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  1. That is looking pretty good. There are people here who, I'm sure, will really like this idea of yours. I hope it's OK, I'm posting an image from your site for all to see. @swortsoul Just saw this and thought that you might find it interesting.
  2. Nice pouch. I had the good luck one time to view some of the original Reddy Kilowatt sketches, which was a delight for me as I was trained as an electrician, and worked for PG&E who used that logo in some of their branding.
  3. Is it worth the trouble? Personally, I'd trash it.
  4. Since older people tend to have more money than younger people, and older people are typically heavier than younger people, that would suggest that you should trend toward the larger sizes.
  5. Good work on the craftsmanship. But what is with the rivets on the back? They stand out quite a bit, and really gave me pause. I'm not sure if they add much to the overall design. If they were necessary, maybe they could have been smaller and black. Otherwise very nice.
  6. Here is a page from Ohio Travel Bag's 2016 catalog showing longer posts for Ligne 20 snaps toward the bottom. This is a standard item, so you will probably find any updated info on their website. Good luck. Pages from P-216Catalog.pdf
  7. The washing machine might be too severe. Why not clean it with something like Lexol Leather Cleaner? If that doesn't do it, maybe try Fiebing's Liquid Glycerine Saddle Soap.
  8. @swortsoul When I saw what RockyAussie did with his laser, I immediately thought of your initial question, and saw that he had your answer for making stamps with a laser cutter.
  9. Given that your leather is so soft, my only suggestion is that when using this devise make sure your blades are very sharp.
  10. Several very successful leatherworkers in my area attended the April in Paris leatherworking school in San Francisco that specializes in European style handbags, wallets, etc. typically with a feminine slant. I see that classes are now being offered online. https://www.amblardleatheratelier.com/
  11. I think it would make a beautiful tote bag. I use similar leather, and line it with bonded leather from Rocky Mountain Leather Supply. It is only one ounce thick. I dip dye it for color and glue it to the bag's outside pieces. Without adding much to the overall weight, It stiffens the bag and really showcases supple leather.
  12. If it's a "natural sheen," you might try dulling it down by applying a heavy coat of saddle soap with a micro-fiber cloth. I prefer the glycerin (liquid) saddle soap for this.
  13. And what's that? Inquiring minds want to know...
  14. @Hedge I purchased this clasp, and with the help of a little Gorilla Glue, managed to put a bracelet together. What I found was this particular clasp is difficult to open and close with one hand, so that took it out of contention for me.
  15. What do the metal clasps look like? Can you share a picture?
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