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  1. I made a low-tech one from cardboard. Saw it in Leathercrafters mag. Solid base, build up with pieces with bottle-size hole in middle. About 4"x6". Never a spill and a place to set your swabs. John
  2. On most larger strap items I'll machine sew one side of the loop, use clinched shoe nails to attach the other side of the keeper, then put a stitch or two between keeper and buckle. Will hand stitch that fine stitching through small items if I have to, but what a pain. -John
  3. Try Weaver leather.
  4. How were the trees from Timberline "custom"? I've bought four trees from Bowden made custom per Dennis Lane measurements, but Timberline doesn't make from DL measurements last time I bought one from them. My limited experience from both brands (5 saddles) is similar - the finish on the Timberline wade tree was much better than the seam finish on Boden trees, some of which I had to build out and smooth. However, the Bowden DL custom trees fit perfect. John
  5. TF also has a strong smell, but I assume it is less toxic without T. Same with Renia Top Fit which I use too. I wear a respirator and have a vent fan. I'll use both when I have to glue wet leather, like in saddle making, but otherwise I switched long ago to Renia water-based glues. They work great - no toxic smell, apply easily, and bond great. I've had no problems with gluing dry, then wet molding after a brief dunk in warm water eg for a holster. -John
  6. Hmm, not sure about forward leaning. The book has some good info on fender design. Their shape is unique. I've made a few saddles, so am no super expert, but found good guidance on making fender patterns in the Harry Adams book. A simpler sleeker design. Seems like different styles of saddles have different shaped fenders. Make one that fits the design and function of your saddle, and looks good to you. --John
  7. I think in volume 1 in the intro section he talks about different fender styles. I'll look later. -John
  8. Never made one that way, but I guess they'd be the same length as inside except maybe a bit longer to do the outside curve around the stirrup. I think Stohlman mentions that method in his saddle book. -John
  9. Yes, call Leather Machine. I had a similar problem with not stopping fully. At Pendleton they showed me a quick fix of the servo switch. May be the same thing.
  10. Thanks everyone for the great advice! Glad to hear from Bruce as I'd looked at his stock on line and was puzzled not to see any shaves when there are lots of other tools. I'm an infrequent saddle maker (on my fifth) and have gotten by pretty well with a skife razor blade potato-peeler tool used one or two-handed and a cabinet scraper (a la Stohlman's book). Never have figured out how to use the other T-shaped razor skiver that you pull as in the previous post - always gouges. I'm not real keen on sharpening blades. I'll think about getting an inexpensive one to try. Ed gave lots to go on. -John
  11. I'll look for it locally. You can get Aquilem products mail order from Sorrell Notions or Montana Leather, I think. Thanks --John
  12. Are the shaves used for wood working the same as for leather working? At Lee Valley I see lots of shaves with a flat blade, but somehow looking at pictures or videos of saddle makers using them I got the impression the blade was curved?
  13. Good post, thanks. I bought some and went to use it for a refleece job, but it had sat on the store shelf too long, I guess, and was thick as toothpaste from the original bottle. I didn't have time to thin w water, so just used regular rubber cement. Sort of ticked me off it was unusable after just purchasing, but I'll thin it out. -John
  14. I've looked on the market for spoke shaves to use in saddle making several times but only find dubious used ones on ebay or wood working shaves, which I guess are different with a straight blade? Do ones for leather have thin curved blades? Where might I buy a good one or do you recommend two sizes? -John
  15. Yes, still looking. Cary does not have any. How much? I can pay you via PayPal or a check jn the mail. -John
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