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  1. I was looking FB marketplace for an industrial sewing machine suitable for leather and came across a Singer 17-12. ISMACS says it has no under feed, but it says it has 'Superior' feed instead. OK what is Singer 'Superior' feed?
  2. Thanks all for the replies. Some excellent advice and technical advice. After finishing the cleaning, oiling and minor adjustments, the grease issue is solved by letting what ever grease migrates its way to the gears be the answer. By filling the cups a small amount of grease does make it's way to the prestolite gear. So be it. Thanks again all.
  3. Hi kgg, thanks for the reply. I made sure that the thread was properly between the disks. The thread is smaller than V69 and I have even gone down in needle size to a 14/90. I still get the same results a top stitch that looks good but is loose on the bottom. Even when I have the tension adjusted as tight as it will go. I am going to go to upholstery thread and see what difference that makes.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I know that the 15 is a domestic model, but a lot of industrial's are a basic clone of the 15. Having said that the amount of fleece and suede are not that thick. Not only that when I got the tension set for fabric and the top and bottom tension were equal, when I tried to sew just the suede, I got the same results. I am going to try going back to upholstery thread on top and bottom and see what results I get.
  5. Hello all. I have a problem that so far I am unable to figure out. I have a Singer 15-90 and am trying to use it to sew some fleece and suede together. In trying to set up the machine, it will sew through the suede smoothly without any problem except for the tension on the top thread. It is LOOSE and I can't get it to tighten up. I am using Gutermann polyester top stitch heavy duty thread both on top and in the bobbin. I am using a Singer 16/100 leather needle.
  6. Hello to group. I am a new member and this is my first post. I am new to leather work as I just started about 8 to 10 months ago. I was not interested in using a sewing machine, BUT, while making a purse strap out of folded chrome tanned, I realized that at least one sewing machine was going to be handy. My better half has put into my care a Singer 201-2 that she bought for the case it came in. The machine has been used isn't too awfully bad. Having said that, the machine does have issues. So I have decided that aside from the other hats I've worn, I am now going to tackle sewing machine refurbishing. I have looked at manuals, watched videos and read articles but have not come up with the answer to this question. Does the textolite gear on the balance wheel and/or the spiral gear on the motor shaft get any lubrication? Apparently from pictures that I have seen of ones for sale on eBay, people have been greasing them in varying degrees. I have never heard of greasing a composite gear before because the fiber in the resin may absorb some of the grease and weaken.
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