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  1. I use my low angle block plane to true up the edges of the items I make...no sanding necessary if the plane is sharp.
  2. No kidding. I bought a strap punch a few years back that was surprisingly dull and poorly finished.
  3. I'm not sure why you need a clicker die to prototype. I use a 3D printer to make 2D patterns for my prototyping and then cut around them with a knife. I had this idea to 3D print clicker dies that would have a slot in them that you could fit a band knife into. I did give it a try but the band knife stock I purchased was way too stiff to bend and fit into the slot. My pattern had too many sharp curves but if you eliminated the sharp curves the process works fine. My next idea is to use a thinner bandsaw knife blade but I haven't gotten around to experimenting with it yet. Another idea I had was to just use blades for the straight sections and then cut the curves with a knife.
  4. The Chahin Bridle leather from American Leather Direct is very nice. It comes in a lot of colors and weights and instead of being split only, the lighter weights are pasted on the back. It holds stamping well and when wetted for shaping absorbs moisture well and doesn't change color.
  5. Oops. I see you mentioned the thickness. Maybe the particular tanning process is the culprit.
  6. How thick is the leather you are trying to fold?
  7. Here are all the files for the parts I use to make a Leatherman belt sheath. If you want complete instructions on how to use them let me know by email. sbrownn1069@gmail.com Single Leatherman Alignment Jig.STL Single Leatherman Belt Loop.STL Single Leatherman FeMale Mold.STL Single Leatherman Male Mold.STL Single Leatherman Tongue.STL Single Leatherman Trimmer.STL
  8. You should line the next one.
  9. Here are two files, male and female, for the mold for the pocket of a Leatherman Wave belt sheath. The complete set requires three more files which I will post if anyone is interested. The pocket mold set is designed to be used with up to 0.1" thickness leather. Single Leatherman Male Mold.STLSingle Leatherman FeMale Mold.STL
  10. I never, ever sand leather. Sanding raises fibers which then have to be dealt with. I find that if I use a sharp knife to do the final edge cut and a sharp edger to finish off the edges no sanding is necessary. In fact sanding ruins the nice cut edges. For final steps I finish off with Tokonole, a dremel burnish and a final hand rub with canvas and liquid wax.
  11. I have a full set of Watts edgers in both bisonnete and straight but all I ever use is Ron's Montana edgers. The only reason I haven't gotten rid of the Watt edgers is that they have absolutely gorgeous cocobolo handles which are hard to find anymore.
  12. The stitching seems rather irregular. Maybe the holes you punched are too big for the size thread you are using or there isn't uniform tension on the stitches? I find that if I trim the edges after I have put everything together is is easier to get the edges to line up for finishing.
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