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  1. Didn’t find much after doing a search. So I will ask. What size sewing machine and thread top and bottom do most of you belt makers use for 10- 16 oz belts.
  2. I would be more worried about virus survived inside the package on what you ordered than what maybe on the outside of the package.
  3. I am on the opposite end being a youngster. It seems to me that they are very few places or people to learn the craft of the trade. At least in east central US it is.
  4. I run 1/“4 to 3/8 pretty regular on mine. A really great machine especially for the money. Mine was a one owner who sew heavy drapes out of her home. Looks and sews like new. I gave $500. But had to change out the motor to a servo . Extra $120.
  5. You need to bring the needle up and then down just a little then the bobbin will come easy. It has to be in the same position to put the bobbin back in. It will not come out when the needle is in the furthest up position.
  6. klutes


    I was not referring to the fit of the belt. Only how long of tongue past the last hole. I pretty much do it like Dwight. I think I need to add about a extra inch to the tongue length not to the belt fit measurement. Thanks
  7. klutes


    After you punch the last hole in a adult belt how long do leave the end of the belt. Other words what is the length from the last hole to the end of the belt. Is there a normal distance?
  8. Sinpac I would love a pattern also. Many thanks if you decide to send me one.
  9. A big round of applause to Weaver Leather. I ran out of #14 copper rivets and needed some to finish up some Christmas items. I ordered at 10:00AM Friday. Received them the next day by 2:00pm. Was not a rush order either. I have received items a lot from them by the next day. Not every time but quite often. They are my go to supplier for most of my supplies. Thank you Weaver for great service.
  10. Would anyone know where to find a pattern or at least good pictures of a handmade leather falconry hunting bag?
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