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  1. fredk

    What is this thread on hand presses?

    1/4 - 24 is a very old machinist's thread size. Used on Veteran/vintage [antique] cars, Steam Traction engines and industrial machines from the mid 19th century onwards. Its continued use is like 1/4 - 20 still being used on camera equipment and bicycles. I think, afair, my 1930 Austin 7 has some bolts of this fitting
  2. fredk

    Irish theme knife sheath

    very nice indeedy
  3. fredk

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    I bought a new steam iron. The type for smoothing clothes. Warnings on it were: a. to keep water away from it, b. not to iron clothes whilst wearing them
  4. fredk

    Which rivet / snap press to get

    Get the set to match the snaps you buy from the same seller. Others may not suit
  5. Ah, good to know alls well that ends well in the state of Denmark but this is very midsummer madness.
  6. Assuming that none of the original posters were from there I wonder if this site has been hacked into Since I originally posted another 9 profiles have been changed ~ all have the same attributes as listed above - thats 50 in just about 30 hours Edit: I just sent a PM to Johanna. This activity is too suspicious for my liking
  7. fredk


    adding to this: I hope the owner of this site never goes over to the dark-side of Tapatalk I'm on other forums who's original hosts were taken over by T. T keeps making changes to the forums without consulting the forum owners. Then the forum owner has to spend many hours, even days, to undo what T. changed Just recently T decided we all needed to have one user name and one password to access all the forums on T. This was accompanied by a demand that we needed to pay $2.99 per day per forum to access the forums. One owner got that sorted tho and it was dropped, but in the meantime several forum members deleted their accounts. Since T took over the forums they have not been user friendly, the changes can come at any time and some aspects of each thread in a forum can be a lottery as how it functions, eg, in one thread I can edit a message, a similar message in the same forum I cannot edit, in some I can post pictures, in some I cannot
  8. I keep a window open on 'all activity' so I can scroll thru to see whats going on in different areas. I've noticed that over the last couple of weeks about 4 dozen or more members have changed their Profile pictures. The changes seem to come in blocks, of 4 or 5 at a time, somes 3 and occasionally just 1 at a time Two things almost all these members have in common is a. They joined in 2014, usually late, ie October/November/December. With a couple of exceptions of members who joined more recently b. They all have zero [0] activity ~ that is zero postings A third common thing is that they seem not to have been on here since about the time they joined ~ but that cannot be taken as accurate as my profile says I've not been on here since March 23 2016! I find it very strange that so many inactive members have all decided to change their Profile picture at the same time, Or is there something else going on? Edit; I just did a count. Since 07:00 [my time] yesterday 41 members changed their Profile photo. All but 2 of those had 0 [zero] activity, one had 1 posting and one had 4. Almost all those 41 joined in 2014, a couple joined in '16' or '17 or early '18
  9. fredk

    My new strops.... One might be an original idea?

    PVC pipe is available in many big sizes. Just a section of one, say 5 inch diameter pipe would probably do a 4 to 4.5 inch round head knife. Or a smaller section curve and the knife could be stropped across in stages [?]
  10. fredk

    My new strops.... One might be an original idea?

    Use of the pipe for a strop is a good idea Not to blow cold air on your good idea, tube shaped whetstones for sharpening scythes and gardeners' curved blade knives have been around for centuries. But they are coarse sharpening stones not strops Edited; to add a thought. If a piece of pipe was to be sectioned and leather stuck to the inside curve, could it be used for a strop on blades like round knives?
  11. fredk

    Money clip bottle opener

    You need to give folk more time. Theres a lot of members who do not visit the forum everyday.
  12. fredk

    My machines

    Its because it is a phone. It auto-rotates the image as you turn the phone to look at the picture then when you post the image the image is aligned according to the rotation of the phone
  13. fredk

    Making a maul - question?

    Any motorcycle or car accessory/parts places near you? you'll find a suitable nut there Those nuts have numerous names. One common name here for them is 'acorn nut' T'is a very nice looking handle
  14. fredk

    Sewing suede to veg tan

    On the matter of a cork block ~ go to a hardware store and look for a sanding block. Cork blocks sized about 4 inch x 2 inch x 1 inch are sold for use by wrapping sandpaper around. They cost just a couple of $$ at most. You can easily cut this block into smaller blocks as needed to suit a project.