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  1. Price reduced to $600 + shipping
  2. Champion D 8" leather splitter for sale. Handle was broken at one time and brazed. Blade is sharp and splitter works. $1000
  3. I have had them both and you can tell a significant difference by look and feel alone. Just the posted pictures are enough if you know what you are looking at.
  4. I'm sure it is probably stronger but it comes at the expense of changing the look so you have to determine for yourself when to use it.
  5. +1 Quality is determined by examining the product itself, not where it is made. I have ordered from both suppliers and IMHO Buckleguy is of significantly higher quality. Whether both products are made in the same factory is something I don't know and my guess would be that neither does anyone else posting here.
  6. https://www.rmleathersupply.com/collections/rocky-mountain-tools/products/rocky-mountain-round-hole-punch-sharpener I've never used one of these but it has decent reviews.
  7. The rust puts a wonderful patina on a gorgeous old machine.
  8. It's available here in the US.
  9. I use a planer blade jig, a piece of glass and some wet/dry sandpaper to sharpen mine. Works great.
  10. I have one just like it that I never use but I'm surprised at what they are worth.
  11. As good as it looks right now I'm not sure any attempt to "revitalize" it might make it worse.
  12. +1 on the Tiger Thread. That is the only thread I use now including in my sewing machine.
  13. Good leather shoelaces are expensive but it's hard to believe it's due to the leather cost but maybe it is. I've never bought any as I always thought they were overpriced.
  14. If I were making leather laces I would cut them from either latigo or bridle leather.
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