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  1. JayEhl


    Now THAT is a tool rack. Totally awesome and somehow oddly satisfying.
  2. JayEhl


    Man, I totally dig the work...and your tool rack! You should post a picture of that, too!
  3. Adding pro tip from Don Gonzales that I use: add more than one line parallel line using a very light pencil marker. That way you can tell if your lines are going to go off kilter and stays true. The additional pencil marker doesn't show (for me) as I generally dye/antique it anyway. Just thought I'd throw in my newbie skill. ~JL
  4. Hi I notice these offers are pretty good deals and they go pretty fast.  Is there any way I can get an alert when you post?  


    Thanks in advance.


    1. stelmackr


      yes. I am posting right now

  5. No disrespect to you but yea, they've already diagnosed that in me. I'ts called the Dunning-Kruger effect. LOL! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning–Kruger_effect ~JL
  6. Ah, now I understand. I never knew these existed! I unsure if I want to invest in something like that although these aren't too terribly expensive. I have an old Dremel, though so I may consider it. I am going to clamp it down to my work bench somehow and see if I can attach a burnisher, first. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Man, that must be one cool diaper bag!
  8. very nice. I like how you were able to carve in the font.
  9. Man, trading leather cards is a great idea! I'm gonna get on that! Jim Linnell is such a treasure and a creative spirit!
  10. I was reviewing some others I've seen on youtube and am leaning towards something that has a removable filter using some sort of pocket. I've heard how you could cut apart an A/C filter with a high performance ratings. Not sure if its any better than a fabric mask but I've also seen one where you pop in fabric instead. Bottom line it would just be fun to make one and wear it out once in awhile.
  11. I like the colors and the borders. That would be pretty nice to hang on a wall.
  12. painting those still look like fun. Wished I was as creative.
  13. Hi @rahere I don't think I quite understand what you are saying here. Could you please clarify? And if anyone is interested, I completed the wet form and putting some finishing touches and will try to post some pictures here, soon. thanks ~JL
  14. Gosh thanks for the quick reply. I think I'm picturing a thinner version of the table and getting some water warmed up to the 135 degrees and wet the edges again over said thinner version over the tablet? I don't have a router but I have a sander that I can get a thin block of wood to match the corner the best. I can probably a friend who has some great wood tools who can maybe plane a block of wood that thin. Come to think of it he probably has the router. Thanks!
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