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  1. You have a lot to say with no basis for it. Now that your former president incited a riot at the Capitol (oh wait, let's guess whether or not you agree this occurred)... Nevermind. If I were you I would hope that we do not meet face to face.
  2. Again, many carriers do not know it. Even if masks are an abundance of caution, isn't it worth it to save your grandma's life, just to be safe? To be clear in case you are dense, it is irrelevant if your particular grandma is alive or dead. Lots of grandkids are losing grandparents because no one in construction (for example) is willing to wear masks. For the record, being proud of your ignorance and stubbornness is a prototypical American trait--as!is believing America is the center of the universe--as can be testified by citizens of every country Americans visit. "Do you speak English? Helllloooo?! Do you speak-uh English?" The person I would vote for would not imprison children for their parents' mistakes (of wanting a better life). Good thing that wasn't a policy when the Native Americans were being slaughtered. Remember how Andrew Jackson had a collection of 'Indian' noses?
  3. Hey dummy I have done more reading and more research on these matters than you have, and yet had no political agenda when I started. When I found out Trump was confiscating PPE purchased by individual states and then auctioning them off to the highest-bidding states, my eyebrows were raised. Unfortunately for your argument, I have no loyalty except to accurate truth-seeking. I do not care if that leads me to the Republican Party, the Democrat party, socialism, Christianity, Satanism, Lubertarianism, or anything else. I read the reports from both sides and compare peoples' words to their actions. Trump is an egomaniac narcissist who will lie or do whatever he can in order to 1) still get attention and 2) never appear to be a loser. He has done it so many times it would be difficult to enumerate them. Yet the Christians don't care how many wives he cheats on..............? However the real power real estate players in NYC knew this guy was someone who was raised as a wheeler-dealer in the crooked, Mafia-style of deal making. E.g. remember when he wanted a cut of the sale of TikTok? Remember when he admitted downplaying the virus because it was not convenient? Remember how Fauci is an actual expert and had to sit by while Trump suggested people drink bleach? Since I was unemployed over 5 months ago due to the virus (and having never received a single dollar of govt money for unemployment, stimulus, or anything else), I am standing by the accuracy of my assessments. I am certain I have studied these matters more than you have. For the record, I had to sell my phone to see a doctor. I paid for my prescriptions in nickels. I lost my home, my phone, all of my utilities, and only survive now due to couchsurfing because my employer and my political leaders wanted me to work in an environment with NO masks and NO protections and NO health insurance. This, even though my parents are in a highly compromised groups and also in their late 70s. I might survive but they would not, and so I have not been able to see them since April. My coat was stolen and I had to show up at the unemployment office wearing a blanket wrapped around me because it was about 15 degrees in Indiana that day. In the meantime $2B dollars in PPP loans are unaccounted for. Billionaires have made billions but the little guy matters not one bit. Should it help, my father was a pioneer in the Public Health Service way back when, my oldest brother is a dr, older sister is a chiropractor, and I left a legal career because I was not willing to lie for a bigger paycheck. I have lost two personal friends and a mother-in-law due to this virus (definitely). When I said people who go through this bad experienced waterboarding (torture), people said I exaggerated. Now in LA they are not accepting patients not likely to survive because younger people with worse symptoms need the ICU space (as happened in Italy back in March). I accepted poverty as a way of life because I have yet to find a truly honest way to make big bucks without compromising integrity. In other words, I am living up to my convictions and have no VA benefits or Social Security or any other safety nets. I spent 6 years selling leather and found that American consumers want more than what they will pay for (hence, the popularity of Walmart with its "Buy American" bumper stickers on trucks in the parking lots, even though that terrible corporation only exists by taking advantage of tiny Chinese hands working without pay). The idiocy I see in these threads is part of the reason I gave up on my "how to saddle stitch two inches per minute" classes and instead have to focus all of my efforts on surviving with no help from those who want my loyalty and tax dollars but offer none back. My country has shown that they care as much for me as they do for urban blacks or illegal aliens. I haven't been locked in a cage separated from my parents or given an involuntary sterilization, like Trump's people did.... but in 15 years, expect those kids to remember that the same way Middle Eastern kids remember the original Gulf War and it's injustices and so we're willing to be raised by ISIS schools and exact their revenge. America is not the center of the universe or the world. To be clear, do you plan to cash your $2k check from Satan aka Biden or will you stand by your convictions?
  4. Don't know how I got onto illegal immigration but we hired 6k people per harvest. They would, literally, hire anyone who showed up and wanted work. Each year we got about 50 white people (mostly ex-cons), 50 black people, 800 Asians, and 5000+ Hispanics. I was the one to hire/process/pay all of them. That was my job. So if there are plenty of white Americans willing to take those jobs, they weren't the ones willing to show up.
  5. Yawn. So you are contributing to the problem. This is something to be proud of? How many school children need to get sick and die before it is worth it for you to wear a mask?
  6. "Then so be it" Unless you are an expert on these matters then you should listen to those who are, and not just the guy selling you live bait for fishing.
  7. Are you saying the US has more people than India or China? They could kill off a billion people and still have a larger population than the US.
  8. Why am I angry? Righteous indignation. If this virus were leprosy, and left its victims with scars all over their bodies, I am sure Americans' vanity would 'Trump' any claims about personal freedoms. I hope this pandemic does not need to land in our backyards before we recognize that it exists. If you cannot look out for your neighbors as much as yourself, then I'd say anyone's claims of Christianity are suspect.
  9. "Love thy neighbor as thyself". Is that not among the top two Christian rules? Is it Christianity that motivates people to set bombs and break into the US Capital?
  10. Catholic? Let's just visit the history of this wonderful church and all the boys and girls held down against their will and sodomized by the priesthood and then intimidated into not saying anything. That is a good example for us to follow, and frankly what your president is doing to the American people if it benefits him ... except, in the case of the clergy, it was LITERALLY holding down children to sodomize them. Remember the handbook passed around by Brazilian Catholic priests on how to target poor children from the favelas, because no one would listen to their testimony over that of the clergy? Remember when the pope was making prostitutes crawl around on their hands and knees gathering chestnuts while he and his sanctified friends were approaching them from behind and molesting them? There is probably no church in the world that has destroyed so many lives, so before pretending to be sanctimonious, please clean all those cobwebs and little boys' underpants out from your dark and dusty corners. I'd rather be a Satanist and at least not be a hypocrite.
  11. By Satan do you mean Trump? Because he has lied more than 20,000 times on record simply because it benefits him. He may be the largest spreader of misinformation besides, well, Satan himself.
  12. What should we do with the mega churches who refuse to listen to political leaders or medical experts and instead conduct all of their money-making maskless big events? Don't be ridiculous, if you can.
  13. What voter fraud? Please provide a little actual proof. Your very-well paid President and his very well-paid attorneys keep filing lawsuits with vague allegations and every one of those lawsuits has been shot down... why? Because there is no merit to his baseless claims . Give it a rest. Then explain why Trump was pressuring Raffenburger in GA to 'find' just enough votes to let him win. is it not possible that the current President is the one most likely to be shouting b.s.? Have you ever worked for him? If so, did you get paid? If so, you are in the minority. The real NY real estate power players have known this guy was a clown since the 80's. I'm not sure why you would want to hitch your wagon to his star.
  14. An awful lot of Americans file for bankruptcy due to medical bills. My friend Bill was hit at 60 mph by a drunk driver while he was stopped at a red light. He was quadriplegic for years before eventually recovering (thanks to making half a million a year so he could pay for dedicated therapists). Even so, he had to file bankruptcy for medical bills. Remember, this is from the perfectly legal and terribly harmful drug of alcohol which is only permitted because of the power of that industry, despite the hundreds of thousands of lives ruined due to it.
  15. If you live in CA, TX, NM, AZ, FL, GA, MS then I don't want to hear anything about illegal aliens because those states are the ones who profit the most from them yet still spit on them. Mexicans aren't stealing American jobs. They are taking the jobs that Americans won't do. source: 3 years of work on the largest farm of its type right here in the USA and guess who showed up to work and who didn't?
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