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    I am from Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. I am a fan of handmade leather goods and antique leather machinery. I have a singer17-1, a singer34kvs5, and a Fortuna
    v50s. Like to refurbish and repair machines.

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  1. I like this model, but unfortunately it's too far away...
  2. It is recommended that you use Mitusbishi or hohsing, which is more cost-effective, the minimum speed can be set to 50 rpm, and the heavy-duty machine chooses 750w. At present, I have not seen a motor for sewing machines on the market that is directly set to 10 rpm, because it is meaningless. The efkaDA321 can be set to a minimum speed of 40 rpm, and the AB321 can be set to 70 rpm.
  3. I have used several efka boxes. The most difficult to set up is AB321. In fact, you can choose DA321. This is the box I use on my machine now. The setting is relatively simple, and there is no parking jitter problem you mentioned. With DC1550 horsepower is enough, much easier than AB321. The problem I encountered with the AB321 is: after resetting it has a safety lock, you need to change 245 to 0; 290 is 47, even if you use 5913, you can't modify it, so many functions can't be used; the shortcut keys on the 820 display screen can't be used. Use... If you have a problem with parking jitter, you can try to have an option to lock the power of the nose when parking (153). If the value is increased, it should be able to lock without jitter.
  4. Buying Leads fortuna type B
  5. I recently adjusted the position of the presser foot of a Fortuna sm50. The original position of the presser foot was to the left, which caused the feeding wheel to sink and the feeding was not smooth. Because of the structure limitation, it only moves 1~2mm to the right, which will not affect the use.
  6. Thanks for the reminder, because of some misoperations, send errors, pay attention later!
  7. Because of the limited space, these tools can only be placed on small plates and shelves, and all the wooden boards are customized by drawing pictures. This fortuna of mine was produced in 1965 and was picked up from the garbage dump. The parts for restoring him are at least parts removed from 5 machines. There are a batch of machines of the same model available in the Chinese second-hand market. I disassembled parts from them.
  8. The sewing machines are all original. Singer17-1 was purchased from the United States, and singer34k was purchased from Germany. Now the one I want to buy is singer119
  9. I have disassembled singer17-1 and 18-2. According to my analysis, your problem should be the worn part. You can try to weld the notch and then polish it to restore it.
  10. Hello, do you have pictures of singer 17-12? I want to find one, thank you!
  11. I am a fan of handmade leather products and antique leather machinery. I have a singer 17-1, a singer 34kvs5 and a Fortuna v50s. Like to refurbish and repair machines. I want to find singer 119-2. Anyone who owns this machine can contact me, thank you!
  12. Thank you very much for the reminder. Because of an operation error, the post was displayed in Chinese. I will modify it later, thank you!
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