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  1. Techsew Ron

    Sewing Machine for Sewing Custom Sneakers

    Yes you can simply remove one of the needles.
  2. Techsew Ron

    Sewing Machine for Sewing Custom Sneakers

    The second shoe was constructed piece by piece, it looks like a double needle post bed machine was used on most of it. The first shoe was most likely modified with a patcher.
  3. Techsew Ron

    Sewing Machine for Sewing Custom Sneakers

    For customization and sewing patches onto existing shoes a patching machine would be the most popular choice. This type of machine allows you to sew into hard to reach areas and you can rotate the presser foot to sew in different directions. For shoe construction from scratch, you'll need a post bed, roller foot machine (preferably with reverse). The 810 type machines have a lower feed mechanism which feeds the material into the machine, with a roller foot to help guide and compress the material while sewing. You can sew 2-3 layers of thin/medium shoe leather with this type of machine. Maximum thread size on this type of machine is 92. For sewing thicker and more multi-layered materials you may want to look into a top and bottom feed machine with a gear driven roller feed. As others have mentioned, a side wall sole stitcher is needed for sewing the upper to the sole. Ron
  4. Techsew Ron

    Techsew SK-4 skiver help

    Hi Ava, we received your email and our technician will be in touch with you to resolve this. Ron
  5. well said Gregg ! Right machine for the right customer. Everyone has different needs.
  6. Techsew Ron

    Tech Sew Machines.

    oops - re-sent the correct manual. Ron
  7. Techsew Ron

    Tech Sew Machines.

    Hi, yes we have the Techsew 3650HD in stock. We just sent you an instruction manual by email as requested. Let me know if you need anything else. Ron
  8. Techsew Ron

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hi Kenneth, we're promptly responding to everyone of your questions by email and offering a number of recommendations for adjustments. We would like you to try leather specific needles (LL or S or Diamond point) to decrease the puncture marks on the bottom. Please try our suggestions and let us know the results. Ron
  9. Techsew Ron

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hi Kenneth, I noticed on another forum you changed to a different type of presser foot that you purchased and mentioned you were having issues with it not coming 100% back down. This might be affecting your bottom tension as the tension is released when you raise the presser foot. Please send us an email to and we'll follow up with some adjustments. Ron
  10. Techsew Ron

    Source for servo motor with boxing day deals?

    absolutely! Ron
  11. Techsew Ron

    Source for servo motor with boxing day deals?

    Shipping anywhere in Quebec including Montreal for a 1/2 lb of thread is $12. You're welcome to pay us a visit too! Ron
  12. Techsew Ron

    Reversing DC servo motors

    Some machines require the motor to rotate in the reverse direction, but most machines do not.
  13. Techsew Ron

    Techsaw 2900 Vs. Singer 29K

    not entirely sure the white one is one of our machines but I could run the serial number for you if you want to send it over.
  14. Upper and lower feed (gear driven roller foot) post machines are usually better for thicker materials but not always necessary - what kind of leather are you using and how thick is it?
  15. Techsew Ron

    Techsew 1460 update

    Looks great! Give us a call if you have any more questions. Ron