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  1. I have a glass slicker from1891 looks a lot like that one
  2. Nice job on that Chuck per usual you do make so great stuff.
  3. Toxo it's called Easing What Rocky Aussie said is right on. The gusset needs to be shorter to start with but what I call tick marks are a good way to control the stretching once you figure it out it's fun to do. On some patterns, it says right on them Easing is necessary here. I use to make stool heads with Naugahyde that needed to be Eased around a round stool head I would quadrant it's like a compressing of the material to meet each point. anyway good luck with it.
  4. the two holes in the center don't look too good I do just what you said but I don't make a knot just cross the two threads like your going to tie a knot then what I do is use a vainer tool and start right at the hole cut a small groove on opposite sides pull the thread tight and lay it in the grove with contact cement and I've never had a problem but I will say that second hole in the center looks awful.
  5. Samalan

    Latest holster

    that's a nice-looking holster with lots of stitching looks cool.
  6. Thanks, Darren I never use an arm guard when I shoot I'll tell ya that's some really nice-looking work you did love that stitching and those handmade deer antler hooks what a cool job.
  7. Very cool looking work would the bow string get caught on the hooks you have there?
  8. I agree with that intention when we put something out there as a design and someone copies it that should be a complement to the designer or fabricator unless you are trying to make it your idea. this is not your intention, sorry for my post it was really not necessary.
  9. Nice job on the roses guys you guys sure are talented.
  10. Before anything else, I consider myself an inventor. I once worked in a bottling factory one day I came up with an idea of how to make part of the line process better. I was explaining my idea to a guy I worked with, and noticed the guy that worked in the back room was just in earshot of us and seemed not to have a reason for being there, he was just listing to everything I said. The next day I came into work and there he was with all the bosses explaining his invention to them, I just looked at him smiled, and said that's a very cool idea! he looked at me like a deer in the headlights and said thanks. So in my mind, if you see something unique, copy it and then say it was your idea, well good luck to you. Folks who do that kind of thing know who they are. LOL
  11. Looks very nice to me, you pay attention to detail that's for sure anything worth doing is worth doing right.
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