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  1. Adding to the chorus. I'm not 100% certain it's a scam but I'm 99% of the way there. Some differences: An account with several posts and an account almost a year old messages me through here. They said another user - one with a 13 year old account and several sold items-has what I'm looking for. They have me what they said was that long established user's email address. Emailed them off the platform, they sent several photos and a reverse search of the images they sent came up empty. I requested and received a photo with my name and that day's date in the picture, along with the machine they aid they were selling. Everything was going well I thought till they went silent after I sent half the cost via Zelle. Maybe I'll get a new photo of the skiver packed up and a tracking number, but it's been 4 days with no response. @Northmount if you can't get details from my message history, I can direct message you with details. @Wizcrafts no idea why I tagged northmount instead of you.
  2. Looking for a skiver machine. Will pick up locally, or road trip for the right machine/price.
  3. @AlZilla you'll need to tag NStarleather to get his attention. I can tell you I've bought doom him a couple of times and it's been very positive every time. I think he'll tell you he's referring to square feet.
  4. @$$hobbyI'll take it. I'll hit you up via private message too. James
  5. Not the same at all. You can resell the physical dvd (and get the intellectual property on it) but you can't copy the content (like to another DVD) or upload it legally.
  6. Why don't these ever show up in Florida? Or even Georgia?
  7. Looking for my next investment in my leather shop. Not in a hurry, and looking to save money where I can. I'm willing to come get it from just north of Jacksonville Fl.
  8. I already have a 26. I want that np10 but it's not quite in my budget.
  9. @ShellCordovanFan there's a cobra np10 in the sewing machine sexton that's not quite as good a deal but it's in Florida. Hit up @loganreal
  10. It's a screaming deal, and you're only 5 hours away. I'm 40 minutes north of Jacksonville, by Fernandina Beach. I've been wanting one of these skivers, but it's just not in the budget for now. Good luck with the sale. James
  11. @loganreal where in Florida? I'm in northeast corner but would consider traveling
  12. @bruce johnson Contact Bruce Johnson Leather Tools - he knows more about vintage tools than anyone I've ever met. I'm not 100% certain I tagged the right person here, but you can google for his website.
  13. @nstarleather if you still have this I'm interested in 1 each of the black with blush, cognac, and burgundy. Pm sent.
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