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  1. Whit30

    F.O.Baird book's info. please

    Apparrntly, the Design secrets is harder to find. Thanks!
  2. I hope this is in the right place to post since it's not an AD for sale yet and will post in the classified section for actual ad. I was going to post my 1977 Leather Secrets and Design Artistry hardback books and could use some advice especially on the Design Artistry book. When looking at the auction site for pricing ideas, I only saw one or two Design Artistry books and they seemed to be asking more for them than the Leather Secrets. Is this normal due to fewer being available or just an over jellous seller? Would you recommend selling as a pair of seperate? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Thanks so much to each of you! The tips were very helpful! Next time I'll post a link or something. I just did not want to break any forum rules. Thanks again to you all!
  4. I'm sorry, I somehow double clicked and i double posted this question. Can someone help me delete the second one? I'm sorry. Thank you!
  5. Hello, I am wanting to make a wood sided bag using some oil tanned leather I have around. My question is on construction. I would probably use Walnut for the sides. On something small as a phone case, somewhat bigger as a fire kit pouch would 1/4" be strong enough? And for larger bags such as a laptop or I pad bag maybe even a purse, do you feel 1/2" thick walnut would be structural strong enough. I am planning on drilling holes in the sides and sewing the leather to the wood. I have #69 nylon thread. Should this be ok? How far would you space the stiches? Lastly for now, would you skive the leather that I will cement to the wood edge or leave it the same thickness? Would it be better to sew something like every other hole around entire side and come back with a second thread sewn separately incase a thread is frayed or cut some way and the whole thing wouldnt loosen up or just cross stitch the sides with one thread? Would you cement over the thread to protect it from wear? I'm sorry, I know a lot of questions but I just like to have everything planned out and squared away before starting something new Thank you for any and all tops and advice!
  6. Whit30

    New swivels

    Beautiful work! Do you mind explaining the process of securing the blade to the bearing? I understand that the bearing can be installed on the tight side for a pressure fit into the Harrell, but do you also press the blade into ihe bearing and it is held by pressure fit as well so 've there is no set screw? And do you mind sharing where you sourced your bearings? Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  7. Whit30

    new tool bag

    Looks great! When attaching the sides and forming the creases, did you gouge the inside and still fold toward the outside? Thanks!
  8. Thank you Plinker! I appreciate it!!
  9. Thank you for your time and answer!
  10. Hello everyone, I am not having any luck finding paterns for a Buck 110 and 112. Can anyone help me with locating these? I really am wanting the automatic opening sheath but if I can locate a good standard sheath as well that would be great. Thanks so much in advance!
  11. Whit30

    Average price for a Cast Iron Tippman Boss?

    Thank you but this is no longer needed.
  12. Whit30

    Average price for a Cast Iron Tippman Boss?

    Thank you for the reply! I'm actually wondering what the older Cast Iron one's are selling for now. Thanks!
  13. Hello all, what is the going price for a Tippman Cast Iron these days with a flat bed attachment? Thank you