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  1. ya wanna bet? not directly, but indirectly Its been revealed in the last few days that eastern europeans are grooming children as young as 3 years old and sending them as 'refugees' to the UK for the illegal child sex trade The child is sent to UK. Under World Refugee Laws unaccompanied children must be accepted. No sooner than the child is known to be in the UK a 'relative' shows up to claim guardianship of the child The child is not at fault in this vile business. They are being used by evil people. And those people are undermining the morals of our societies
  2. Whist you lot were adopting her catch-phrase we wuz adopting this one
  3. mmm, we wuz in contact last June about this Still looking?
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    PM on its way, Soon, as soon as I gather the details
  5. Quite the opposite in N.I. Mace and pepper spray are illegal but wasp spray is not. Two real cases, years apart; a woman was assaulted, she used a household cleaner spray on her attacker, she had it her shopping. She was commended for quick thinking. Another woman assaulted used pepper spray on her attacker. She was charged for having the pepper spray illegally. btw, in both cases the attacker was charged over the attack.
  6. There are tribes in Papua New Guinea who have given up killing each in raids for brides. The two tribes meet on a 'battle field' and one side 'attacks' first using bamboo sticks. The attacker has to tap the woman's defenders on the shoulder. If he wins he gets his bride. But the choice of bride has been arranged by the tribes' elders beforehand. Its all rather civilised. They call the bamboo stick a coupe stick as well.
  7. Frodo posted something earlier and deleted it A sort of sap, aka a cosh, was used by the Normans at the Battle of Hastings [1066]. They can be seen on the Bayeux Tapestry [approx 1070s] The thing is always over-looked, unless you know its there. The Romans, [500 BC to 500 AD] certainly used 'saps' in battle In early Medieval times a weighted leather bag attached to a wood handle was used by Churchmen who went into battle. Churchmen were not forbidden in killing but they could not shed blood, so the swingy sap was useful. The only time I ever used a weighted 'weapon' was when I was a postman. A lead bar wrapped in newspaper. To 'gently' tap certain dogs on the snout or head if they attacked me. The owners thought I was using a non-harmful newspaper, but the dogs knew and learnt differently
  8. I don't have any photos of the insides of the 'expensive' one Here are photos of the inside of a 'half-way' one. Larger than the other two. They take a small A6 size [closed size, about 4.5 inches wide x 6 inches high] notebook or diary, this one is for A5 sized [about 6 inches wide by 8.5 inches high] books Inside front; Inside rear; This one is closed by a piece of elastic going around the front. The girl didn't want the pen type closure Again, just glued together, no sewing. Used a thick chrome tan on this one. Its was plenty stiff. For the slit pockets, I cut the slot and glued on the back of the piece some very thin pig skin leather. I glued that just around the edges, so a small ruler or very small note book, or a credit card can be slipped in On this cream one the pen holder goes through a slit and is just glued to the back of the flap piece
  9. There is no way that those pieces of leather are 10 ounce!! 10 oz = 4mm. What he is sewing is closer to 2 to 2.5mm or 5 ounce However, the last time I used my 99 was just to punch holes along the edge of a wallet. Total thickness was nearly 3mm, or about 7oz. But punching holes and sewing are different poodles
  10. No, I do not think you will be able to turn it . . . . unless you totally soak the leather with water
  11. I bought my 99 just for putting holes and sometimes thread through 1mm leather. I'll not say 'sew' as the job isn't actually sewing The main reason it was chosen was for the non-stop stitch spacing, ie variable spacing without 'stops' at different settings
  12. frayed knot, never took photos of them. I gotta make a few bags soon. Maybe I'll take photos as I do
  13. I do one style of book cover. One is a cheapie made in upholstery grade leather and is just glued together, for the other I use 2.5mm [afair] 'belting' leather. That one is much stiffer but not unduly so The cheapie, the leather is very soft and pliable. It relies on the stiffness of the book covers; [the same book cover, its the camera exposure which makes it look different] The 'expensive' one, same basic pattern as the cheapie but a bit different with pockets in the front & rear flaps and I use a pen to 'lock' it Absolutely no problems with this one opening and closing. No self-closing, no cracking or wrinkling of the spine/bendy bit I think it comes down to your choice of leather and the 'temper' it has. I choose my leather for a project according to which leather will work best without me having to fight it
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