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  1. JayEhl

    Which side of the line to bevel on?

    Yup. And now I'm going through this tutorial I found on the forum about Floral and Sheridan Carving by ClayB and several others there on my list. I'm kind of excited and can't wait to get home to try some of it out. By the way, I've received a video tutorial link to purchase of Beyond the Basics - Learning the Tricks of the Professionals with Jim Linnell and Elktracks Studios. Are you familiar with this and if so, is it more than just one video? As in, are there several videos going through each step or is it one big long tutorial. Just wondering and also curious if it's as good as i would get from some of the ones I've seen on YouTube (Dan Gonzalez, etc) Thank you in advance for all this great advice! ~JL
  2. JayEhl

    Which side of the line to bevel on?

    Hi there, I read your post and had to think about it some and then realized I wasn't looking at my carvings in a more abstract manner. It took some thinking through, AND most importantly, taking my time so I don't rush it through. I do have an Al Stohlman book that I used for pattern tracing and need to take a closer look at his finished products. Working myself through all this great knowledge base has been an eye-opener, I can tell you. And here I thought leather work was easy!
  3. JayEhl

    Which side of the line to bevel on?

    Hi there. I'm so sorry. I should've made myself more clear. I was referring to how I should go about making sure I'm beveling on the correct side of the line. But thank you, though! JL
  4. Hi there Total new guy here. I've bought some tools and have beveled a few projects after tracing a pattern, etc. but I get confused sometimes on deciding which side of a design pattern I should bevel. I've been practicing mostly on Al Strolman type patterns and several things I found off the internet. I would like to think my work is getting incrementally better each time I practice but looking back and comparing to the pictures, I found I beveled on the wrong side of the line. I could certainly have the picture in front of me the whole time as a reference but I often time get 'in the zone' and get really into working and I zone out. Is there any sort of steadfast rule I should follow? Thanks for all your great and advice on this board. I really learned quite a bit, so far! JL
  5. JayEhl

    Looking for a leather guild in Houston area..

    Hi Cliff, I'm new to leatherworking and saw your post just now, even though its a bit old. live in Pearland (near the natatorium) and would be very interested in visiting and sharing, if you're still interested. I also found out about the LoneStar guild and am checking that out, too. Thanks ~JL
  6. JayEhl

    Leatherman Charge - Pouch

    Hi I know its been awhile but is there any chance you can reupload those pictures and/or your tutorial? thanks JL
  7. JayEhl

    Adjusting "pattern" for thickness of item

    Hi everyone. I'm a new forum member and new to the leather trade. I mean, I did it a very long time ago as a kid (Boy Scouts) but really haven't since. Anyway, I was reading through this topic and was reminded of a similar topic on a youtube channel from Don Gonzales. He did one similarly over a moleskin journal/book. Although I can't say if he covers the thickness of the leather but he showed by adding a separate piece of leather for the binding, it would maybe take care of your concern?? Not sure if this speaks to your topic and please tell me if I'm way off base (I"m such a noob) but just wanted to share. In fact, I have this very idea as a project down the road when I can get better with my tooling. Right now, it's such a mess that's it's embarrassing! Happy leather making! JL