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  1. DebHop

    Carving Lesson 102?

    Yea, they both look like barb wire. so, how much? PayPal?
  2. Tried to PM but wouldn't allow, If still available, I am interested in the puzzle and barb wire stamps. if yes, let me know total to zip code 24101, and do you take paypal? Thanks much, Deb
  3. The book is scarce as hens teeth. Like I said, i searched for 2 years and finally found it on Amazon used books. I do hope you find something to use - and by all means share what you make. Thanks, Deb
  4. I've posted the link in Patterns and Templates forum. If anyone has difficulty with access or the file, I may call on one of you again. It's been a pleasure connecting with you guys. Thanks again.
  5. Free vintage pattern book: Le Cuir. Compositions Decoratives – author Jehan Raymond (published in 1908) pattern book has some wonderful and unique Art Nouveau designs for leather work - pocket cases and wallets, cigarette boxes, bindings, calendars, music portfolios etc. The descriptions are written in French. This is a PDF (240MB) on Google drive: A few of us are fortunate enough to own a hard copy of this treasure, I searched for 2 years to find my mine (and paid dearly for it). Now, because of its age; it was added to Public Domain in 2016. *This book is very rare, some copies are preserved and archived in some museums - MET. I hope you find these awesome patterns and illustrations useful. Big thanks to Letter T for condensing the PDF, Nuttish, Chirsash, and Buttermutt07 for testing the link on multiple platforms. P.S. Source files are in the Library of Congress - National Archives site. Enjoy, Deb
  6. Wow chrisash, you must have been a tester in another life. LOL Glad the PDF worked. The other file has each page in JP2 format. I don't have Coreldraw so couldn't open the file, sounds like it worked well. No, I don't tool or carve much but I know there are folks on this site that could 'rok' some of the designs. thanks again
  7. PM sent. I just want to make sure it works before I post. Thank you for helping.
  8. I'd like to share some pattern/design files with the community, and I need someone to help me test the link and make sure it works before I post it. I have the files on Google Drive, I can send the link and if it works properly; I'll submit my post. Anyone up for it?
  9. DebHop

    Sissy Bar Bag Pattern

    I don't sell anything I make but I love to buy stuff for my bike. Couple years ago I paid 175 for a very simple bag at the Harley store cause I needed the storage. Something custom for that bike I'd think be worth twice that at least.
  10. DebHop

    Sissy Bar Bag Pattern

    Hey BigMat, in the pic below shows where the strap laces through the back of the bag so you can weave it around the sissy bar. as for that beautiful Indian, you may need a little modification -- maybe move the slots up some. then, the loop on top is meant to wrap around the top of the sissy bar, but with that back rest it may not work. it shouldn't be too difficult to fit it to the rack and strap it on. Please share when you get it together, I'm a big fan of the Indian. and let me know if you have other questions.
  11. DebHop

    Sissy Bar Bag Pattern

    I cut mine out of buffalo - about 10-12 oz. I hope I can manage it. Haven't stitched it yet, waiting for some time off from work. I'm sure Veggie Tan will work very nicely as well. If you plan to us it on a motorcycle I'd think 8-10 oz would be good and sturdy.
  12. Posted to the Bike forum, but didn't seem to be any interest there. Maybe the term 'Sissy Bar' is a turn off these days. But it's all good.
  13. DebHop

    Hardware For Leather Tassle

    I found these on Esty:
  14. Hello fellow bikers and leather lovers. I love this site and I’ve learned so much from you guys. I’d like to share this pattern for a sissy bar bag in 2 sizes – small bobber size (carry your lunch) and large for the big baggers (carry the whole picnic). Small measures about 12” X 9” X 7”, Large 15” X 10” X 9”. The loop on the top is fastened with velco inside. Shoulder strap is about 46” long. I have not constructed mine yet but I have cut it out and dry fit the pieces from heavy buffalo. I just haven’t got up the courage to stitch it together yet as I’m not used to working with leather this heavy, and I have some weakness in my hands; so it may take a while. Here are drawings of the bag and print layout to help reassemble the pages. PDFs are tiled, so print at full size To assemble the bag, I suggest attaching the flap to back, sides, then front. Attach bottom last. If you choose to try it, please share your results. I always enjoy seeing all your talent and creativity.
  15. DebHop

    Pattern For Medicine Pouch?

    You're very welcome Ohsew. You've arrived at the right place. There are some awesome patterns here.