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  1. sbrownn

    COBRA class 26 sewing machine.

    Does anyone know what the cylinder arm diameter is at the needle?
  2. sbrownn

    Wanted: Cobra 4500 or equivalent

    My offer is $2k for a Cobra, Cowboy, Artisan or equivalent 16-1/2" machine shipped to Moscow, Idaho.
  3. sbrownn

    Cobra class 4

    Did you sell it yet?
  4. Looking to purchase a Singer cylinder arm machine.
  5. sbrownn

    Barry King dot so-what

    Some people get enjoyment out of using Barry King edge tools with cocobolo handles even though they may not do any better job than the economy Tandy edger. So what? If using a particular tool makes the task more enjoyable for someone then I say "go for it". Don't worry about, or listen to, people who criticize you for wasting your money or call you a sucker. To each his own.
  6. I've been running the 0.6 mm Tiger thread in my Campbell and it seems to work just fine and looks great. I use it on the bobbin as well as the top. I was running it off a 25 yd. spool to try it and planning on switching back to polyester when it ran out but after looking at the polyester stitching in comparison I decided I am going back to the Tiger thread. The bottom stitch is much nicer with the Tiger than the with nylon, polyester or linen. I have a piece that goes from machine to hand stitch and back to machine and it is really difficult to tell when one stops and the other starts.
  7. sbrownn

    Problem with 3D print

    I like to use Simplify 3D. The inputs are almost infinitely adjustable and the results are great.
  8. sbrownn

    My tips for a "machine" look with Saddle Stitch

    Sometimes it is nice to be able to have a hand stitch mimic a machine when there are specific areas on a piece that you can't do on the machine but want to match.
  9. sbrownn

    3D print for patterns

    Most of the models you might 3D print for leather working really don't require a very in depth knowledge of CAD. Start off by making yourself some cutting templates. These are really just 2D models with the only 3D aspect being thickness. To make a cutting template you begin with a sketch of what you want and then make it 3D using whatever the extrude feature in your program is called. My favorite program is SolidWorks but there are a bunch out there and they all basically do the same thing. Once your model is complete save it as a .stl file. The .stl file is the file type the printer reads. You can either use the software that came with your printer or an after market program to prepare the .stl file for printing. I use a program called Simplify 3D. It is easy to use and is fast. If anyone would like some basic instruction on how the process works, send me a sketch of what you want to make and I will lead you through it.
  10. sbrownn

    3D print for patterns

    I have been printing 2D and 3D guides and molds for my leather work for 4 years now. I rarely make something anymore without making cutting and stitching templates and male and female mold patterns first.
  11. sbrownn


    First use a syringe to inject some medium viscosity super glue into the slit and then press it with a roller after that make your decision.
  12. sbrownn

    Ordering leather online..

    Horween Bighorn Latigo is by far the best I have used.
  13. I've been making similar plates using 3D printing.
  14. sbrownn

    Cast Iron Tippmann Boss For Sale

    The cast iron Boss is located in Moscow, Idaho. I will ship to anywhere in the US for actual shipping charges via UPS ground.