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  1. I like that. Mind if i borrow it? i was trying to understand your description. Can you provide a picture?
  2. I always thought edge kote was a kind of sealer. It's not?
  3. The videos are kind of funny; it documents how they find really weird places to record where they find a camping space, sometimes in a parking lot, sometimes in the woods between highways,. Just really crazy. cheers!
  4. Wonder if it can be compared to stealth camping
  5. Good morning. Thanks for sharing. What a neat journal. I subscribed.
  6. Those look like an awesome, inexpensive and easy money maker or nice gifts.
  7. @dans79 for a noob, that's some good stitchin'! I ordered a set of chisels a couple of weeks back but haven't a chance to use them, yet. But will soon and I will report back. But if the punches that @Spyros mentioned are still close (with inflation and all) I am sorely tempted to get some of those punches for myself, soon.
  8. Yep, everything is negotiable when cash is in hand!
  9. For tooling I was told about $3.50 - $4.50/sq inch depending......but this is in Houston area. This is on top of whatever you would price your product after assembly, etc.
  10. Thanks @Northmount for clearing up the pictures a bit I don't know if I have anything really to add but if you don't have a replacement size leather ready to go and if you tried cleaning/cleaners than maybe just go with the dye. Whenever I try to explain to my wife about a project and just dive in/go for it, my wife calls it 'art roulette'. Man, that was alot of work and I think its safe to say we've all had projects that ended up having an 'oh crap'. Just gotta press on. Let us know how it turns out.
  11. Hard to tell from the pictures but the pattern looks like it came from the paper towel? When I case my leather in a bag I don't put anything with it and have even reused the same bag without any issues. And I just use distilled water found at most any grocery store. Are you planning to dye it? Looks like you have nothing to lose if you don't try it, otherwise maybe get ready to make another replacement piece. Good luck.
  12. I went by last fall. It was an amazing display of Americana history that I got to enjoy all by myself. I got to spend all the time I wanted enjoying the different pieces without being 'encouraged' to move along. Anyway, I was told recently by another friend they moved their display around and rotated some other pieces in the gallery. And, man, that show/sales room is so big! Practically need roller skates. When I was there they had an advertisement needing a leather crafter on staff. I imagine the person would also hold classes but man....besides that part.... what a dream job.
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