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  1. This is the method that I have used in the past for splicing paracord it is called the "Manny" method. I have never used it with two different colors. I have only used it to splice the same color to lengthen strands while braiding paracord bullwhips. It is a pain when splicing long strands, but it is way better that trying to melt the two ends together...
  2. If your saddle has "Billy Cook Maker" stamped (with the word "Maker" being the key), it is a true Billy Cook saddle. Billy passed away in 2019, but his business is still up and running. If yours is a true Billy Cook, you might contact them to see if they have any info on your specific saddle (580) 622-5505. You can read more about the Billy Cook name here https://www.genuinebillycook.com/about-genuine-billy-cook-saddles/
  3. Good job on the holster... I am a huge M&P Shield fan - I own three of them...
  4. A true retention screw will have a rubber washer in the middle - it is not just pinching the two pieces of leather together. They can work well if used correctly - they are not used to just retain the pistol in a holster, but are used adjust the degree that it is held.. For the average leather holster, they are not necessary, but can be useful in rare circumstances.
  5. Sorry, but I do not have such a pattern. But for inspiration, I suggest that you check out this thread on the 1911 Forum https://www.1911forum.com/threads/thad-rybka-rhodesian-holster-and-clones-robb-hipp-and-others.892458/ Good luck in your quest...
  6. Here is another I just finished - a hybrid with a horse butt backer...
  7. Yes they do have some weird shapes and angles - especially the design of the sights and making a sight channel that works...
  8. I bought a Bond Arms derringer several months ago with the intention of shooting snakes with a .410 shotshell. It actually works great for that purpose. I carried it in my pocket during the summer and that worked, but I needed something better. I decided that I needed a OWB holster and the pic below shows the result. Its fit and function is spot on. This was my first time using a retention screw on a leather holster and the jury is still out on that…
  9. +1 for Panhandle Leather... I live less than two miles from them so the cost of shipping is really cheap for me...
  10. Nice work... How did you attach the US Army medallion? I did one years ago with a state seal medallion and it had a binding screw post that went all the way through. I am not seeing a bump between the two pieces of leather where a screw head would be - if that makes sense...
  11. K5HEP

    Horse hide

    https://www.zackwhite.com/7-9-ounce-Genuine-Horse-Hide-Butts Great for holsters and belts...
  12. Great job on the moccasins - I really like the design and the rustic look of the leather. I have made a couple of pairs for myself and wear them almost everyday. They are the most comfortable shoes that I own. I would have thought that 8oz would be a little heavy, but if it works it works. I may have to try some buffalo for my next pair... Do you use some type of insole? If so what do you use? I tried using a removal insole, but that did not work for me, so I glued mine in permanently...
  13. Translation - Learning to work industrial machines for leather. What type of needle should I use to sew with nylon 16 thread?
  14. https://www.leathercraftlibrary.com/product/1223/2694-mountain-man-caps-and-mitten-patterns-by-gene-noland
  15. Check out this thread - it appears to be what you are looking for...
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