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  1. LatigoAmigo

    Engraving/burning onto leather smudging

    Then I misunderstood you, sorry about that. The document I posted was something I found years ago. It may have come from this site:
  2. LatigoAmigo

    Engraving/burning onto leather smudging

    That is not a link, but rather an embedded PDF. It should either open or download when you "click" on it.
  3. LatigoAmigo

    Engraving/burning onto leather smudging

    You might try applying the neatsfoot oil and dressing to the leather before you engrave with the laser. I often use this braiding soap recipe to coat the leather, and find that it helps keep the residue from penetrating the leather. Easy Braiding Soap Recipe.pdf
  4. LatigoAmigo

    Laser cut snake print leather?

    As they say up in Maine, "Hard sayin' not noin." I kinda doubt if it's really leather, as it looks like a manufactured material. Maybe you could order some and see. Or provide the link and we can all take a closer look, as it is hard to tell by just looking at the photo.
  5. LatigoAmigo

    Laser cut snake print leather?

    That material is cut and layered, like rows of roofing shingles, so there is more to the process than simply cutting the leather with a laser, which results in a flat piece of material.
  6. LatigoAmigo

    Vegetable Leathers - Tannery LEJA

    Thanks for the kind note. No problem, I saw it as a very smiley face. What happened was I converted a spreadsheet to a JPG, and when posted it appeared very large, so I replaced it with a somewhat smaller image to make sure it was not too obnoxious.
  7. LatigoAmigo

    Vegetable Leathers - Tannery LEJA

    Here is a conversion chart for all to see...
  8. LatigoAmigo

    Band knife or fixed blade splitter?

    That's pretty wide for splitting with a fixed blade. I have an Osborne 6" splitter and find it a challenge to split anything over 5" wide. There is waste on the leading and trailing edges, plus some stretching due to the amount of pressure necessary to get the leather through the splitter. I have see that some suppliers will split your leather down to the thickness you want.
  9. LatigoAmigo

    Osborne leather strap cutter troubles!

    I'll bet if you post a photo of your strap cutter, people here familiar with these kinds of tools might find a way to help you.
  10. LatigoAmigo ... and shipping

    I could not agree more... but my solution is to buy in volume (usually X 10, but sometimes more), then I don't feel so bad about the shipping costs. Of course, I have a shop filled with buckles, snaps, rivets, rings and fasteners that I will probably never use, but I figure if I used it once, I might want to try it again. That rationale eases the pain.
  11. LatigoAmigo ... and shipping

    A single postage stamp costs nearly as much as your buckle, so how would it be possible to ship for less than that? Throw in the packaging, labeling, insurance, overheads, etc., and you will know that we should all thank our lucky stars that Buckle Guy is in business to provide us with all of the wonderful products that they carry.
  12. LatigoAmigo

    My first leather project

    Those are FANTASTIC! Please tell me that you trained under a leather working master. I can't wait to see what else you have to offer.
  13. LatigoAmigo

    Who in the US uses kangaroo

    You might ask your friends at Maverick's about their goat... thin and firm.
  14. LatigoAmigo


    Not sure if this will be the right fit, but you might consider buying "The Art of Making Leather Cases, Vol. 1," a classic leather crafters' book, by Al Stohlman. It is available from Amazon for around $20.
  15. LatigoAmigo

    Correcting Belt Hole Spacing

    All of my belts vary, so it seems there is no standard. By the looks of what you've done, I'd say these look just fine.