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  1. Nice work what kind of leather did you skive the gussets nice work
  2. that looks really nice ! would like to see some pics of the rest of the rig like hook up points that sort of thing looks like the black nylon strap go's around the back to the plastic buckle and a leather strap go's down to the belt to keep it from moving when you pull the gun out it looks really great thanks for showing
  3. Nice job nice dog to
  4. Gerry Spence might get the one on the right just to make people think .
  5. don't forget must stay tangent to the radius or you get behind or forward
  6. Shelly WOW what a beautiful saddle how long have you been making them I would love to know how to do that! but we don't have horses where I come from wow what a beautiful job congrats on that fine work !
  7. Time is money but besides all that what a nice looking belt I really like the contrasting leather nice belt Dwight.
  8. wow guess that was a bit over the top LOL thanks! that's funny
  9. I have used Texas custom dies and besides being right on accurate, the best price, fast shipping , and really great people to deal with, the dies are sharp strong and accurate , you cant go wrong with Texas Custom dies.
  10. John Bianchi gun leather comes to mind he sews them not sure how many he's made but I'll bet it's in the thousands ? I sew them to haven't had any bullets fall out of mine yet all that hole punching and weaving seams a bit bulky but people do have different opinions.
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