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  1. klutes

    Thor skiver

    Is anyone here familiar with Thoer GT 801 skiver. I see where it has a roller top guide instead of the normal foot. Looks very interesting .
  2. Are the snap press dies still available.
  3. What level of experience do you need to come to your class.
  4. klutes

    MacLaren Wallet

    AndyL1 do you use the Glowforge just for surface art or do you also use it to cut out patterns. If so how good of a job does it do and what about the burnt edge. What do you do with it. Thanks ken
  5. klutes

    Which rivet / snap press to get

    I have been picking up Stimpson 405 press when I can find them. These are the old cast iron ones. Really robust press. Wouldn’t mind picking up another one. I use rivets and snaps from Weaver supply. Pleased so far.
  6. klutes

    Money clip bottle opener

    Thanks for the information
  7. klutes

    Money clip bottle opener

    Didn’t mean anything other than I have looked on line to no vail. Just saying they certainly aren’t everywhere.
  8. klutes

    Money clip bottle opener

    Hmm they must be hard to find.
  9. klutes

    Money clip bottle opener

    Does anyone know of a supplier in the states for either of these products? Hopefully good quality items. Money clip bottle opener firemen quick release belt buckle
  10. klutes

    Finally found a Adler 30-7

    thanks for the offfer GLen. So with the parts issue should I not get this machine and get a large bobbin singer. Haven’t made the trip to get it yet.
  11. klutes

    Finally found a Adler 30-7

    Yea it’ s not really that bad of a trip.
  12. Been some what looking for a Adler 30-7 machine for a little over a year. Finally found one close enough and priced ok. Going to pick it up this Saturday. Gentleman that used it passed away last year and it is now for sale. Glad to get it just hate under those circumstances. But it suppose to be dirty from setting for a year but complete and in sewing condition. About 7 hour drive to get it. That will make two Adlers that I will have. This one and a 69. Anxious to get it. Now just need one more. Lol
  13. You told me that before. I have been looking around for a adler close to me to go look at and try out. Not many around
  14. I have read a lot on here about the older patcher sewing machines as far as pros and cons of them and each to his own. My question is what about the new ones such as the CB 29 and others . Are they any better as far as sewing and stitching than the old ones?