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  1. Nice job ! you got me back thinking seeing that nice work, I've got to make 3 rolls like that. thanks for showing.
  2. Magnets work yes but I think you will find just how much junk will stick to it I have done a lot with magnets and now every time i think of using a magnet I think again and find a different way that's my experience with them . also IMHO
  3. small amounts of oil warmed mixed with a small amount of warm water you don't want to flood it give it time . on the holsters i use 6-7 oz veg with 3-4 oz veg for liner the 3-4 makes great bullet loops also this combo makes a very nice holster very strong! That's a colt Anaconda with the leather combo 6-7and3-4 veg with roon finish the roon made it a lot more work but the color was worth it for sure.
  4. Tooling leather and holster leather are one in the same on the belt depending what it's for 7 to 8oz would be good for every day wear want a gun belt or holster add a 3 to 4oz liner and wet mold to soften a bit depending on what's already on it you can use some Neetsfoot not to much work it in by hand bending the belt a touch don't kill it one thing get the oil warm then just a touch of warm water on the leather first then the oil work it in wipe it off let it dry. all this is IMHO hope it helps.
  5. Thanks Aven I've always wanted to see Texas someday. Would love to see some of that arrow fletching something about home made arrows that's very cool . Once I went to the MFA Boston they had a very large display of Japanese Samurai sword's bow's arrows the arrows were amazing.
  6. One time i was at my brothers apartment there was a guy from a woodworking company trying to figure how to find the miter for a molding under the stairs after an hour and a half or so I had to get going as I was leaving I said to the woodworker would you like me to show you how to do that he said yah it took about 15 sec he said you sat and watched me for an all that time and said nothing ! I told him it's always best to figure these things out your self then you no what works and why.
  7. Sorry Pzarkov that seat is beautiful excellent work!
  8. Thanks Forester one thing i like to do is lay the bullet loops on a separate billet then for the diagonal stitching i use a v tool to make a stitching groove from point to point the billet protects the belt itself and the stitching groove keeps the edge of the brass from ever touching the thread then you can stitch the billet on or use Conchos or decorative screws.
  9. This is the one I did Forester buy the way the buckle was a $100.00 extra
  10. Forester that's a ton of work and a beautiful execution .I made one very similar belt with 30 loops and holster for an Colt Anaconda 44 Mag I got $750.00 for it each person has there own way of pricing just thought I'd throw that out there.
  11. Finally talked my wife into going to Tandy, we signed up for a leather carving class, on the way home Tandy called asked if we were husband and wife when I said yes he said I'm sorry we don't allow that. wow hell of a business model !
  12. Samalan

    Awl makers

    A good set lol my dentist asked me if i would like to order a pair like she has she says they are $ 2,500 but very nice set of magnifiers! wow the ones i use are 30 bucks
  13. You can use a try square then set the edge of the punch against the squres edge, with somthing like that small tab you can use a combo square then set the distance in from the end. Be sure the work is on a very flat solid surface .
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