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  1. Squilchuck

    Dye before burnishing?

    Round edge then dye before burnishing for best results. I might dye after burnishing w water if edge is ragged.
  2. Squilchuck

    Best Books & DVDs on Saddle Making?

    The Stohlman books used to come in three volumes, but I think it's printed in a single big volume. The JW video is great, but only shows how to make a Wade saddle. So, if you have to cover different swells or horns then the other sources cover that.
  3. Squilchuck

    Best Books & DVDs on Saddle Making?

    I'm a novice having made four saddles. Stohlman books have lots of great info and clear instructions. Some of their methods have been generally modernized by others, like using metal seat strainer vs leather ground seat. I've found Harry Adam's book to be quite helpful and shows different, maybe better, ways of doing things like making patterns. I'm more and more veering to techniques in Jeremiah Watt video. The Stohlman books' advantage is they address lots of basic issues and designs. Look for them on sale at Tandy for less than $100. There are lots of discussion threads about this topic. Others swear by different sources. I've also used a couple techniques and info from Pete Gorrell's series from Leathercrafters journal. --John
  4. You take several measurements of the horse's shape along back using a series of templates w various arc shapes. Give the numbers to tree maker and they replicate shape. Look up Dennis Lane saddle tree system in Australia, or similar words. There is a video out there too. -John
  5. The Weaver website has a good video w Chuck Dorset explaining the difference between the two Feibings dyes and their use. He recommends the Pro dyes, which I've found best. --John
  6. I think I saw an attachment like that on saddles sold/made by Len Brown. He sells a line of saddle pads and now saddles and tack. Look him up on line adding Protector pad to search. Might also be called Len Brown Innovations. He responds well to inquiries. He has a goofy website but you'll find the saddle section. I use his saddle pad on my horse - it does work. --John
  7. Squilchuck

    Leather suppliers in Northwest

    Hide house in Napa has a huge selection of quality leather, fast shipping to WA, and great service. If you qualify for a wholesale account, you can save big on retail costs. -John
  8. Squilchuck

    Wood mallets free for youth group

    I've given these away. --John
  9. Squilchuck

    help with barry king tools

    I think Barry has couple tool lists on his website. The assortment depends on what you want to tool, e.g., geometric or basket designs vs. floral rolling. There are a lot of posts about swivel knife decisions. --John
  10. Squilchuck

    dry time

    I've used tan kote on a couple saddles. I usually wait a few days for the oil to distribute well, but I guess 24 hours in a well heated room? I only use one coat of tan kote. Mostly, I use resolene on strap goods and other leather projects. Resolene diluted 50/50 goes on easy, dries fast and even, and gives a longer lasting resistant coat than tan cote from all accounts. I used it on saddles because it gives a nice finish that eventually wears off so the saddle could be oiled. Hard to re-oil w resolene. --John
  11. For my first saddle I made his saddle1. I kept it simple by following the book exactly. What rigging do you want? I think does several kinds in the books. He does go on about his ways are best, when there are many ways to do tasks. I've made four saddles and I sort of mix methods from Stohlman, Harry Adams book, and Jeremiah Watt video. -John
  12. Squilchuck

    How to make ruler more grippy

    I got a roll of thin cork backing w adhesive at Hobby Lobby to put on all my metal rulers. Works great. --John
  13. Squilchuck

    How to make chaps

    Bob Klenda sells a nice pattern and he is very good about answering emails with your questions. Look at his website. -John
  14. Squilchuck

    Cavalary Saddle

    Nice! Did you make this for someone to use, or is it a show piece? I had a work colleague, who was a novice horse rider, rave about the McLellan saddle he rode on a pack trip. I wondered if he correctly identified the saddle because I've never seen them in use for any regular horse sport. I've never used one, but wonder how comfortable they are. --John
  15. Squilchuck

    Why the special hammers?

    I used to use hammers, but find round rubber-faced mallets easiest to use. You can get different weights for different tasks. --John