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    Oregon, NW, USA, PNW, Americas, Earth, SOL, 3rd Planet,45°34'05.5"N 122°41'36.8"W 45.568187, -122.693547
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    Horses, guns, horses and more guns.

    did i mention leatherwork? Not doing so much leather work now. Trying to downsize some of my life and keep on working, saving for retirement and travel.

    More Travel now. Less horses unless i can pickup a ride on my travels.

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    so far, lots of english tack repairs, brow bands, holsters, gun belts and anything i may want to make.
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    horses, saddle making.....

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  1. $$hobby

    Looking for quality hardware

    For what its worth Biker, my reply was directed to the OP. If i was going to address you, i would have put something like @bikermutt07. good luck in your hobby.
  2. $$hobby

    Looking for quality hardware

    welcome, Spend enough time around a barn or talk to a tack shop owner to see what they say. i have 3 1 gal cans of broken brass hardware that ive collected over the years i was doing my leather repairs. Its just isnt the cold that can cause brass to break, its just bad luck and how the brass hits the floor. chances are you will get lucky and no problems but sometimes it will break. Brass is cast. Casting can have flaws in it depending on how its done. If you want to learn something about what you are using, readup on casting of brass. as far as not having matching hardware, i understand and is why i quit buying onesies and twosies of hardware. I understand that $$$ is always the issue, but what i ended up doing was to buy 50+ pieces of each piece of hardware i would use. Sometimes i would run down to my local leathershop and buy just what i needed for that job. A week or so later i would need more and again buy what i needed. So i decded to give in and buy more. as i said 50+ of some items ore many even more. If you have just started your business or work, you will eventually see a pattern in what is used and if you are lucky you can buy a box of it and it will be all you need. But once someone sees your work and if its any good, you will get someone that wants something different. Thats where you will end up buying some different hardware. It never stops. Its your choice and something you need to consider if you plan to go on. i use to do ALOT of tack repair. Mostly strap goods and there are mfg that use Brass and SS and some of the original stuff is cast zinc as you mention. Ive had owners bring in their tack and have me replace ALL of the hardware to the same color. If they got a new headstall with brass hardware, they would have me change any non brass to brass or the other way around. some people loved the brass color so that was all they wanted and had. some people wanted all SS since they new i had it and it didnt tarnish like brass. what you are finding out is why is made things from scratch. I didnt go so far as to make hardware, but its something you will find out if you keep doing what you are doing and more people want your work. something else you can look into if you want is to see if there is a way of "antiquing" brass hardware. That way all you need to do is to keep the hardware on the shelf and do the antiquing when its needed.
  3. $$hobby

    Looking for first Sewing Machine

    welcome, something you may want to consider doing before you go opening up your wallet. Look for any shops, tradeshows and such that will have ANY sewing machine that will suit your needs or requirements. Then Ask to try and play with the machines. Take some of the leather you think you will be sewing and see how the machine runs with with you plan to do and use. Bring along a note pad so you can jot down some notes if your memory isnt so good. Figure out before you buy if you want Reverse or ZigZag or any other feature. What size threads do you plan to use? Have you considered anything like that? Some machines have larger bobbins too. The way you dont have to reload so often. alot of things to consider before you spend your money. FWIW, i had done the cheap route and bought 200 ~600 buck machines thinking they would work and so forth. For somethings they did but for the most part they didnt and eventually i would always need something with more pressor foot height. that is another one you need to consider. In the end i just bought a real machine that would do the job and then some.
  4. $$hobby

    UK beginner, need cheap leather for practice

    welcome head on over to your local leather crafter and see what scraps they have. Sometimes they will have scraps by the pound or KG in your neck of the woods. Or as mentioned, look at belies. Also, "practice on" can mean different things. If you mean carving or just learning how to make, fold, cut, crease and so forth? Look for any leatherworker or anyone that may do some leather craft. you do have saddlers and tack shops there, so go and ask if you can look and maybe buy some scrap. Let them know what you are attempting to do since i found that if someone is trying to learn a craft, they may try to help you out or know of someone that has what you want. If you have anything like "garage or estate sales" look for leathergoods . If you can look for some beatup broken saddles that you can cutup and practice, assuming you mean folding, cutting, creasing and so forth. You can also look at how the saddles are made and see how things are assembled and work together and that is also if you mean you want to learn how to do some tack/saddlery repair or builds. Try craigslist too. Note that what they maybe selling may not be so good quality, but if its convenient to you, it may not hurt to look
  5. $$hobby

    Looking for quality hardware

    brass is fine and good, but it will sometimes break if cold and dropped. OR sometimes just dropped it will break. i had a whole bunch and gave most of them them to a shop in Canada. you can look at what Weaver has. Then start googling. It looks like a #299 snap. Weaver may have some Stainless steel snaps. I know you want "antique" but i like SS since its stronger. something you may want to consider is putting a location on your profile. What i can buy locally you may not depending on where you live. Also many times people dont want to pay to have things shipped from around the world.
  6. $$hobby

    2 Gun Leather Books FS

    YinTx, Sorry for the delay PM in your inbox. Sale pending Funds
  7. SOME Books for sale – again. I have a couple gun leather books for sale. #1 Cowboy and Gunfighter Collectibles – A photographic Encyclopedia with Price Guide and Makers Index. By B. Mackin, Ed-1989 #2 Packing Iron - Gunleather of the Frontier West, By R.C. Rattenbury, Ed-1993 Books are in good/excellent shape. I bought them for reference when I was making some holsters. You can have these books for all of $46.00 USD including shipping. Prefer USPS Money Order. If you want the books, I will ship the book to you via USPS Media mail in a USPS Padded envelope. Not responsible how its received. No choice on how its shipped. THIS IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. For sale to USA, Alaska and Hawaii only – sorry. If you want these books, reply here stating so, so others will know and then PM me with name and address. Thank you for looking
  8. $$hobby

    Elastic Girth Webbing For Sale

    David, Sorry, i dont do PP. im not sure of age. Since i bought them from Weaver or Oregon Leather and have no idea on how long they had them. I used them for English Girth repairs and no one complained about having any of my work fail. I quit working on repair work for 5~7 years now. If you want i can cut a sample off each roll and send to you to evaluate. If you are interested PM me with address and i can get out ASAP. Ray
  9. $$hobby

    Patterns for Sale

  10. Hey all, Im doing some downsizing and have some Girth Elastic FS. 1 roll of 1.5 inch wide blue in color 1 roll of 1 inch wide black in color 1 roll of 1 inch wide green/red stripe in color. Im not sure how much is left on the rolls, but I only did a handful of repairs using the elastic. As you can see there is a 12-inch ruler, so you can get an idea on how much is remaining. The roll of blue has a splice in it and I knowingly bought it that way. You can have all 3 rolls for $ 70.00 USD including shipping. Sale only to USA, Alaska and Hawaii I prefer USPS Money order. All of this is in a large USPS Priority Mail box. Please see attached photo First come, first serve. If you want it please reply on here stating so, so others will have an idea if its taken or spoken for or not. Then PM me with when to expect the funds and i will send the stuff to you. Thank you for looking.
  11. $$hobby

    Various Leather stuff FS

    Thanks you all for looking its sold. just need to send it out now.
  12. $$hobby

    Various Leather stuff FS

    Utilatu00 @Utilatu00 Still waiting for your contact info.
  13. $$hobby

    Various Leather stuff FS

    Utilatu00, thank you. please see your inbox. if you send me your info, i can send tomorrow.
  14. $$hobby

    Various Leather stuff FS

    hey all, sale pending funds thank you for your interest