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  1. Yes, it all depends on the market you are selling into. If you have a customer base that is willing to pay for the labor to make glass like edges then by all means go for it. I don't have that kind of market so I'm more inclined to do things the way you do and not worry about glass like edges.
  2. I have found that my machine behaves differently when I "hand stitch" with it as opposed to powered stitching. Generally the difference isn't as pronounced as what you are seeing but the the stitching is definitely affected by the speed at which the machine is running. Do you have a speed reducer on your machine? If you set up your machine to make nice stitches when it is running powered as slow as you can make it run, then there may be less difference between powered stitching and hand stitching. Just my experience...
  3. Really nice art and leather work.
  4. I like t o final cut my edges after I've glued up the pieces. That takes care of having to align and sand them.
  5. The Aquilim 315 can be removed from the edge with a wet cloth or by just by rubbing before you finish the edge.
  6. Are an overstitch wheel and a pricking wheel the same tool...one wouldn't think so.
  7. So the Chinese can't make good leather? LOL. The Chinese were making high quality leather while most of the western civilizations were still wearing untanned hides and living in caves.
  8. Is that the kind of curve they have been talking about, around the z axis? I thought it was the natural curve a belt takes on after being worn which is along the x axis.
  9. I would move the tightening screw closer to the hinge as it's present location limits the width of material you can put in the pony. Both the handle and the block behind it are places to catch the thread on.
  10. I have tried almost every leather supplier out there and use different ones depending on what kind of leather I am looking for. I like American Leather Direct for the types of leather they sell. If you set yourself up with a business account you can save a lot.
  11. I don't like to use padded straps on my instruments but when a client asks for padding I use wool...the world has enough plastic as it is.
  12. sbrownn

    The Rose

    Um, no, I don't think he did. I think he said you could eat in a restaurant unmasked. If you have a direct quote, please post it. You can't eat with a mask on and the safety factor was supposed to be table separation. Covid is an aerosol and in any event gravity works on everything with mass and covid even imbedded in a respriatory droplet certainly has mass...so elevation above the floor has no bearing on the behavior of the aerosol droplet. No. When commenting on a forum if you are going to make a sarcastic comment the protocol is to follow your comment with /s. Were you unaware of that?
  13. sbrownn

    The Rose

    Really? Please post the science backing your conjectures...inquiring minds would like to know.
  14. Thanks. I have made 30 of them so far. I realize they aren't "fine leatherworking" but they are what the client wanted and they have become so popular as gifts for his business that he can hardly keep them in stock. Of course it certainly helps that he gives them away with all the tools included.
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