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  1. We no longer sell that motor (it's from 2014) but here are the motor direction instructions: Motor Rotation Direction Caution: Motor rotation direction should only be changed when using a machine that requires it (coverstitch, blindstitch, overlock). By default, the direction will be set to counter-clockwise. Operating your motor in the wrong direction can harm the inner components of your machine and should be avoided. Only use the reverse lever on your machine (if applicable) to back-tack. To modify the motor rotation direction: 1) Press and hold the ▼ (down) button for several seconds, until the screen reads “S.0”. 2) Press the ▲ (up) button 2 times, until you see “S.2”, then immediately press the ▼ button. 3) The screen will read “r.E” (regular rotation) or “r.P” (reverse rotation). Press the ▼ or ▲ button to change the setting. After 5 seconds, your chosen speed will be saved.
  2. You may have accidentally set the motor to reverse rotation. Can you post a photo of your motor, I'll send you the proper instructions to reset.
  3. My response was to the OP in reference to purchases from the USA. This does not include purchases from Europe which are of course subject to import fees & taxes.
  4. When purchasing any machine from us, there are NO import taxes or additional fees of any kind.
  5. Hi Stefanie, you're welcome to give us a call directly at the number below, we'd be happy to assist with this. Ron
  6. Sorry to hear this. Like most other companies during covid we're dealing with a much higher sales volume and more support requests than ever. We make it a point to get back to everyone within a maximum of 24 hours. I would have to look into your specific order to see what happened with the control box but this is certainly not the norm. Most of our customers are in the US and it is never really a concern with express shipping options available. Please feel free to contact me personally by dm, phone or email ron@techsew.com and I'd be happy to assist with anything. regards, Ron
  7. Wow sorry to hear this. Condolences to his family.
  8. It depends on the motor and the installation/setup. Our machines shipped with automatic needle position system and speed reducer have no issues whatsoever.
  9. Yes the oil is included and you can refer to our setup video for instructions on filling the reservoir.
  10. Hi, we'd be happy to make the adjustments on the machine for you free of charge if you want to bring it by. Let us know!
  11. Hi @MtlBiker nice chatting with you yesterday. I sent you another PM yesterday evening if you want to take a look, we can set up a machine for you to try next week. Weather shouldn't be too bad Monday! All the best, Ron
  12. Hi @MtlBiker, yes unfortunately due to the current situation and local red zone restrictions our facility is not open to the general public at this time. We do however allow pickups at our loading dock, by appointment only. I believe we were having some phone issues on Monday when you called because we are open daily from 9 to 5. Sorry about that. You can give us a call anytime with any questions, or feel free to contact us by email at info@techsew.com, or even private message me here directly with any questions and I'd be happy to help. Ron
  13. The SK-4 skiving machine looks great!  can you tell me how many different types of presser feet are available for this machine?  I see only one on your accessories page,





  14. Hi Joseph, no it is certainly not acceptable. According to our technician you had mentioned the problem was resolved a few days ago. What thread size/needle size are you using? Have you tried with any other sizes? We'll be giving you a call to go over some further adjustments and technique with you. Ron
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