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  1. I got a used Cobra 26 with the old style hook, and when I ordered new bobbins, I mistakenly ordered the size U. Leather Machine Company took care of me and they're sending me replacements in the right size, so I'll pay it forward. PM me your address, and I'll send you the bobbins. I'll pay postage to US addresses. James
  2. Y'know, I think I'm eligible for adoption, if you're looking for a low-maintenance addition to your family. Beautiful shop!
  3. Check the date on the original, and on the last post. As it was clearing a closed business, I'm pretty sure it''s all sold or disposed of after a year.
  4. I poked around their site a bit, and if they're still selling the roller machine for $400, and embossing rols for $25 (with first order), that's certainly a bargain. They apparently are no longer on ebay (at least there's no listings, and no store name for duckcreektraders) so I kind of wondered if they were still in business, or if the machine was still available. Their site says it's custom made to order. Thanks for the tip and the reminder. Still wondering if I could get away with half the price using the el cheapo rolling mill, but I'd guess I could recoup the cost by selling about a dozen belts or so.
  5. The guy who was making $200 belt rollers never came back, so I went trolling through the interwebs to see if there were any alternatives to the $600-900 manual belt rollers. These are designed for jewelry making, and apparently adjust from 0.03 to 6.5 mm between the rollers. They sell patterned rollers, so they're clearly interchangeable. I wonder if one of these could be modified (by someone more skilled than I am) to accept standard belt embossing rollers. These are on ebay for well under $200, or at jewelry-making equipment suppliers for up to lots more than $200. The concept is the same - so what do y'all think? Could this work? https://www.ebay.com/itm/153907704169
  6. Force play? Looks like the catcher has his foot on the plate, so out! Otherwise, he's under the tag, and safe. I love this work, by the way - umpired for 13 years, and this brings back fond memories.
  7. Thanks, Wiz. I'm going to pass on this one - I'm looking for a machine to sew with, not to re-sell or tinker with. If someone else wants it, it's on Facebook marketplace in the Ocala FL area.
  8. I'm on the hunt for a good, used, cheap cylinder arm, so I'm spending a lot of time on CL and other online sale sites. This popped up about an hour from me for under $500 - description says it sews well, but I thought I'd throw a phot or two out and see what y'all think. Not sure I want a patcher, as my space is VERY limited, but this almost seems to good to pass up.
  9. I wondered about that, too, and considered adding tie-downs or straps internally to hold the pistol (and possibly a magazine) in place. Maybe the next one.
  10. I'm learning a lot about a wide variety of stuff! Like, all about zippers. @kgg that's an excellent video! Thank you. It appears that despite the Maker's video, I can't run a single strip (half the zipper) all the way around the case and zip it to itself. I'm adapting. Would a different kind of zipper work? Aaron clearly gets his to work, and while I'm a huge fan of the brass YKK, I could probably be talked into using a nylon zipper if it yields the desired effect. Thanks AGAIN, y'all, for excellent help.
  11. Not wanting to hijack one of the other threads. Am I correct that you leave the thread sock on when sewing, or is it just for storage? If it's left on, I assume I'd need to adjust my tension "downstream" . Thanks for all the expertise!
  12. Making the Makers Leather Supply pistol cast from their excellent template. All done but final stitching... And I can't get the zipper to work. In the video, he has to fuss with the zipper a bit to get it to start, and I'm OK with that. But I can get it started, and the teeth just don't mesh. I can put a pull on a piece of normal, two part zipper and it works fine. I've tried putting the pull on upside down, same result. Tried to put a pull on a smaller loop of zipper (zipping it to itself) like the pattern, and get the same result... No mesh. Put a sample piece on one side of the zipper loop, and it worked fine. Really excited about how it's turned out, but if I can't zip it shut its not much good.
  13. Severely off-topic, but interesting. Rinehart will give you a deeper, less brassy sound and (in my opinion) are better made. Don't forget to remap your ECU (or re-jet your carbs) when you go true dual.
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