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  1. I did find from Dol Dokki that is shop moved into Seoul. I asked if he could let me know of any other makers in the area that I could visit (if allowed, of course) but I think that got lost in the translation. I hope to maybe find something more and get time to peruse the shops. I'll leave next week and I know this be a fun adventure and I'll try to remember to post here what I find out. Peace! ~JL
  2. Sorry for the reply on such an old post but when I ran across this after a search I was excited to know of something like this as I'm planning a trip late next April. I've already lined up a visit to Dol Dokki and was hoping to know of other leather craftsman and/or tool makers, etc. I'm only there for about 8 days so I want to be strategic about places that I'm able to visit given my time constraints. If you have any other updates about specific tool makers or shops to visit, please let me know. And I will also be sure to provide any additional information upon my return. Thanks! ~JL
  3. I like this response. If its okay I would like to borrow it for something upcoming...
  4. Man, what a deal. If only I lived up that way....
  5. college life will do that. I sent a message. Thanks.
  6. Next Heart of Texas Show will be in Waco again next August about the second week. Cobra will be there with show room prices. I plan to ask they bring a different toy with my name so I can pick it up and save the shipping costs. Other vendors, too.
  7. Please add to collection the Big Seals Stamps: United States of America Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Military, and Coast Guard Seals. thanks. ~JL
  8. @DirtySouthMade OP user location Location:Groves TX ~JL
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I hope others take the time to read this. Stay safe out there! ~JL
  10. Earlier, I sent a DM but you're right. He hasn't responded. Thanks for your attentiveness.
  11. Hi, Is this still for sale?
  12. Well, you found the right place if you want to learn! :D
  13. Heck if you can get someone to sew on a backing it would make a heavy quilt, or bed covering like my folks used to have. Truly, never seen anything like it before but I'm still very much an amateur.
  14. My wife does quilt work and so I can appreciate the work. I guess it would make for an impressive wall hanging for someone.
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