandy thread is 25 yards. I also like the colour of the brown tandy thread. Looks similar to the tiger havanna? Thx. Tim
  8. I have been consideringing buying a few of Weaver's pre-dyed English bridle belts (punch the holes myself) to so I can judge the local market and see if there is a demand for the style of leather belt. It is a lower cost test compared to buying a side or double shoulder etc. Has anyone run into any issues such as the quality of dye, the edge paint they use etc that I should be aware of? I have no experience with their English Bridle so I am also wondering if or what treatments may be required. Thx, Tim p.s. mods I am not sure if this was the correct section to post this in so please accept apologies if I did.
  9. What are their prices like? I called Tundra last week and they don't have a lot available due to some project demands and the Canadian dollar tanking so I am limited to Tandy in Mississauga right now. Great people there but the leather hasn't been th best and they are renovating right now which has left them lacking space.
  10. Here is a youtube video using bits of scrap wood he had laying around
  11. Thanks for the info, just what I was looking for!
  12. Hi folks, I am relatively new to leatherworking, but have a few projects under my belt. My father in law asked me to make him an ammo pouch. I have looked at quite a few designs on the forum and have a few questions. I have designed a basic template just to give me an idea of a starting point that I have uploaded below. Excuse the messy cut, it happened when I cut it out onto pretty thick cardboard (using manilla when I have a finalized design). I mounted it on my belt and it seems to fit. This ammo pouch will be pancake style, and I intend to wet form the front piece only then stitch them together, and it will be constructed using 8/9oz leather. The magazine is 4 3/4" long, 1 7/16" wide and 3/4" deep. questions: 1. I have noticed that stitch line distances from the side of where the ammo clip sits varies in pics from fellow forum users here. I have seen the stitching right in the crease and I have seen them (guessing here) about 1/4" or so away. Is this just a matter of preference or has this been based on how it is made? 2. I have designed it so 2/3 of the magazine will sit in the pouch to ensure it stays secure, leaving 1/3 of it extending making it easy to grab. Comments welcome! 3. What is the minimum distance you think between the belt slots and the edge of the leather? If I were to stitch around 1/4" away from the belts slots, would another 1/2 inch minimum be sufficient, so the leather all told would be at least 3/4" from the slots? I would hate for the leather to tear because I didn't make the leather wide enough. Thanks in advance for your input. Tim
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