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  1. JayEhl

    Shoulder rig

    A few years ago before I got into leather pounding, I funded a kick starter for a shoulder carry for a phone and my expectations did meet the product description. I kept and used it for a bit anyways and found the nylon straps started to fray, the leather is cheap and the snap is already coming off one of the straps. I plan to use that as a pattern to start from but I want to make it look like yours. EDIT: what weight leather did you use?
  2. JayEhl

    Cowboy rig...

    I like to look at these pictures to see what others are doing for inspiration. Amazing stuff.
  3. JayEhl


    yosemite is a hoot! did a great job!
  4. wow, what a cool design. And that dye work pops helps those initials pop out. I like how used that bead thing (whats it called) instead of a snap and that design makes it easy so they don't fall out. very cool.
  5. pretty neat design. What is your youtube channel.
  6. JayEhl

    First Belt

    Hi, You would want to sand the edges of your belt in this case. Just the edge! And use higher and higher grit paper. I've read here where other master crafters use different kinds of heated paints (united?) and others use simple softened beeswax in between the sanding. I personally use tokolone or gum trag in between sanding and seem to get good results. I am going to switch to dremel or something because it is pretty tedious.
  7. JayEhl

    Belt sizing

    Don Gonzales is a bangin' super leather maker and artist. Specializes in saddles but has an amazing curation of a bunch of videos and how to's for noobs like me. Obviously he's one of my faves. Here is a link to custom belt sizing: https://dgsaddlery.com/tag/measuring-belts/
  8. shiggles... .now that's funny! LOL
  9. some really nice stuff man. Just a word about links. Lots of guys here don't like them. Just an fyi
  10. Oh wow! That's a long journey and am glad you've come through. And welcome back. Hope to see some of your stuff. ~JL
  11. JayEhl

    My new wallet

    The braid work is pretty cool.
  12. JayEhl

    Valet tray

    Digging the celtic knot theme. I used Chicago screws on my first (and only) valet project and thought it turned out pretty well. I saw how someone made one with 8 sides. Wanting to try that but maybe rivets, instead.
  13. Funny you should mention this. My oldest daughter bought a one hour virtual session with Ms. Libertini as Christmas gift. An hour isn't very long and it will go by fast so I was thinking of what I should do with the time. I knew she did lots of painting (one of my many weak points) but maybe I'll ask for some basic tips about portrait work, too! ~Thanks!
  14. JayEhl

    First Belt

    I would like to think that stitching long straight lines by hand is pretty challenging for even a seasoned professional. I think that is why they use a sewing machine but for us mere mortals on a budget, saddle stitching it is! Coming from someone who has a belt on his to do list, I am not the best one to judge any ones work. IThe only thing I saw was the surface, maybe sanding it with a finer grit?
  15. Interesting. I've never heard of pull dot snaps.
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