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  1. I never, ever sand leather. Sanding raises fibers which then have to be dealt with. I find that if I use a sharp knife to do the final edge cut and a sharp edger to finish off the edges no sanding is necessary. In fact sanding ruins the nice cut edges. For final steps I finish off with Tokonole, a dremel burnish and a final hand rub with canvas and liquid wax.
  2. I have a full set of Watts edgers in both bisonnete and straight but all I ever use is Ron's Montana edgers. The only reason I haven't gotten rid of the Watt edgers is that they have absolutely gorgeous cocobolo handles which are hard to find anymore.
  3. The stitching seems rather irregular. Maybe the holes you punched are too big for the size thread you are using or there isn't uniform tension on the stitches? I find that if I trim the edges after I have put everything together is is easier to get the edges to line up for finishing.
  4. Looks very nice. Wondering why yo didn't finish the edges on the green piece?
  5. Nuked it for to long. Takes about 10 seconds.
  6. I microwave the leather I'm going to press in a mold all of the time. As a caveat though I use wax and tallow stuffed leathers and just heat them long enough to soften the wax and tallow. A typical iPhone case takes about 10 seconds. One thing I haven't tried is heating the leather I want to paste before working on it. Thanks for the thought!
  7. That was my thought as well: both heat and pressure. I think though I would try it with gum trag or tokonone before wax though. Thanks That's an interesting thought. It is cheap.
  8. I'm interested in techniques for pasting the backside of leather. I have tried rubbing with gum trag and it is okay but not nearly as good as factory pasted.
  9. Where did you find the snap for the retainer?
  10. Do you want some feedback on things that could be improved?
  11. I'm interested in purchasing a Pearson #6.

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