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  1. Samalan

    New here

    Welcome from " Boston the hub of the universe where it all started". Your just 3,090 miles or just a 51 hour drive anyway Welcome ! have fun with it.
  2. Very cool excellent work !
  3. That's a first class job Dwight as with all the work I see you do. I'm sure they are going to love that. Thanks for showing.
  4. Bathroom tub and tile mildew cleaner in small amounts then oil it this has worked for me.
  5. sorry did not see this had some problems last week and was away yes it does but not to many places to go thanks for asking.
  6. that spider thing sounds a bitt strange .
  7. looks like a nice rig ! but that front piece across the chest sure looks like a nipple pincher to me.
  8. I once heard a minister say something very close to that . LOL
  9. You need wood block head shape 1. 5" thick taper to match hat height . for the upper hat I would use 3oz vegtan with bag stiffener and satin liner . for the brim same 3oz vegtan with bag stiffener in between 3oz top and bottom glued and stitched around outer brim with a nice burnished edge. finish Black pro dye with top coat of resolean top seam flat French hand stitch no overlap 6" brim skive glue and stitch to top ,hat liner inner band stitched at the same time hat height around 14" hat dia head plus11" Price around $550.00 each
  10. Spyros thanks for helping out you said everything I should have said LOL good advice my friend .
  11. never use junk use the best and do your best work , and if it's not good do it again. but don't use junk or all you will get is junk.
  12. Samalan


    Ferg that's very nice work. I'll never see your age, life was a pretty rough ride for me heck I never got the 500 mile break in, not complaining just sayin. but that's some very nice work my friend.
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