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  1. I'd suggest some thick (or very stiff) leather as a liner, or some of the plastic bag stiffener some handbag makers use. I'm also curious whether you'll get fender dings when the shocks compress. I had to move my tool roll to the handlebar when I took the 4" over shocks off my panhead - sadly, after I saw the dent on my front fender.
  2. That's very cool. And I'd love to see the actual tool - looks like it's a beast. One question: Is the Sam Browne button closure cut the right way? It looks to me like the stud would slide toward the slot, rather than the hole.
  3. Right down the street from me is a saddlemaker going out of business. The sellers are HIGHLY motivated, but will only sell it as a lot, all at once, and the buyer is responsible for picking it up and hauling it away. If I had the coin to spare, I'd bet an equal amount that someone willing to sell it off in bits could turn a nice profit. It's also possible they've sold off the valuable bits, and this is what's left. I am not affiliated with this listing at all - but if you buy it I'd like to meet you (and maybe learn a thing or two). They said there was MUCH more than shown in the photos. https://www.facebook.com/groups/819452594765083/permalink/3444166058960377/?sale_post_id=3444166058960377 Pics for attention:
  4. My bad - I am SO sorry - it was at the top of the screen for me, and I thought it was stickied. Thanks Retswerb for linking to it.
  5. I recently got an old Consew 332 that's currently being refurbished locally. Bob (and several others) spent some time here in the forum answering my basis questions. I decided to upgrade to a servo, and called Toledo Sewing Machines. Bob took the time to talk me through some options, answered an inordinate number of clueless-newby questions, and got me through the ordering process. The servo, thread, needles, and sewing-machine oil arrived MUCH faster than I expected. Expertly packaged and undamaged. 10/10, will gladly support this forum sponsor again. James
  6. There is an excellent pinned/sticky post about how to choose a laser for leather work in this very section.
  7. Would love to see some examples of laser engraved leather that's been in use (like a wallet) for a while. We often treasure patina - but would those lines in your image above hold up, or would they wind up looking like a WWII sailor's tattoo? (Yeah, it used to be a beauty sitting on an anchor - now it's just a dark blob lol)
  8. I want to see the original, made in 2003. This is beauty work. I'd be thrilled to rock this on my panhead.
  9. Snipped some stuff - but THANK YOU! This is exactly the answer I needed. The creaser was the missing piece for me. (And yes, I DID say that I'm really new at this!) I learn something every time I come here. James
  10. I'm REALLY new at this - what did you do to the tops of the pocket cutouts to get the perfectly uniform lip?
  11. G'morning sir - 

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions about the Consew 332 I got for cheap on Craigslist. I'm ordering in supplies so when it gets out of the shop I'm ready to rock ... and I'd love to order one of your servos - but I don't see online ordering on your site. Do I need to call it in?

    I'm also trying to find non-prewound bobbins for the 332. Threadexchange.com says I need "G style" but I can't find them on Amazon and ebay, and I don't know anything about what I'm doing, so I hate to buy-and-hope-I-got-the-right-thing.

    So ... 

    Can I order from your site, or should I just call you?

    Do y'all sell bobbins and needles?


    1. CowboyBob



       Yes,we sell the needles & bobbins,thread & anything else you might need for it.BUT do not have an online odering so youll have to call in.


  12. Thanks for the tip. This is the first sewing machine I've had in the house in .... 20 years? I know I'm going to go through a good portion of my stack of scraps just learning the basics and getting ready to think about using it on an actual project. I see lots of keyfobs in my future. Looking at the chart on your site, contemplating the dozens of threads (hah!) on the topic, and considering the things I've been working on, I'm thinking about a "first order"to be ready when the machine gets out of the shop. I've been using Ritza .8mm and Tandy generic waxed thread for all my hand-sewing. So I'm thinking I should get ... 16/100, 18/110, 19/120 and 22/140 leather needles, and 69, 92, and 138 threads. That way, I can do my lighter wallets, biker accessories, and lighter tool sheaths with the right needles and thread. Is this right? Or should I just go with 138/92 and a 19/120 needle for everything?
  13. Hey - while y'all are here - I'm looking up needles and threads and such. Industrial sewing machine repair guy (ISMRG) says he wouldn't go larger than 170 thread and 135 in the bobbin. Nothing againt y'all, but he's here in the flesh and I can see from his shop that he at least knows how to take them apart. Should I stock up on needles and thread from Amazon, or pay the slightly higher price and buy from ... Springifeld, Weave, Buckleguy, RMLeathersupply, etc. Does it matter?
  14. I'll admit it here - $200 all in for the lot. Industrial sewing machine guy says he'll get it back to fully functional (including restore or replace the hook/bobbin carriage, refinish the surface rust on the plates, recoonect the reverse bar, and replace the walking foot/presser) for under $300 and two weeks, which includes the 30 minutes he spent walking me through what he was seeing. I'll probably buy a new table from him - the seaside humidity wasn't kind to the particleboard the "original" table was made of, and he has a new plywood version with the lamp and thread holder already installed for $125. I may spring for a servo motor. I know it's the most highly recommended mod out there, and for another $150 or so would probably be the difference between me loving the machine and hating life. On the other hand, that's another $150, and this machine hasn't made me any profit yet. so for about $700 all in (plus thread, needles, and other incidentals) I'll have a machine that will easily handle wallets, journal covers, and up to 7-ounce combined leather for other knick-knacks and doodads I can sell at the swap meets. I've done a couple (literally two) holsters handstitched, and I'm not sure this machine would be up that, or knife sheaths, but it'll speed my production of the smaller stuff, for sure.
  15. Got this sweet Juki EA650 Baby Lock as part of a Craigslist bundle. Ad said it needed a little TLC ... OK, they threw that in with the real score: A Consew 332R in semi-working condition. The pulley moves (by hand), the presser foot goes up and down, the needle carriage moves, and with the drive belt removed from the pulley, the motor spins up (and takes a LONG time to spin back down). There's some rust, and a bunch of parts are missing, but there's a local industrial sewing machine repair guy who was kind enough not to buy it out from under me when he checked it out. Yeah, i t needs some work but a couple $$$ (Ok, maybe $$$$) in parts and labor and I should have a machine that will FAR exceed my ability to take advantage of it. Oh, and I got a Tandy block of 80 stamps (ok, there were two handles and two sewing-machine screwdrivers, so only 76 stamps) as part of the deal, too. Sadly, this all came with the house the CL sellers bought when the previous owner died, and it was all stored in the covered porch. Rust abounds. Photo attachment limits ... yarg
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