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  1. The one thing I see is that it's Beautiful!
  2. Samalan

    Fly swatter

    I think with the whole leather around the handle thing it's becoming more like well you know .
  3. It's clearly a "cherry pitter"
  4. See now I did not know that, Wow the thing's ya don't know.
  5. In Florida that would be an orange juicer!
  6. A case of not knowing what you think you know.
  7. I have a daycare with my wife, and this is the reason I have started what I call tool time with the kid's, the parents love it . funny thing all my daycare kid's know what that is , well that is to say the 3 and 4 year old's do!
  8. Glad to hear you did not put the linseed on yet. By the way it looks like a great first holster.
  9. One cautionary note if you do use the linseed on a rag to put it on or rub it in DON'T leave the rag in the house due to that spontaneous combustion thing don't want to get into it but one time I almost lost a building due to it .
  10. Neatsfoot oil with a bit of saddle tan mixed in or not let it dry for a few days don't be in a rush. Then some very thin coats of resolene cut 50/50 with water very thin coats then if you like some gum tragacanth inside for some smooth in and out gun action be sure to do this last don't get the gum trag on the outside of the holster all that said that's just what I would do, I don't think I would put linseed on it.
  11. very nice work!
  12. Lobo that's not a "quibble" what you wrote is Fact and thank you for that.
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