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  1. I love that the rationale for the 001 / 002 / 003 is that some people wanted it called different things... that is NOT rational
  2. @TomE The sizes you quote are all different... From John James website 25 Saddlers Harness needles in paper envelope. Size 1 54mm length x 1.02mm diameter Size 2 54mm length x 1.02mm diameter Size 3 54mm length x 1.02mm diameter Size 4 48mm length x 0.86mm diameter Size 18 (1/0) 57.5mm length x 1.09mm diameter Size 17 (2/0) 59.5mm length x 1.42mm diameter Size 16 (3/0) 61.5mm length x 1.63mm diameter
  3. I posted a help request in February: https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/105984-shotgun-case-renovation-1940s and got some great feedback, particularly helpful was @CharleyS. I finished the repairs a couple of months ago, and here is a series that I posted on a business forum, about the renovation.
  4. I have just opened unopened old stock packs of size 1, size 2 and size 3 - and they are all the same - identical. I checked with John James and got this helpful reply... " There is no difference at all in the needles, the coding comes down too many years ago different countries ordering & knowing them as different codes, example America know it as a size 3 & generally order L3912 003. " Just a "heads up" to not buy "the whole set" of saddlers needles. https://www.jjneedles.com/buy-needles/bulk-loose-needles/saddlers-harness-needles-1.html#size-guide
  5. Thank you all for your very helpful comments, Al Stolman was one of my first points of call, I got all three case books in the 1980s, but none was for a felt lined case, unfortunately. I will post the repair later, but have not been on the board for a while, as I was getting no notifications. Harry
  6. Thank you @CharleyS That is what I tried and it worked. I have some photographs of the repairs that I will post soon. I actually used a very low heat hair dryer to do a test piece, and it started to give, so I steamed it. Thank you for the comprehensive reply. Harry
  7. Thank you, Sir, I looked at his work online and will reach out to him.
  8. Thank you @MikeRock It is a wooden case, covered in hide, and fitted to contain the various parts. All of the internal fittings have original purple felt lining throughout the case. I will check Huey Cases.
  9. Thank you @PastorBob I am inclined to that too, which makes a $300 repair close to $750. I will do nothing until I am content that I will do no damage
  10. I am renovating a bespoke 1940s Guncase by Holland and Holland, UK shotgun manufacturer. I need to remove, but not to damage the distinctive felt lining, which I presume is glued with animal glue. Will gentle heat be enough to loosen it, please?
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