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  1. I found a complete 206rb in perfect condition for $500. I did hate to replace the clutch motor with a servo motor $124.. it will be the last machine I would ever get rid of.
  2. Any one familiar with the pfaff 463 as far as its capabilities
  3. Bob I have bought several sets from them lately and they are great and very reasonable.
  4. Was wondering what others that spray your alcohol dyes on use to clean your hose and gun out. Do you use alcohol or have you found other alternatives that work .
  5. Great job. Especially for your first one. A lot better than my first one.
  6. I think it will be a more enjoyable and productive setup.
  7. I have never really liked a pedal stand on my CB 4500. I actually thought about selling it but boy glad I changed my mind. So I decided to make a new top for an old sewing machine stand I had. The first picture is with the new stand in position to sew using the cylinder arm. The next one is with the cutout portion reinstalled. This will probably be the most used setup. I like being able to rest my arms on the table while maneuvering the leather through the machine. The cutout piece literally just set there. Can be just picked up and removed. The last picture is with the flat table top installed. It just sets on top of the other table top. No threaded rods and nuts to deal with. You switch form sewing station to the other in 30-40 seconds. Think I am going to love this comfortable and quick set up.
  8. 4500 is no longer for sale. Thanks
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