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  1. What defines 'redneck' and what defines 'English Gent' ? I'm pretty bad at dropping people or cultures in to definitions that are sort-of not very definitive I'm not being silly, just stoopid I mean 'viking', 'eskimo', 'native American' I can get but some others ?? Its the same with music - what goes into what style? I dunno with most
  2. or you could look for 'Simplicity' or 'McCalls' sewing pattern packs
  3. I have several pipes, but not a meerschaum, and I keep my baccy in an air-tight glass jar
  4. I really hate wearing ball caps but that one is sooooo good. It just looks the right one for a-goin huntin in
  5. tbh, the best thing for this is to assemble it and use it for a smaller reel and start again with larger pieces or a bodge; (just an idea) this may or may not work; cut a strip of thin leather, about 20mm wide and as long as the gusset plus about 12mm. Sew this thin piece to the gusset, about 6mm onto the gusset, then sew the thin piece to the front panel, about 6mm onto the panel. This should give you an extra 8mm along the join. Sew the thin leather on to the outside of gusset and front panel, thus making it a feature rather than a bodge
  6. I have 20 unused Fiebings dye daubers surplus to needs Free, inc p&p (aka s&h) to anyone in the UK These are the ones you used to get free with every 4oz bottle of Fiebings dye PM me if you want them
  7. In Europe Ikea sells something similar. 2 for £1.50
  8. Please be aware there are three types of good PVA glue 1. Indoor use / normal grade. With this as soon as an item gets even slightly damp the glue reverts back to being liquid 2. Weather proof. With this the item needs a good wetting before it reverts back to be liquid 3. Outdoor or Marine use. This will not normally revert back to being liquid at any time due to application or immersion in water afair, all three of these PVA adhesives will release upon application of direct heat on the item, eg by use of a clothes iron on it, or sometimes by placing it in front of a heat source such as a hot gun or space heater
  9. ummm, beeswax is honey. Bees consume honey and extrude it as tiny wax platelets which other bees press together to make larger sections of wax. For every 1 pound of wax bees have to consume between approximately 5 and 7 pounds of honey. I used to have a recipe for boiling and reducing down fish heads and bones to make a (very smelly) glue. Used to make it and use it in wood working
  10. Thoughts; 1. use smaller rivets and more of them, even if not needed, to make one continuous line of them 2. shape top and bottom edges of the picture piece to follow the shape of the gorget 3. sew the picture piece onto the gorget 4. rub some dark shoe polish over the picture piece and buff that off lightly - should make the picture stand out more
  11. Nice. That blue around the letters comes across as very vibrant
  12. fredk

    Using sinew

    Thank you chaps. Most informative. I've added a spool of artificial sinew to my latest order from Le Prevo. Just to have some on-hand I used real sinew to make a string for a medieval crossbow. The bow owner supplied the sinew
  13. Whilst searching for that youtube video, which I eventually found, I came across another, well lots, dozens, but one where the person uses cellulose, aka lacquer, thinners to dissolve the poly. I wish I'd seen that one first as I have a gallon of cellulose thinners here and may not have needed to order the xylene
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