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  1. Hi Everyone! Bet you thought I went away, huh? But, nope! Has been a while, but I’m back! I’ve learned a lot about my LS-1 Sailrite Ultrafeed disguised as a Leatherwork! I have made some things, but not as many as I would like due to financial constraints! I have the machine humming along, but for anyone interested, this machine is NOT for the faint of heart. It requires readjustment every time you change projects. Maybe that’s normal, but I’m kind of new to sewing as well so there was a learning curve! When I got my machine it was fine! Then I made a repair where I knocked several things out of adjustment! Since there were multiple items it was a bit tricky to get tight. Ended up being the travel height of the walking foot and the back and forth range of motion as well as the Needle Bar Height. This all made since because when doing the repair I FORCED the assembly under the foot with alL my strength and done things moved or loosened. I got it working pretty good! I will be making 2 tote bags out of the Side of S.B. Nubuck Leather I got for Christmas! I have the preliminary cuts done. If anyone has ANY questions about Sailrite’s Leatherwok I would be happy to answer to the best of my ability! Chipper
  2. It’s the internal fan/motor. Yesterday it was limping along… today? Just fine. After Thanksgiving I will be investigating. We clean the underneath cooling fins once a year as we have a large, furry family member. However, that was and is a GREAT suggestion and I appreciate it! Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. We gather together at the new house, the company came for the weekend, they got in last Sunday and then… The bottom of the LP Gas Hot water rusted through… Sunday… At 8:00PM!!! Monday my wife was able to score a new one and the plumber came out and installed it for us. Yeah! The day before Thanksgiving, the refrigerator starts to not keep the main compartment cold.. it is limping along. Go get the old one ready for service in the garage. And through it all I still give thanks for my family, my friends and the good people in this world! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!! Chipper
  4. I’m getting the cheap left zipper foot from eBay. I’ll let you know how that goes… Chipper
  5. Okay, I’m ordering the left zipper foot and the standard foot for the LS-1 (when I get a few bucks). As of right now, I’m making a sewing machine cover out of vinyl. Chipper
  6. Do you think I should get that one (for the last-1, of course) or the left zipper foot?
  7. I need the left smooth foot and feed dog or the left zipper foot. I wish the Leatherwork came with all the feet. I’m trying to make 1/4” piping for my current project in vinyl, but I can’t get close enough to the cording… I might have to do that job on the Singer 128 with a zipper foot and some tape on the bottom of the foot so the vinyl feeds adequately. I tested the Sailrite tonight using a #18 needle (leather) and #69 black nylon thread. I sewed a test strip similar to the actual cording strip I’m gonna make. The machine was flawless… the operator caused two alternating missed stitches.. I was pulling the fabric through and trying to turn it… Whoops! I’m learning!
  8. Well, while I agree that a rivet or two would add some bling and some assurance the thread would not fail, I don’t have any! As my first project, once it popped in my head, I looked at what I had and whether I could do it. Since the thread is a #69 bonded nylon, I figure it will last and if not, she can send it back to me for a more durable repair! I’m still getting things I need… heck I’m still figuring out what it is that I need and then figuring when I can buy them because I am not on an unlimited financial situation. I did find some of my FIL’s old tools for snaps and such and I think there might even be a rivet press, I don’t know. Also, I do not have a dedicated space for the leather working. Some will be done in the sewing area and the rest in my garage workshop, when that gets there. Chip
  9. I understand what you mean!
  10. I did this one as a test of the machine and stitch length.
  11. Thanks and good to know Hags! So, what is a good price for 10oz Bridle leather with a firm temper (I might not be getting my term correct, but the stiffness of it)? I paid $8.95 sq ft with $16.95 shipping. I bought 3 sq ft total. It was so thick and stiff I had no idea what to do with it… but, I was just curious as to what the price ought to be. Also how many sq ft roughly are in a side? Thanks, Chipper
  12. Thanks Bert0341!
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