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  1. FYI: Cutter is still available for sale.
  2. Nice. Gonna reach out on your Instagram.
  3. Northeast Florida. Am willing to ship.
  4. I bought a Master Tools Weaver leather strap cutter about a year ago. And, I realized it was too big for my workspace. I’m interested in selling it. It is in excellent condition. I think I used it like six times maybe. It’s currently selling for $1,800 at Weaver. It also will come with about 10 other spacers (about $70 value). If you want more details, reply. I will send pics if needed. Wanting to sell it for $1500 plus shipping cost. https://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/65-3085/master-tool-hand-operated/pr_25364/cp_/shop-now/machinery/master-tools/strap-cutter
  5. I saw some pictures online of their Black River Laser belt end templates. However, I can’t seem to find where to actually buy them. Does anyone know if this company is still around? https://files.3dsellers.com/pdf_catalog/dDk0Um0zZEd5NCtXUEY2QXBGWVVxQT09/9452.pdf
  6. Yes, I looked into that one. I wish they had it available specifically for smaller sizes rather than a two inch “universal” which doesn’t really work for much other than a two inch.
  7. For belt strap ends, English point and round are the two most common. I have looked pretty diligently and found there is very little variety other than that. Does anyone have tips on how to make other kinds of belt ends in a quick manner. Or, does anyone know of where I can buy a punch for other styles other than English point and round?
  8. high quality latigo leather 9/10 oz NOT ebay NOT etsy NOT amazon (putting this in a search engine works great)
  9. Post American (USA) veg tan & latigo suppliers here
  10. I have looked at WC latigo. I like it except for the limited colors available. I am not tooling it. So mainly dress and some casual belts. I have examined the “big name” brands of leather, but I know there’s way more than just those. @mike02130 Thanks for the link. I have tried most of them in swatches (I may get some straps to test it out more fully)
  11. From what tannery? (Unless that’s a trade secret ) I have tried some English bridle, but I haven’t found one with a smooth or soft flesh. They’re all kinda half finished/half strings.
  12. I’m getting ready to start making belts. I have looked at numerous leathers still have not found exactly what I’m looking for. Money is not as much of a concern as quality. I want a single ply belt in the 9 ounce range that is super smooth on the back, scratch resistant, and won’t crack when bent. What leather do you use? I tried splenda BOM leather; it was everything I wanted except for the fact that it cracked when bent. I feel like there has to be something that meets these qualities.
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