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  1. Samalan

    First Holster - First Anything

    Hi nice job one thing i would like to point out looks like you need to get some stitching closer to the gun . and it looks like your all set for it but over all first holster very good job !
  2. Samalan

    rifle sling question.

    you could also give it a good soak then press the tooling out to some degree then after it drys for a few days sand it a little the add some thin leather or snake .
  3. Samalan

    bullet loop weight

    I use 3 to 4 oz works good for me , i like to add one four once thickness to overall case thickness for the distance apart with 277 thread top and bottom . for the diagonal i cut a grove so the stitching is flush only takes a second and works great sorry got long on that one .
  4. Samalan


    Thank you Gentleman for the information it is much appreciated .
  5. Samalan


  6. What kind of paint is on a Fireman's helmet . saw a video of a company spray painting them not sure if this question has already been answered .
  7. Samalan

    This MUST be a Joke!! ...Nope!

    Well said and thank you for your service .
  8. Samalan

    How sharp ?

    I have no idea how to post pictures or take them, but my son dose next time he comes by i'll have him take some pics and post them for me. The docs grandfather did small stuff like purses, also he made some very tiny basket weave stamps like you would use for a watch band. The boxes all this stuff came in are as interesting as the tools them selves, old chest with the wood slats and some paper labels that say Boston. But this box is small around 18"x 18" 20" the other box is a sheet metal box with a ton of rivets to hold the metal on. Everyone who sees them want's to know where i got the cool boxes. Lots of stitching wheels and edge creasing tools, single line double triple. Also homemade letter stencils when i asked how much he wanted for everything he said just take them, i held up one tool and told him this one tool is probably $ 100 bucks, he said i know just take them you know my answer. ! My son and i have a gunsmith shop and i think people want to help out. Another guy came in one day i was doing a holster, i used a piece of wood to draw a line the guy says don't you have a ruler, i said ya I'm just to lazy to get up and get it . then he say's i'll bring you one tomorrow. Next day he pops his head in says can you get the door for me ,he walked in with a machinist tool box, filled with tools he said i would find some rulers in the box . When i asked him why, he said he was moving and didn't want to drag it along, and wanted to give the tools to someone who would put them yo good use. My son and i give generously also, so i guess the old saying is true what go's around comes around.
  9. Samalan

    How sharp ?

    I also have a gomph pattern knife no question the best knife i have once its sharp it cuts patterns so good . my sons doctor gave me the gomph knife along with about a hundred other tools all in perfect condition he told me his great grandfather was a saddle maker in boston letters i found in the box showed correspondence from him in NH to California with receipts dated 1898 & 1899 some of the tools i have no idea how to use with this stuff came a tobacco tin filled with hand made stamping tools very well made sorry i went on and on.
  10. Samalan

    How sharp ?

    CS Osborn when i flik it with my finger it rings like a bell and holds a good edge but it is an old one
  11. Samalan

    How sharp ?

    It's all in the angles. and you knowing that is most of the battle. learn those angles by eye and feel you don't want to be clamping in some jig every time sharpening should be fast and easy .
  12. Samalan

    How to get this color?

    looks like paint to me angelis shoe paints with a antique applied say like a dark brown . IMHO
  13. Samalan

    How sharp ?

    the key to sharpening is keep your angels consistent and correct once you have that if the steel is good you should get 8 to 10 stops be four you need to go back to the stone for a head knife the stone should take no more than two minutes and the same for stropping don't lift the handle of the knife or you will kill the edge . all this in my humble opinion .
  14. Samalan

    Hackamore Noseband

    your work is always impressive nice job!