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  1. @DonInReno thank you for your advice! I have already downloaded the guides (engineer ((thanks and regular manual), I suppose now its time to dive into youtube repair videos to get some idea. Although I have no idea how/where I would inspect any lightly used machines. @kgg just curious is all. Thanks!
  2. @kgg one more question if you have the knowledge, is there a certain convention for juki serial numbers- as in all numbers, or starts/ ends with certain letters.
  3. @luckystudio13 I believe so. The FB marketplace photo has a video of it sewing as well.
  4. Thanks @kgg I have seen your posts and others from canada quoting that price range. I have went through the archive here where someone sold a 1341 for 2200 around 2014. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2394120500737224 is the posting on FB marketplace. I haven't seen much online on listings for used 1341s to get an accurate picture to compare against Canada. I dont know any industrial sewing places in NorCal to take a look. Is there a particular reason why they are so low when new would be +5k and other 341 clones sell for more such as TS, CB, Cobra percentage wise?
  5. Hello Leatherworkers, After many hours searching through this forum, I was wondering if there was a type of checklist or red flags to look at when inspecting a used machine for purchase. I am heading to So Cal to look at a used Juki LS-1341 for 1900-2000 USD. I plan on bringing a couple of unfinished pieces to see how it handles my intended projects. Weekenders/gusseted laptop bags/totes (no more than 7mm of material). Thanks to @RockyAussie for his videos about making sure its a pedestal stand for the type of work I would like to do (part of the reason why I am not going for Techsew). I am not sure if there is a way to determine if it is an authentic Juki. The place has sold similar/exact machines through ebay, facebook marketplace, has its own website, and is a registered CA business, but I would like some insight if there are some major things I should be looking for regardless. I have seen a thread here about some of this but not necessarily about determining authenticity. Sorry @Wizcrafts if this should be a separate topic, but part of me feels that if something were to not pan out exactly that I would be underestimating the value/convince of the tech support some of the other places provide. I just have been less than enthused with online communications with some other suppliers (ts was great though) which if there was a problem, would be the primary way I would communicate any issues. Thanks to all in advance!
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