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  1. If you heat it up it will thin out. Place a usuable amount in a small bottle with a screw on lid and emerse the bottle in hot water. Let it warm up and you will be good to go...
  2. Nice work - I really like the butterfly...
  3. I cannot answer your question, but why are you asking? If you can expand on your question, we may be able to help you better...
  4. @Gezzer You done good - I like it... It should serve you well. I have no problem with anyone borrowing an idea.- that's what we are here for... Mine works very well for me. I am totally ambidextrous and I shoot right handed and use my left hand to load while holding the pistol in my shooting hand. I know some right handed people that have to hold the pistol in their left hand to load with their right hand. so they switch hands twice during a reload. Take care - K5HEP
  5. You have a well thought out and perfectly executed idea. You and I are on the same page and I like the way you think. I have carried a revolver for over 25 years. I would carry my speed strip in my pocket and forget it half the time. This is my version of a speed strip carrier for my belt - as long as I do not forget to put on my pants, I am in good shape. Getting old is not fun...
  6. Whlie we each have our own concerns and feelings and I respect that. I do not understand your need to post a farewell to the group. You could have just left without mention and no one would have been the wiser.
  7. K5HEP

    The Fourth

  8. Maybe this will work for you... https://makesupply-leather.com/templates/make-a-leather-wrap-wallet-free-pdf-pattern/
  9. A well designed chest rig - but that appears to be a Taurus pistol in the holster (not a Glock)...
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