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  1. Some hints for disassemble singer 18-3 sewing machine you can find in attachment. Till next time. Emil HINTS FOR DISASSEMBLE SINGER 18-3 SEWING MACHINE.pdf
  2. Thanks to both of you. Emil
  3. Hello! The sew24 did not publish original manual, or I didnt find them on their site. Even if Adler class 5 is predecessor of Adler class 105 the name of the parts is not the same. Adler through history made different parts under different names and sometimes is good to know the first original part name. But thanks anyway. Emil
  4. Hello Evilla! Is it too late to post video, since you wrote me 6 months ago. And if is not to late I still have to make video. Emil
  5. Hi! I bought this sewing machine for 400€ and its Adler 5-27. Machine works fine and sew 12 mm (0.4724412 inch) thick VEG leather. If someone can send me manual for the Adler 5 I will be very grateful. Greetings from Slovenia
  6. Hi, Since I don´t have anything to campare and I don´t know the tolerance I will post some pictures. Visually seem to me they are pretty worn, maybe they are not. If I compare (EVEN IF THIS IS NOT THE PROPER COMPARSION) the feed dog wheel and how much the wheel is turning backward or forwared between the Pfaff 24 and Singer 18-3 it seem much better on Pfaff 24. And if this is the case (worn feed dog wheel) what should I do?? Thanks,
  7. Hi Everybody! For same time I have in possess next Sewing machines: mechanical Adler 30-15, Pfaff 24, Singer 18-3 and electrical Pfaff 463. I didn´t buy anyone I just got them – abandoned and prepared for junkyard because they where (except Pfaff 463) worn out and in non working condition. I didn´t know anything about these machines, but after some time watching them, and try to find out, how do they work I became more boldy and start to clean them, replace parts such as bolts, nuts, springs, needles, what can I find on internet for sale. Finaly all machines work fine for years. Recently Singer 18-3 won´t make stitches longer than 1mm (or point to point – maybe even less than 1mm) regardless the position of stitch length lever UP or DOWN. Sometimes the stitch length lever even bounces down. Since I couldn´t find out what is wrong I completely disassemble Singer 18-3, cleaned up, oiled the machine and put it together. But still won´t make stitches longer than 1mm. When I clean the machine I find out that Forked Connection (part nr. 3037) is pretty worn up (see pictures) and maybe this is the reason for not stitching longer than 1mm. I also find out that Wheel Driver (part nr. 6498) is pretty worn up. Now I wonder what to do: 1. Should I find somewhere another Singer 18-3 and use those parts, because I dont´t belive I can find them on internet. 2. Is somebody try to fix those parts and if it is how to do it? 3. Or there are some other settings I should try, or something else? THANK YOU very much for your help. Emil, from Slovenia
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