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  1. Thank You for the reply Kgg. At one time I was thinking of using linear bearings over the polished shaft. I dont think they will hold up to the load unless you spend hundreds of dollars each on them. I am planning on using schedule 80 black pipe that fit perfectly over the polished shaft with grease fittings on them. I am going to a heavy equipment salvage yard to see if I can find a few parts. I am looking at making at least 8 ton. I have so many leather projects to get completed that it is hard to find time. If I already had the clicker press and dies I would have time to build a clicker press.
  2. I have a mt900 foot press from Weaver. I have set thousands of Tubular splash rivets with it. I also set line 24 snaps with it. The best thing to do is try your depth on a scrap piece of leather the same thickness as your project. I dont punch holes before I set 1/4" splash rivets and it works good. I usually will pre punch holes on 5/16" or longer rivets. It will definitely crush a line 24 snap if you dont have your depth set right. I have an adapter that I can use the dies from my little wonder press in it. The main advantage over the little wonder is you can hold your work with 2 hands. It also will allow you more room to get farther in on your work. Your tubular rivet needs to be 1/16" longer than the thickness you are riveting. It has a tension adjustment that will keep you from applying to much pressure. I hope this helps.
  3. I am looking forward to your next video kgg. I like all of your modifications.
  4. I use 2000 grit on a perfectly flat surface on my Osborne #84 to sharpen the blade. I have tried everything but the sandpaper works best and allows me to split without to much fuss. I can actually split 1 piece 7" wide by 2 foot long but I have to resharpen the blade to do it a second time. I leave enough hanging through to grab it with 2 pairs of lasting pliers to get it going through evenly. I have trouble finding the exact top of the roller to place the blade. I use a few scrap pieces to get it set perfect. I love using these splitters. I am glad I am not the only one sharpening with sandpaper.
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