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  1. Samalan


    Nice job on that I'm sure he will like that one.
  2. that's very cool nice job .
  3. You know I have had the same problem with pictures of woodwork I have done.
  4. Wow nice job what's not to love about those, very nice work my friend love the buckle to is that your carve design looks very cool.
  5. That's a very nice job on the two of them would like to see the back of the sheath if it's not a problem .
  6. Samalan

    New pistol

    the ride looks good but I would clear that leather from the grip area you don't want to be grabbing leather. Also end the stitching at the trigger guard about 1/4" lower back stitch it just a bit , the stitching at the round of the trigger guard I would get it closer and at the muzzle end I would get the stitching closer to the frame. that's all if this is a holster to carry . If it's just something to put the gun in then that's not a problem. All that said you did a clean job . And this is all just my opinion not meant in any way to criticize.
  7. Boston will be 60 today and drop to 12 overnight!
  8. Hello from Boston and welcome .
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