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  1. Squilchuck

    Leather suppliers in Northwest

    Hide house in Napa has a huge selection of quality leather, fast shipping to WA, and great service. If you qualify for a wholesale account, you can save big on retail costs. -John
  2. Squilchuck

    Wood mallets free for youth group

    I've given these away. --John
  3. Squilchuck

    help with barry king tools

    I think Barry has couple tool lists on his website. The assortment depends on what you want to tool, e.g., geometric or basket designs vs. floral rolling. There are a lot of posts about swivel knife decisions. --John
  4. Squilchuck

    dry time

    I've used tan kote on a couple saddles. I usually wait a few days for the oil to distribute well, but I guess 24 hours in a well heated room? I only use one coat of tan kote. Mostly, I use resolene on strap goods and other leather projects. Resolene diluted 50/50 goes on easy, dries fast and even, and gives a longer lasting resistant coat than tan cote from all accounts. I used it on saddles because it gives a nice finish that eventually wears off so the saddle could be oiled. Hard to re-oil w resolene. --John
  5. For my first saddle I made his saddle1. I kept it simple by following the book exactly. What rigging do you want? I think does several kinds in the books. He does go on about his ways are best, when there are many ways to do tasks. I've made four saddles and I sort of mix methods from Stohlman, Harry Adams book, and Jeremiah Watt video. -John
  6. Squilchuck

    How to make ruler more grippy

    I got a roll of thin cork backing w adhesive at Hobby Lobby to put on all my metal rulers. Works great. --John
  7. Squilchuck

    How to make chaps

    Bob Klenda sells a nice pattern and he is very good about answering emails with your questions. Look at his website. -John
  8. Squilchuck

    Cavalary Saddle

    Nice! Did you make this for someone to use, or is it a show piece? I had a work colleague, who was a novice horse rider, rave about the McLellan saddle he rode on a pack trip. I wondered if he correctly identified the saddle because I've never seen them in use for any regular horse sport. I've never used one, but wonder how comfortable they are. --John
  9. Squilchuck

    Why the special hammers?

    I used to use hammers, but find round rubber-faced mallets easiest to use. You can get different weights for different tasks. --John
  10. Squilchuck

    Wood mallets free for youth group

    I have five lightly-used Tandy wood mallets I'll give to a youth group doing leather work. I'll even pay shipping. Please, only bona fide youth groups. Send me a personal message. --John
  11. Squilchuck

    Tandy Printable Tracing Sheets

    I use vellum paper in my inkjet to print tracing patterns. You can buy it in any office supply store like Staples. It does not last forever like a plastic film, but just print another. --John
  12. Hide House has just about any kind of leather you need and great service and prices. --John
  13. Pigskin is thin, tough, and flexible. Nice pattern look. Tandy often has it on sale. I think their "glazed" lining is not the best - they seem to have changed products since I last bought. Not sure if it is cheaper. I also use it to line phone cases. I have not dyed it, but it takes neatsfoot oil and Resolene. --John
  14. I've used thin veg tan and pigskin for backs. Both are 2/3 oz. Could use thicker veg tan, depending on how thick a belt you want. --John
  15. Tandy sells nice templates with a half dozen strap sizes in one - round and tapered. I use them too with a knife. --John