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  1. As mentioned above you are comparing different types of machines. For clarification, here are the differences between the 2750 and 4800: The 4800 is a self-oiling (automatic lubrication) machine, while the 2750 is manually oiled. The 4800 can use up to size #277 thread and the 2750 can use up to size #207 thread The 4800 has dual tension control , allowing for more precise control of thread tension, especially when using larger thread sizes. The 4800 has an adjustable presser foot climbing mechanism, which improves stitch length consistency when sewing over uneven surfaces. The 4800 has an integrated bobbin winder, the 2750 uses a table mounted bobbin winder. The 4800 includes a speed reducer pulley for ultra-slow sewing speed. It is available as an upgrade with the 2750. Ultimately, both machines are suitable for most light to medium leather projects (as well as heavy fabrics) such as bags, belts, wallets, notebook covers, upholstery and more, however the 4800 does include some more modern elements and upgraded features.
  2. Hi @SewMuchToLearn, I apologize for the delay here as I don't monitor LW.net daily and didn't notice this thread. I looked into our records and see that your initial email came in on a Friday and we responded Monday to help troubleshoot with this. Your replacement parts were shipped over a week ago, please let me know if you need further assistance by calling or emailing us. I investigated this with both with our factory and our technicians. It looks like the break was caused by a thread blockage putting extreme stress on the part, we don't see anything that would indicate a manufacturing issue or defect. Nevertheless this is a critical component which is 100% covered under warranty. We shipped replacement parts right away along with detailed video guides on how to replace the parts. To avoid machine downtime we always prefer to send replacement parts in cases where the repair is not too difficult. We have lots of video guides and offer support over Facetime to help with any kind of repair or adjustment. In any case where a repair is a lot more complicated we would replace the machine or perform the repairs on our own, 100% free of charge. Thanks everyone for your input - happy to discuss further if anyone has questions. best regards, Ron
  3. Hi Troy I see that you left a message with us then spoke with one of our technicians yesterday and confirmed all was ok. Please reach out to us directly if you have any other questions and we'll be happy to help. Ron
  4. We no longer sell that motor (it's from 2014) but here are the motor direction instructions: Motor Rotation Direction Caution: Motor rotation direction should only be changed when using a machine that requires it (coverstitch, blindstitch, overlock). By default, the direction will be set to counter-clockwise. Operating your motor in the wrong direction can harm the inner components of your machine and should be avoided. Only use the reverse lever on your machine (if applicable) to back-tack. To modify the motor rotation direction: 1) Press and hold the ▼ (down) button for several seconds, until the screen reads “S.0”. 2) Press the ▲ (up) button 2 times, until you see “S.2”, then immediately press the ▼ button. 3) The screen will read “r.E” (regular rotation) or “r.P” (reverse rotation). Press the ▼ or ▲ button to change the setting. After 5 seconds, your chosen speed will be saved.
  5. You may have accidentally set the motor to reverse rotation. Can you post a photo of your motor, I'll send you the proper instructions to reset.
  6. My response was to the OP in reference to purchases from the USA. This does not include purchases from Europe which are of course subject to import fees & taxes.
  7. When purchasing any machine from us, there are NO import taxes or additional fees of any kind.
  8. Hi Stefanie, you're welcome to give us a call directly at the number below, we'd be happy to assist with this. Ron
  9. Sorry to hear this. Like most other companies during covid we're dealing with a much higher sales volume and more support requests than ever. We make it a point to get back to everyone within a maximum of 24 hours. I would have to look into your specific order to see what happened with the control box but this is certainly not the norm. Most of our customers are in the US and it is never really a concern with express shipping options available. Please feel free to contact me personally by dm, phone or email ron@techsew.com and I'd be happy to assist with anything. regards, Ron
  10. Wow sorry to hear this. Condolences to his family.
  11. It depends on the motor and the installation/setup. Our machines shipped with automatic needle position system and speed reducer have no issues whatsoever.
  12. Yes the oil is included and you can refer to our setup video for instructions on filling the reservoir.
  13. Hi, we'd be happy to make the adjustments on the machine for you free of charge if you want to bring it by. Let us know!
  14. Hi @MtlBiker nice chatting with you yesterday. I sent you another PM yesterday evening if you want to take a look, we can set up a machine for you to try next week. Weather shouldn't be too bad Monday! All the best, Ron
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