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  1. The SK-4 skiving machine looks great!  can you tell me how many different types of presser feet are available for this machine?  I see only one on your accessories page,





  2. Techsew Ron

    Techsew Problems

    Hi Joseph, no it is certainly not acceptable. According to our technician you had mentioned the problem was resolved a few days ago. What thread size/needle size are you using? Have you tried with any other sizes? We'll be giving you a call to go over some further adjustments and technique with you. Ron
  3. Techsew Ron

    Techsew 2750 vs Techsew 4800

    Thanks for sharing. We get a lot of calls and emails comparing different cylinder machines so it only made sense to make a page about it. As for some of the questions above, yes we have tested the Techsew 4800 with #277 thread in the needle and #207 in the bobbin. If you need a machine to sew 1/2" thick with #277 all day, we would probably recommend a machine like the 4100/5100/441 clone since you don't want to be operating the machine at it's maximum capacity all the time, but for the odd project it would be completely fine. Ron
  4. Techsew Ron

    Cobra Class 26 Needle/Thread question

    Use needle system 135x17 or 135x16 size 24.
  5. Techsew Ron

    Machine for Leather Patch Hats

    Most of our customers sewing patches onto hats use a post bed machine. The roller foot is great for maneuvering around different shapes and edge sewing. You can also use a cylinder bed machine with a walking foot if you want to use larger thread sizes, but you'll have to flatten parts of the hat while sewing.
  6. Techsew Ron

    Speed reducer vs. EPS

    Yes this is something we set up at the time of the order. No issues here with speed reducer + EPS combo. There are lots of EPS motors out there, some might not have the appropriate programming to allow for use with a speed reducer.
  7. Techsew Ron

    I Need a Singer, FAST!!

    So I did some digging and it turns out Singer actually did manufacture a roadster in the 50s:
  8. Techsew Ron

    Techsew 2750 Pro Problem

    perfect we'll look into this asap
  9. Techsew Ron

    Techsew 2750 Pro Problem

    Hi @Gulrok , please send us an email so we can help you troubleshoot this.
  10. Our 2900 series is manufactured in Taiwan which offers much better quality in this type of machine than the Chinese equivalents.
  11. Will the Techsew 2600 narrow cylinder machine accept a 135x17 #24 needle or will it sew 207 with the #23 needle?

  12. Techsew Ron

    Post Bed Recommendation

    Our customers who use the 810 or 830-R post bed machines for shoe reconstruction typically use size 69 thread with 18 needle or 92 thread with 20 needle. Patchers are more common when sewing patches onto pre-constructed shoes but a post bed machine with roller foot is preferred for piecing together the various parts of the upper.
  13. Hi Jason, sorry to hear what happened to the table in shipping. As of the end of day Friday we were still waiting for you to do a full inspection to make sure no other parts of the table or machine were damaged. We still have not gotten a reply from you. This morning I'll make sure the replacement legs get shipped to you immediately at no cost. regards, Ron
  14. Techsew Ron

    Sewing Machine for Sewing Custom Sneakers

    Yes you can simply remove one of the needles.
  15. Techsew Ron

    Sewing Machine for Sewing Custom Sneakers

    The second shoe was constructed piece by piece, it looks like a double needle post bed machine was used on most of it. The first shoe was most likely modified with a patcher.