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  1. LatigoAmigo

    Snap dots

    I used to have that problem until I purchased a bench style rivet and snap setter. Campbell-Randall has them for $125, plus the cost of the dies.
  2. LatigoAmigo

    Edge Paint Applicators

    I apply thin coats, and it has always dried within a half-hour. I usually put down two or three coats to get full coverage.
  3. LatigoAmigo

    Edge Paint Applicators

    @Arturomex I have converted to Tokonole edge paint. Very similar to what you are using, just a little thicker. The two different style roller pens worked OK, but got to be a little tedious as they don't hold much paint, and were a bit of a pain to clean, so I've gone to these swabs. They lay the paint down evenly and quickly, although I often find myself doing the final smoothing of the edge with my finger. I got them from Amazon for cleaning lenses, and they come in a smaller size.
  4. LatigoAmigo

    Unclean edges

    And to add to that... the belly section of the leather is by nature softer than the shoulders, so even a quality grade of leather can still give you soft edges.
  5. LatigoAmigo

    Print A4 pattern in US Letter

    Letter size paper (8.5 x 11 inches) is shorter and wider than A4 size paper (8.27 x 11.69 inches). What you can do is print it at 100% to a legal size sheet of paper (8.5 x 14 inches). I print to legal size paper all the time, and typically it involves adjusting the printer's paper tray.
  6. LatigoAmigo

    Burning thread

    Not sure if sturdier, but can be purchased separately. Right now at Amazon, the tips are 2 for $3.99.
  7. LatigoAmigo

    Stiffener, Reinforcement Tape, and Piping for bag making

    I build the handle around a piece of stretched-out bungee cord, so that when I release the tension, the cord fills the void inside the handle.
  8. LatigoAmigo


    I've imagined that the leather could stretch and cause the cap to come loose, so I've always punched a hole slightly smaller than the shaft on the snap's cap, then use a snap setter so that the cap is set with very even pressure. I'm not sure it did any good, but I sure felt better about it.
  9. LatigoAmigo

    What Type of Leather Is This?

    Very similar to some Horween latigo that I picked up from Maverick Leather some years ago. My leather appears to be a little lighter in color, but the grain on this looks very much like yours.
  10. LatigoAmigo


    I understand your issue, I've faced the same problem, but I'm curious... what do you mean that "snaps wear out the leather"?
  11. LatigoAmigo

    What Type of Leather Is This?

    Latigo leather (combination-tanned, both veg- and chrome-tanned) comes close to matching your description. Over the years, I've purchased latigo from different sources, and find that finishes range from very firm to very supple. Your hide makes me think of the latter. What throws me off is its size. Maybe you could show us a photo.
  12. LatigoAmigo

    Exporting a template need help

    You can access those settings from Illustrator when you "Save As" a PDF, then in the PDF dialogue box you can set the marks and bleeds. I never would have imagined that would have solved the problem. Thanks for sharing.
  13. LatigoAmigo

    Exporting a template need help

  14. LatigoAmigo

    Exporting a template need help

    I print from PDF's quite often, and have had similar problems with my color HP printer, where objects might print somewhat randomly on the page. I have never experienced this same issue with the HP monochrome printer so, in my case, the problem is the printer. I resolved the problem by exporting the file as a JPEG and opening it in Illustrator, then save it as a PDF, which, because it has now become a bit-mapped image, prints correctly. Sure hope you find this helpful. I have attached the bit-mapped PDF. Slim Pocket Wallet exported as JPEG.pdf
  15. LatigoAmigo

    Horse hide

    Have you considered contacting Maverick Leather? They carry a selection...