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  1. I like the design of the take down gun case. Smart.
  2. Sorry to hear about your wife. God bless and hang tough!
  3. It was worth waiting for the pictures to post. Great job!
  4. man, that leather looks beefy! great job!
  5. Yea, thanks for this. I saw this awhile back and I practiced a bit first before I used it on a project. But when I was reviewing the piece I noticed that in the edge areas where the vines meet into a 'V' shape I went big on filling that space out and it looks a bit,...well... odd. But at the end of this video, he showed how he tipped back the bar grounder to make it fade out... much nicer. Yep, a good refresher. I really love this craft!
  6. Hey there! I used to live in Lake Charles, Sulphur, actually. Lived there for almost 15 years and boy, do I miss the food and my friends.
  7. Hey there! and welcome! I live in Pearland. We're probably close neighbors. But as they say around here, Houston is just an hour away from Houston!
  8. Howdy from Texas. The thing about dogs is they're great about telling you how great you are and the stuff you make for them. They'll never complain and are ready to show things off.
  9. Yea, I've found building out something you make yourself is always more satisfying. And like Retswerb said, it will last you longer than something off the shelf.
  10. I've kept my projects no matter how crappy. (yea, the box is getting full... ) I just have to remember to put the month/year on it so I can go back and reflect on my progress. LOL, I still have my first coaster from the Tandy project kit. It makes me cringe but reminds me how much I've improved so I won't get so hard on my self when I do flub up.
  11. Never mind. I saw your other post.
  12. Geez... what accident was that?
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