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  1. greystoneleatherllc

    Mold Gun Storage

    I'd be interested in 5-6, 10 slot units might have to count mold and see if I need more db
  2. greystoneleatherllc

    Exotic leather strips

    Might have what you need I have all of what you are looking for in some form , sizes and measurements color??? Happy to try help a fellow 1911 guy. db PM me,
  3. greystoneleatherllc

    Elastic Girth Webbing For Sale

    Interested can I use PP if so send PP address or will get USPS MO out PM me info ... will be shipped to 32615 Age of rolls ??,,elastic still good stretch not dried out?? David
  4. greystoneleatherllc

    Custom leather bag

    I'd ball park the bags with the limited info starting at $400 for the larger and $275 for the lesser, made with Wickett&Craig English Bridle what, is needed is more details, hardware, pockets lining, etc etc its in the details, ck my work Greystone Leather FB Insta and .com don't forget shipping$$$ Best of luck David
  5. greystoneleatherllc

    Two-layer belt question

    English Bridle,,,,,, W&C's holstered sides are great to work with!!!!!!!!!!!! db
  6. greystoneleatherllc

    Two-layer belt question

    I generally make my belts 10-12 oz, for my medium weight dress belts I use W&C EB on the front backed with HO back cut or double shoulders both split to @ 5-6 0z
  7. greystoneleatherllc

    Hello from Florida

    Greystone Leather Gainesville Fl Welcome David.
  8. greystoneleatherllc

    Bucheimer Shoulder Holsters

    More than likely sewn in flat then bent ,the, trailing edge sewn and finished,,,,, that's what I do ....db
  9. greystoneleatherllc

    Einhorn Round Knife

    Sent you a pm for payment info? db
  10. Finished up some W&C English Bridle belts backed with Herman Oak 1,1/2" some are 15-17 oz finished weight and others are 10-12 oz and a couple Patent Leather 1,1/4" all on their way to a southern California
  11. greystoneleatherllc

    Show your Shop

    All very nice and set for the area available,,,,db
  12. greystoneleatherllc

    Cowboy 4500

    Unless you are stuck on one thing, buy as much arm length as you can afford . I got a C 4-25 and have felt crowded more than a few times with western rigs and some odd things,,,,,,IMHO db
  13. greystoneleatherllc

    3/4 oz W & C Bridle Leather Sale Black, Brown + Custom Colors

    yes Mike I'll have to add some Ocean,,,,, it makes waves ,,,,,,,,,db
  14. greystoneleatherllc

    Burnishing Chromexcel Edge

    my best results have been with beeswax and a felt wheel then coated with an edge finish and lightly re burnished on the felt wheel and painted after edging ,,, still working through, looks nice but not as durable as veg or bridle, leathers,,,????? db
  15. Apples or Apple Pie comparison , I likes Bobs, you get the real Pie,,,db