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  1. I've gotten some really nice directions and patterns from 23+ https://twentythreeplus.com/ Joe Melling is a really great teacher on his youtube if you want to check him out. Also you should check out Don Gonzales https://dgsaddlery.com/ He has a really good youtube channel too. Really a salt of the earth kind of guy. Happy Leatherizing! ~JL
  2. Hello there fellow south Houston-er! I live up in Pearland (actually old Pearland), a short jump up 45. :D Come join the Houston Leather Guild on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/houstonleatherguild We have our next meeting January 21 at the Deer Park location at 2p. Hope to see you there and if you do show up be sure to look me up!
  3. Yea, very cool. I envy your shop but it's too clean! LOL. Congratulations! I hope it brings you lots of business. ~JL
  4. Hi, certainly did not mean to denigrate your pricing and did not realize there was an option. I am still considering it but my girl is still in the shop. Besides, I'm still recovering from overspending from Christmas.
  5. I was on the fence, too, but since you've added 'leather originals' I think you added just the right touch. But go with whatever makes you happy. You're the maker!
  6. I bought my Techsew 2700 used and the table came with it didn't have the original long bolts/nuts etc. I went tot the local hardware store and bought the parts and it works fine but it is cumbersome and with the long bolts hanging off of the danged thing it gets in the way of other things. I was about to order one of these from that Etsy but she wanted $135! Danged machine is in the shop, anyway, so it'll be awhile until I can pull it out of hock. But if you can get yours for a cobra for $55 I would jump on it.
  7. I bought mine from Granger but its the same thing. (At the time HF was out and didn't expect to get any in for several months due to supply chain issues) If you go with something like that know that your pressure is pointed to one area, meaning you'll have to do multiple passes to click your dye through, depending on how big it is. You'll want to get a metal plate for the top and bottom. I found one at a scrap metal place that wasn't far from the house but every time I moved the project around to adjust for the size I moved the dye and had a double stamp. (I was using letter stamps). I ordered a plate from Etsy that attaches to the ram that will more evenly distribute the pressure and am waiting for it to arrive.
  8. You could get a dye made and click out your own. For small thing like that an arbor press would work well. I guess it would depend on how much your time would be worth. And your customers would probably never be able to tell.
  9. You can also look at getting wallet inserts from Tandy or others off the interwebs
  10. I do not profess myself to be any kind of expert and many others here have way more experience than I, but I can tell you that true leather working sewing machines (with walking foot) aren't cheap to start with; but you can get some manual versions (hand crank) that will be less expensive. I cannot attest to the qualities but I've hear Tipman Boss machines are pretty good. New they look to be a grand but you may find it used, cheaper. But if you want to go the used route stay tuned this forum for items that are being sold, ebay, etc. Good luck ~JL
  11. You can find HDPE from used kitchen equipment stores, But if you want to go with mats, JOANNS fabircs has them on sale 1/2 price pretty frequently if you have that kind of store.
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