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  1. T an extent I'd agree, but in the first picture there is a movement towards the trademarks in fonts and colours. But its not my look out, I was accused of cyber bullying last time I raised this. so really I was only agreeing with @chrisash I have been through cases on TM infringement from the trademark owners position, and I know that there are some on the forum that do not respect intellectual property as much as a few of us do. It is what has curtailed my input significantly.
  2. Yes Chris there is, I know I am unpopular for saying so, but there you go. Trademark Law is one of the biggest earners for lawyers. Whether they get called on the usage or not is a wholly different thing. You may choose to ignore the speed laws, and go at 100 in a 60 zone, but unless you are caught, you will get away with it. If you are caught you may get let off with a mumbled don't do it again or a cease and desist. Its still stealing someone's intellectual property, even if you make no profit or incur costs to give it as a gift its a breach of copyright or trademark. H (sits back and waits for the barrage of naysayers)
  3. Based on everything else tanners and curriers used historically, there should be a record somewhere.
  4. Hi has anyone come across a Swiss machine, by Habasit, ref number 8/80 Ser 430? It seems to be an abrasive roller skiving machine. Will try to get photos. Interested in how they work. Best H
  5. What? 45K58 and 196K205 ? or something more prosaic?
  6. GBP 72.11 = https://www.tandyleather.eu/en/product/deluxe-wood-hand-tool-rack GBP 38.51 + https://www.tandyleather.eu/en/product/deluxe-wood-tool-rack I wonder if the membership 'refumd would cover it? A friend swears by a french cleat racking system attached to a wall behind or the legs and back of the bench. I use shelves and loads of storage boxes H
  7. I am looking at various options, one of which is a motorised 20" fixed blade splitter (the Landis 8020, bench mounted with a servo motor) Is anyome using one of these and if so how happy are you with the results? Thanks Harry
  8. Slight muckiness warning... My brother the Diesel Mechanic never called a ball pein hammer anything that was not a dire threat... BALL PAIN hammer. And if helping him he'd always answer the question "would you like a screw driver?" with "No thanks I'm ten minutes late already"
  9. I understand this is known as the "Hitty Lumpy Bit" as opposed to the "Holdy Stick Bit" to avoid confusion Years back my Father-In-Law gifted me for Christmas a 13 lb Lump Hammer, to make it easier to punch holes in leather. Needless to say he was not a leatherworker, and it came it real handy with a cold chisel for masonry work.
  10. Thanks for reopening this, guys. Following last week's on threads, I was asked if I could do something out of my usual colorways (Barbours Linen based) so this is a greast resource from a UK perspective. Harry
  11. They said they would. It would be decent if they did it without people having to contact them. A gift card is not the same as $$$. You gave them actual money, they refunded a card; try putting it back in the bank or spending it at QuickiMart. Companies refunding cards for their own goods, cost them far less than you gave them as there is the profit portion in any purchase you make. I understand Corporate needs, but maintaining good relations with customers would be sensible. I used Tandy in UK from Pearce Tandy in the 1980s but I have not even looked at their site since they closed UK stores, nor will I.
  12. Thanks Zuludog, I use Barbour almost exclusively, and hand make some. H
  13. It depends on what you bought from Tandy. My knowledge of threads is very limited as I use very traditional threads. Hopefully someone that knows Tandy stock can pitch in
  14. I edited my post with the link. H
  15. If you are happy to let the folk here know your location; country or state if you don't want to divulge town, we may be able to direct you to a suitable source. There was a recent post (by @chrisash i seem to recall) that directed folk to a comparison of thread gauges. All I use at the moment are old linen and cotton 25/4, 18/3 etc which I dont know the millimeter or inch value. Best Harry The post was here
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