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  1. well said Gregg ! Right machine for the right customer. Everyone has different needs.
  2. Techsew Ron

    Tech Sew Machines.

    oops - re-sent the correct manual. Ron
  3. Techsew Ron

    Tech Sew Machines.

    Hi, yes we have the Techsew 3650HD in stock. We just sent you an instruction manual by email as requested. Let me know if you need anything else. Ron
  4. Techsew Ron

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hi Kenneth, we're promptly responding to everyone of your questions by email and offering a number of recommendations for adjustments. We would like you to try leather specific needles (LL or S or Diamond point) to decrease the puncture marks on the bottom. Please try our suggestions and let us know the results. Ron
  5. Techsew Ron

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hi Kenneth, I noticed on another forum you changed to a different type of presser foot that you purchased and mentioned you were having issues with it not coming 100% back down. This might be affecting your bottom tension as the tension is released when you raise the presser foot. Please send us an email to and we'll follow up with some adjustments. Ron
  6. Techsew Ron

    Source for servo motor with boxing day deals?

    absolutely! Ron
  7. Techsew Ron

    Source for servo motor with boxing day deals?

    Shipping anywhere in Quebec including Montreal for a 1/2 lb of thread is $12. You're welcome to pay us a visit too! Ron
  8. Techsew Ron

    Reversing DC servo motors

    Some machines require the motor to rotate in the reverse direction, but most machines do not.
  9. Techsew Ron

    Techsaw 2900 Vs. Singer 29K

    not entirely sure the white one is one of our machines but I could run the serial number for you if you want to send it over.
  10. Upper and lower feed (gear driven roller foot) post machines are usually better for thicker materials but not always necessary - what kind of leather are you using and how thick is it?
  11. Techsew Ron

    Techsew 1460 update

    Looks great! Give us a call if you have any more questions. Ron
  12. Techsew Ron

    Techsew 1460 update

    We are.. Hi Kenneth, we have a technician looking into it, please check your email. thanks, Ron
  13. Techsew Ron

    Techsew 1460

    Hi Kenneth, we're looking into the issue with the motor settings. It does sound like the RPM sticker may be slightly off as in our testing here this motor starts operating at around the 300RPM line. Now, depending on the thickness of the material you're sewing you may need to turn up the speed a bit since the material thickness will limit the motor's ability to operate at the minimum speed. If the speed is still too fast for you there are other options available ie installing a speed reducer. As for the presser foot alignment, can you please email us some photos of the new feet you installed so we can verify if everything was installed correctly? I have attached a copy of the instruction manual and parts manual for the 1460. Just wanted to make sure you received the right one. If there are any further questions you are free to give us a call or email at any time - we're always happy to assist. Best regards, Ron 1460manual.pdf
  14. Techsew Ron

    Techsew2700 breaking thread

    Here's what the threading of this area should look like.
  15. Techsew Ron

    Help with new machine setup

    If the timing is in fact correct, and I'd be surprised if it was shipped with the timing off, you may want to check your threading and make sure you're inserting the bobbin correctly. This should be covered in your instruction manual and probably explains the half inch loops on the bottom of your material. What thread / needle sizes are you using? We have a threading video for our 1460 which is a similar machine: Ron