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  1. Hide House or Montana Leather are my go-to vendors. Strictly Herman Oak for veg tan.
  2. Thank you, Johanna! I'll start regular reading again.
  3. Just browsed the "unread list" as I do each morning with my coffee. Biggest conversation threads were gun control and abortion. Leatherwork? Guess I'll take a break from regular reading and check back when I have questions. I've enjoyed reading the forum over the years and learned a lot about leatherwork from members. Also, it seems like saddlery posts have dwindled to a bare trickle, if that, so losing interest on that account too. Cheers! John
  4. Good conversation about my initial question. Of course, those whom I ignore were not read. Yes, it was a leatherwork conversation - about a lack of leatherwork conversation. Anyway, I suggest we've exhausted the subject, close it, and move on to the really essential leather topics like guns and covid conspiracy theories.
  5. I've read a few messages recently about increasing ignored-member lists. I have about 10 on my list. Anyone else think this indicates a problem with the forum? If you are like me, my ignored members are all regular political commentators in this forum. I'd probably enjoy hearing about leather from my ignored members, but I don't have time to sort through messages. Why have an off topic forum in a web site devoted to leather? John
  6. I've done it two ways. Attach a short strap to the concho post in the back, and punch hole to attach to stirrup. Easy. Or, harder, sew a leather concho to main spur strap and attach concho to this. Before sewing, punch two holes in main strap (will be hidden by concho) for attachment. inside hole is 1/2" for inserting spur button, other is about 1/4" located to rear of strap where spur rests in use. Connect holes with bag punch. i usually just do this for outside strap. Concho has to be about 2" diameter to make it work. I got the idea from a pattern I bought. Don't recall the name. Brazos Bob or something? --John
  7. I buy chap leather and HO veg tan leather regularly. Great quality and service. I highly recommend. -John
  8. Dwight, this forum is made for butting in. Thanks for the advice. I've threatened to dip dye but swabbing is so much easier in my work space. I'll think again. I'll try oiling again. Dying black always comes out good. Thanks. John Ps. Whats so bad about a Glock? Don't own one, just curious.
  9. You must dye before assembling and sewing and molding? I recently made a holster with those steps. Dye job w Feibings pro light brown looked nice, although dying gives me fits to get it even applying w a swab. I hate dying! After wet molding, however, color was darker and uneven. Your's looks great. How'd you do it? John
  10. Thanks everyone for the good advice! --John
  11. Anyone have a surefire way to flatten coasters? I've tried several ways of wetting and pressing, but none seem to work. I'm using 6/7 oz HO leather. You can see in the photo how they develop a slight wave after I thought they were dry and flat. Previous tries ended up slightly cupped. The problem is to press and dry them. I got a few fungus spots from a previous method. -John
  12. When you layer a different color between the yoke and leg, sticking out the bottom of the yoke a 1/4" or so, is your sandwiched layer under the whole yoke or just a strip at the bottom skived to fit smoothly under yoke? Also, in sewing a fringe on the outside, do you put the fringe on top or under the chink body? I've usually put it on top. What looks or wears better? Thanks. --John
  13. Just stitched with this narrow plate and feed dog on my Cobra 4. Works like a charm! --John
  14. I use one like fredk showed. Works great.
  15. Can anyone post a photo of how the hardware mike02130 suggested works? -John
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