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  1. Do you sell one that would fit the Cobra Class 4 ?
  2. Going to purchase this fella ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/313989109519
  3. How much heat before it cause toxic fumes being released into the air from chrome tanned leather ? I know it is a no no to use laser on any chrome tanned leather as it releases toxic chromium fumes into the air. I am concerned about using high heat on electric and fire-hot creaser and edgers on it as well.
  4. Thank you so much for that additional info ! Also can you talk a bit more about your needle plate if I would to buy a 441 clone ?
  5. Am looking for a machine to make delrin stamp for leather, would the 5w D1 Xtool be a good machine for this or do I have to go with their latest 20w. Unfortunately a CO2 cutter will be out of my budget range for now as I only have max $1500 budgeted for this. On the cheaper end and a long shot, would Cricut Explorer cutter be able to accomplish this same task ? Thanks again for your wisdom and knowledge guys.
  6. I heard that self oiling pump is not effective for slow speed sewing ?
  7. I thought the 1341 evolved from the 341 ? Or maybe I should say the 3800 is the 1342 clone and the 26 is the 1341 clone. Yes as for the 441, the type of needles used gave it away for me.
  8. Yes and also the justification for roughly +$850 USD between the 4800 pro vs Cobra class 26 with EPS.
  9. I thought both of these machines are clones of the 1341, but according to their specs, the Techsew claim stitching thickness of 1/2" vs 7/16" of the Class 26. Both uses 135x16 and. 135x17 needles (First I thought the Techsew is a clone of the 441 before seeing this specs). Lastly, Techsew 4800 claims thread size #46 to #277 and the Cobra claims #46 to #207. Only physical difference I saw that might contribute to the above is the double tensioners in the Techsew 4800. If the manufacturer's claim is true, is this the Godzilla of the 1341 clones out there ? Please help decipher this mystery to me. Thank you in advance as I am looking to get a cylinder head machine this holiday season.
  10. Excellent tip ! thank you. I just got a 55 lbs small cast iron anvil from Amazon and plan to use that for pounding.For this purpose and not for tooling, would it make sense to get a taper maul or should i stick with hammer ?
  11. What weight maul or hammer would you recommend for punching belt ends and oblon punches . I saw some one recommends a 3 pounder. Would that be too heavy? Any experience with Barry Ling Maul for this purpose? Thanks in advance for the wisdom and advice.
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