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  1. Leather Secrets by F.O. Baird – very good condition uncut Leather Art (1949) by F.O. Baird - good condition with extra patterns How To Carve Leather by Al Stohlman – like new $100 $80.00 plus shipping, Paypal, PM me if interested
  2. DebHop

    Books bundle 3

    reduced price and reposted.
  3. I love this pattern. It took a little trial and error to get the lid fitted with a leather hinge instead of the zipper. I cut the pattern out and made a paper model first to get everyting to fit. I increased the whole pattern by 25% cause I wanted it a little bigger. I lined the bag rim with steel corset boning to keep it's shape. I cut the 2 center strips on the lid about 3" longer in the front so I could wrap it around the steel boning, cut a rectangle piece and stitched it on the inside. Then I made a flap for the back, and installed 2 magnetic snaps. I used 2 snaps so it would stay secure, and didn't interfere with the lacing up the middle. When I make this again, I'll probably move the D rings forward so it will hang more level. I hope the pictures help illustrate what I did. Now, you must show us yours. Please
  4. LOL yes! I carried it to the grocery store on Senior Day.
  5. Received, as described!    Looking forward to setting it up and using it, Thanks DebHop!!!!!!!:lol:

  6. I've heard good things about CBD on arthritis. I need to try that. I'll PM you about the splitter.
  7. These have been claimed.
  8. HS, I'm now ordering roo lace from Australia, and it's taking months to get it because of everything going on. Cost is steep but I'm still glad I can still get good quality roo lace so I'm willing to wait--don't have much choice. Certain supplies like roo leather is very short her in the states. and I agree with you, most of what I learned, and much of my inspiration; I've gotten right here on the forum.
  9. This has been theraputic for me while 'sheltering at home'. I really enjoyed putting this together - and finally found use for some spikes I had laying around. Laced with 1/8' roo lace, hinged lid with magnet buckles. Awsome pattern by Paintyee on Etsy.
  10. Reduced price and moved to Leather tools.
  11. Moved from 'Things that cut' to see if any interest. REDUCED! are there any braider out ther? It has no markings indicating a Hanson, but there so many versions out there I’ll let you decide. However; still a quality tool and it works beautifully to pair and bevel leather and rawhide lace. Sadly, arthritis and hand surgeries have limited my abilities to make my own lace much longer. I have resorted to pre-cut roo lace – and it works well. $250 $175 OBO, plus shipping via PayPal. I'm in Virginia PM me if interested
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