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  1. PRICE BUMP!!!!!!!! New 3# Stolman Maul $115 New Weaver draw knife, I used once didn’t like including master tool deluxe blade $200 New Weaver rein rounder $150 Blanchard pricking irons #9 ,4 tooth, #7 8 tooth iron$175,
  2. New 3# Stolman Maul $125 New Weaver draw knife, I used once didn’t like including master tool deluxe blade $240 New Weaver rein rounder $165. Blanchard pricking irons #9 ,4 tooth, #7 8 tooth iron$225 , Prices includes shipping C48 US , credit cards accepted
  3. LNKA Suspended Edge Guide #GB-6 bought a couple of these from amazon, quality seems good, will be installing on a Consew 227r and Singer 211-166 want to make sure I don't drill mounting holes in the wrong place. Also if any one knows of a mounting adapter/bracket to simplify the install and allow better positioning, see attached pictures for where I think the holes will go thanks I intended to use 1/4" 20 thread screws any feed back about hole placement welcome just want to make sure I don't drill in the wrong spots ,,db
  4. As you start doing more holsters, if you don't have a gun or a blue/dummy gun to use , use the customers but is that's not a option. Consider is it a one off project, or something that will reoccur with more regularity, one off projects, one of a kind I add about half the cost or all of a blue gun. More common or popular holsters ie 1911, 365's ,938, G26 ,G19, buy the dummy, cost of doing business and figure a couple dollars per holster cost a little less margin till its recovered 5-10 holsters, don't forget lasers, rail mounted lights optics, don't forget a 5" 1911 will make a commander /officers holster with a little planning,, improvise and make it work ,,,, good luck,,, db
  5. Use quality American tanned leather in correct weights and no need for stiffener, there are also synthetic pallet banding materials,,, but WHY??? or use lower grade imports and solve a problem with another potential problem ..db
  6. I'd be interested in 5-6, 10 slot units might have to count mold and see if I need more db
  7. Might have what you need I have all of what you are looking for in some form , sizes and measurements color??? Happy to try help a fellow 1911 guy. db PM me,
  8. Interested can I use PP if so send PP address or will get USPS MO out PM me info ... will be shipped to 32615 Age of rolls ??,,elastic still good stretch not dried out?? David
  9. I'd ball park the bags with the limited info starting at $400 for the larger and $275 for the lesser, made with Wickett&Craig English Bridle what, is needed is more details, hardware, pockets lining, etc etc its in the details, ck my work Greystone Leather FB Insta and .com don't forget shipping$$$ Best of luck David
  10. English Bridle,,,,,, W&C's holstered sides are great to work with!!!!!!!!!!!! db
  11. I generally make my belts 10-12 oz, for my medium weight dress belts I use W&C EB on the front backed with HO back cut or double shoulders both split to @ 5-6 0z
  12. Greystone Leather Gainesville Fl Welcome David.
  13. More than likely sewn in flat then bent ,the, trailing edge sewn and finished,,,,, that's what I do ....db
  14. Finished up some W&C English Bridle belts backed with Herman Oak 1,1/2" some are 15-17 oz finished weight and others are 10-12 oz and a couple Patent Leather 1,1/4" all on their way to a southern California
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