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  1. LatigoAmigo

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    I can see that this really bothers you, and you are right, it makes no sense whatsoever. The headache for me is trying to buy decent glues, dyes and finishes. Most of what is available in California is "eco-friendly" but not as good as what is available across the country.
  2. LatigoAmigo

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    If that was the case, we would have the warning on everything we purchase, and that is simply not the case. I buy tools all the time and have never seen the warning on any of them. You might want to know that CA is a fairly large piece of real estate, and not every locale is in lock-step with Sacramento... think State of Jefferson.
  3. LatigoAmigo

    Problem with 3D print

    That looks really good. Nice work.
  4. LatigoAmigo

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Another case of lawyers looking for work, and businesses simply trying to protect themselves.
  5. LatigoAmigo

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Obviously someone is just trying to be funny.
  6. LatigoAmigo

    Leather suppliers in Northwest

    My favorite leather supplier up north is Maverick Leather in Bend, Oregon. You might take a look at their website:
  7. Glue and edge paint will not hold up to the rigors of your wallet. You might have to use a punch rather than a chisel to get through this leather.
  8. LatigoAmigo


    Have you tried Pacific Trimming? They carry RIRI zippers, and appear to have what you are looking for here:
  9. LatigoAmigo

    I Can't Find Them, Have You?

    Found it here for $3:
  10. LatigoAmigo

    I Can't Find Them, Have You?

    Found these on ETSY, at AP Saddlery Custom Leather Work, located in Pine Grove, Louisiana. Perhaps the shop owner can give you a lead. Good luck.
  11. LatigoAmigo

    Making a sheath from a drawing

    Just a thought, and it may not make a lot of sense, but maybe you could build a prototype out of something not leather, like canvas or oil-board (from an art supply store), and send that to your client to have him verify the fit, suggest adjustments, etc.
  12. LatigoAmigo

    Mexican round braid question

    This happens when I stitch a gusset, but is not so apparent as when braiding. You might have to do a little math and reconstruct the gusset so the holes on the curves are closer together.
  13. LatigoAmigo

    Artificial aging

    Those are gorgeous. My best guess is that this look is created with paint and/or resist. The leather does not look to be affected/damaged, but looks like it was antiqued. Maybe not so different than sponge painting on a wall using leather dyes, but finished with a blow-torch.
  14. LatigoAmigo

    Hackamore Noseband

    Luck horse. Very nice.
  15. LatigoAmigo

    passport sleeve help

    You are using a chrome-tanned leather, which is naturally softer than veg-tanned leather. There is nothing I know of that you can apply to the leather to make it stiffer, so when I need to firm up chrome-tanned leather, I line it with a fabric interfacing or a thin leather. In your case that would be difficult, so you will want to visualize the finished product and know that by the time the hide is folded and sewn together, it will look and work great. Keep in mind that hides do not have uniform firmness; the shoulders and back are more firm than the belly.