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  1. That's a nice looking pair of chaps.
  2. My clients (few and far between) are way less critical than I am. They all want less quality to match their price point but I'm not interested in degrading my quality, I'm trying to improve it! If I make something that I think I could have done better I just give it away.
  3. An excellent suggestion. Make your design unique and your craftsmanship and leather and hardware quality better.
  4. https://www.libertyleathergoods.com/types-of-leather/ That was a good article as well.
  5. That article was very informative.
  6. My experience has been that any leather that has the word "genuine" before it is made of low quality leather or the waste from splits that has had a grain pattern embossed on it.
  7. I guess I would contact Bob and request a replacement for the table.
  8. It's not a matter of horsepower but rather the type of pump the motor is driving. Vacuum cleaners are designed to move a relatively large volume of air at a low level of suction using a centrifugal fan. What you need is a vacuum pump, a pump designed, not to move air, but to pull a vacuum.
  9. Only what you see in the stores. What do you think you see in the Chinese stores of American made leather goods? Many of the Chinese goods are made to fill the part of the American market that doesn't care about quality...which is quite large. The Chinese were making high quality leatherwork 5000 years before America ever existed...do you think they have somehow have lost that skill set?
  10. Thanks, that makes sense since you are only cutting out a small part of a pattern instead of creating the entire part.
  11. They don't keep theirs looking nice for so long unless they are hardly ever ridden, which is probably mostly the case. If you ride on the same seat for 50K miles I can almost guarantee you will wear it down.
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