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  1. It seems like it would take some airbrush/dye blending.
  2. I like the battery operated thread cut/melt tools.
  3. Perfect. Probably not but it still isn't any better than a cheap cutting board.
  4. Absolutely Best edgers I have ever used.
  5. "not everyone can quickly learn or has the want to learn a CAD/ Slicer program irregardless of the 3d printer cost" I never had a single student that didn't learn how to make a 2D/3D CAD model and turn it into a STL file for 3D printing in one three hour lab period. If you don't want to learn that's fine, but I would argue that anyone who wants to learn can do it quickly and with a CAD program and slicer software that is free.
  6. Given your budget and the thickness you want to sew I would say a used Cowboy , Cobra or similar clone would be a good choice.
  7. I don't know what your budget is but you can buy a 12"x12" printer for less than $400. I have made lots of templates by gluing pieces together to get the size I needed. The thing I like about using CAD and a 3D printer is that you can make everything exact. I especially like for all my curves to be tangent and it is easy to make them so in CAD.
  8. I thought it looked like some of the edges had been rounded as well as beveled but I guess not.
  9. I don't see why you need a flat bed machine.
  10. Excellent. The only thing I might have done differently is either reduce the stitch tension or increase the spacing to make the stitching show up more as a part of the design.
  11. Learn some simple CAD and buy a $200 3D printer and you can make all the PLA or ABS templates you want. You can learn that kind of CAD in a couple of hours and then the 3D printer does all the work.
  12. I made 50 fly wallets once for a benefit auction and used wool and spray adhesive...worked just fine.
  13. Nice looking holster. If I were sewing it, I probably wouldn't pull the stitches so tight. I especially like the rounded edges. What did you use to do that?
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