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  1. Samalan

    Guitar Sling

    Don't know a thing about guitar slings but it looks nice to me .
  2. You know Doc I can take the rude part, or the not selling, or splitting certain types of leather. But backing Pedo Joe that's really not good !
  3. Samalan

    New holster.

    Nice job do you have a toe plug in that and if so could we see it thanks.
  4. Like always a really nice job thanks for showing Chuck.
  5. Nice job on that my friend nice color to.
  6. Go on line look up Neet products deluxe leather shooting gloves from there you can see the design it really very simple hope this helps
  7. Sorry did I read this wrong I think it says ten to twelve once OZ veg tan leather you cant sew that in a 563 juki
  8. 10/12 OZ is light weight in what world
  9. It would still be nice to know what your making with the so called "general cowhide" for the larger items, and it would be nice to know just what Exotic things your making with Exotic leather, anyway have fun LOL just to let you know some folks on this site could think the term "Exotic Leather Products" means BDSM gear it's kind of like "forget about it" has a lot of different meanings.
  10. Samalan


    Last week a guy posted a pic of two holsters he got around a half dozen good comments those are beautiful nice work all that and rightfully so but I saw something that could have made them look a lot nicer so I let him know he got back to me and said he agreed with me I did let him know it was just my opinion for me I want people to critique my work I don't think you would find one person here that would bust someone's balls no matter how bad the work in people on this site are not like that. as for people not looking at your work or not posting about it you never know why I think Monday was a holiday but to go to people just don't like my work for whatever reason is not good reasoning on your part I hope this post helps by the way I do like your work but the reason for doing it is even better. I did see one thing though on the flap just kidding have a nice day.
  11. crease leather like hand stitching all that depends on many different things, like what kind of leather your using, the use of what your making, the look your trying to get, back stitching is it necessary the first answer is yes can it be done without back stitching yes but it's not done unless it's a special look or reason for it. It would be best to know what it is your making "Custom Exotic work " is not saying much people on the site would want to know things like how thick the leather your working with is and , what your making , the more info they have the more you will get back hope this helps.
  12. Looks very nice could you tell us about the finishes you used on the inside and out what dye it's always good to hear that information thanks for showing.
  13. The 44 bulldog was also the gun son of Sam used LOL that's no shit
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