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  1. klutes

    Adler 467-FA373

    Sorry $1150
  2. klutes

    Adler 467-FA373

    It has been gone through by a professional shop and ready to sew. New servo motor and speed reducer. Sews great. Needs to Be picked up unless you only want to purchase the machine head.
  3. klutes

    Adler 69 373 Advice :-)

    I had one of these and sewed 1/4 to 5/16 pretty good. The only reason I sold mine was it would only handle up tp thread size 92 top and bottom. I could get 135 on top but not on the bottom. I wanted 135 top and bottom. Mine was set up with servo motor and speed reducer. its really a nice machine if you can live with the 92 thread. I will probably regret selling mine at some point. But not now.
  4. klutes

    Adler 69. And Adler 30-7

    Machines are sold
  5. klutes

    Sewing Machine Choices

    Bluzoom what thread size were you running.
  6. klutes

    Adler 69. And Adler 30-7

  7. klutes

    Adler 69. And Adler 30-7

    The top is the 69. I am located in Winchester Ky.
  8. klutes

    Adler 69. And Adler 30-7

    I am selling two of my Adler. Nothing wrong with either just moving to a different machine. Both are older machines but gone through and in good sewing order. I have converted the 30-7 to a servo motor. 69 $1250. 30-7 $850
  9. This is what I am running in my 69
  10. klutes

    Hi from La Palma (Canaries Island)

    I really like that pattern. Is this your design or copied from a certain tribe or culture
  11. klutes

    New from SC

  12. klutes

    Adler 467

    Didn’t notice that small detail . Thnaks
  13. klutes

    Purse for my Daughter

  14. klutes

    Adler 467

    ok I found the difference in the two different needle systems. Only difference is the grind on the point one bring 3 and the other a 4 point grind.
  15. klutes

    Adler 467

    Well I just got home with my new to sewing machine. Was able to locate it within 30 min of me. It seems to be in good condition. Sews good on test runs. New learning curve on new machine.. trying to figure out why it is set up with a 135x16 -24 system when all the info I can on it says it is suppose to use a 134-35 needle system ?. Anyone know the difference in the two needle systems ?