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  1. Curious if anything is still available?
  2. @johnv474,you wouldn't happen to have an old catalogue showing what all Stohlman brand tools that were available? I'm trying to keep track of what all I. Missing or need to be o. The lookout for, Blessings, JB
  3. Would you mind posting what all Al Stohlman tools you have please Sir ? Blessings, JB
  4. Awesome job! Are you possibly thinking of making some for sale?
  5. Possibly interested could you please post pictures showing all the stamps a little better? BLESSINGS? Joseph
  6. I could've sworn I just came across those on ebay
  7. GREETINGS, by any chance is this still for sale?
  8. @Sheilajeanne, Thank you for the reply ma'am, I understand what your saying I'm interested in the older ASB tools, yes the newer blades aren't the best quality @Northmount. I have my eye on a few of his things at the moment
  9. @Buzzard Bait, that's just a picture of pinterest ,its hard to find anything really toolwise of the Stohlman brand on the net
  10. Did you ever sell the stohlman swivel knife? If you still have it I'm interested BLESSINGS, JB
  11. @Mandajane. Did yall already get rid of everof everything I'm interested. BLESSINGS, JB
  12. Greetings everyone from Tx, I'm just getting back into leatherworking after 30 years,I'm about to be 39 in March, and have spent the last 10 months building my collection of tools, since the pandemic, I was forced to close my business of tattooing that I've been doing for over 23 years,and have now decided to focus on my love of leatherworking if you have any Al Stohlman tools for sale or just entertaining the idea of possibly selling please let me know Many BLESSINGS! JB
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