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  1. Professor that is very interesting . It is amazing the skill and knowledge that people all over the world had hundreds of years ago and at the same time its sad that so much of that old world knowledge has been lost (at least to most people). We think that we have come so far and are so smart but have we really ?
  2. It is not my intent to flame or disrespect anyone but on the flip side I don't want someone to read part of this thread and think that I would EVER use subpar materials . I respectfully ask that people read the entire thread before commenting .
  3. thefallguy : thank you for your input , have you had any problems with the rawhide cracking ? I have never used any elk rawhide or even put my hands on any but I am always open to trying something new .
  4. Normally I totally agree , I don't normally put stiffeners in my belts. I am making them out of 1 layer 8/10 and one layer of 7/8 W&C VEG and I cut them out of the top 1/3 of a side glued and double stitched with 346 bonded nylon . Yes I know that is a bit thick but they are happy with it .They are going to be asking a lot of a 11/4 belt for and extended amount of time so I was thinking out of the box a bit . I wish I could say more and it would more clear why I was thinking about a stiffener . I thought about Kydex but I have seen belts with the Kydex broken inside , it does not seem to like being flexed a lot . HDPE might be a good option but I was hoping someone had used it and had some feed back . I hope it doesn't seem like I am being hard headed and I may just let it ride but I felt like for this situation I needed to look at every option to give them the best gear I could.
  5. the belts are being purpose built for a specific mission so I wanted to stiffen them up a bit more
  6. I like the rawhide idea , I wanted to avoid metal for environmental reasons , my first thought was some kind of plastic . Thank you for your input I sent you a PM
  7. I need to know what kind of material and how thick & how far you are running the material . Without going into to many details I need to make some gun belts, 11/4 max wide and the are going to see some heavy duty use . If you don't want to share on the open forum please PM me Thanks a million
  8. Sorry to hear that , best wishes
  9. gzvunm , Are you now making products IN THE USA ?? I understand pushing your company BUT if you can't give the person what they are looking for it doesn't reflect well on you or your company , just my 2 cents . eby , let me know what you come up with , I might be interested in some , I try to do 100% made in the USA when possible . Thanks
  10. Im not 100% sure what your question is ? It sounds like you are asking how to make it fit ? If it fits good everywhere other than just the thumb break you could wet it a bit and try stretching it some, BUT let me just throw my 2 cents out there. I have never liked holsters that are "one size fits many" I think most of the time its a bad idea , I understand that cost might be an issue but I think you would be better off finding a holster made specifically for the XD45 . Carrying a loaded firearm should never be done with any piece of gear that isn't 100% in quality and fit . I dont know what your experience level is so please don't take any of this as a put down . A defensive system is only as good as the weakest link and make no mistake about it , it is a system that should be carefully chosen to work together. Im sure you don't want to be the guy that had his holster lock up when he need to draw or the one that had a negligent discharge when he holstered his weapon , yes I have seen both of those things and many more happen . Im not trying to preach so take it for what its worth . Good luck.
  11. I think you will get a better answer if you let everyone know what machine you are using and a pic is always priceless when looking for help Good luck
  12. They make some drop down guides that work pretty well and have a lot of adjustments . I think all of the dealers on here sell them or it should come up on a goggle search , I will see if I have a link .
  13. I dont see how your post hurt anyone , your story is your story we cant do anything to change the hand we are dealt.
  14. I have the Sew Pro 500gr on a 206 and Im pretty happy with it , talk to Bob he won't steer you in the wrong direction he is a good guy . Good luck
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