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  1. Great work... I own a dozen of thier revolvers - so I guess you can call me a fan...
  2. K5HEP

    CZ 83 holster

    Here is a mag for your pistol - mucho $$$
  3. K5HEP

    Latest seat

    I love it - I would be proud to have that on my scooter...
  4. Great work - well thought out along with excellent workmanship...
  5. I have two walking sitcks that I wrapped with paracord. I have thought about doing the same, but using some sort of leather lace - just a thought...
  6. If you heat it up it will thin out. Place a usuable amount in a small bottle with a screw on lid and emerse the bottle in hot water. Let it warm up and you will be good to go...
  7. Nice work - I really like the butterfly...
  8. I cannot answer your question, but why are you asking? If you can expand on your question, we may be able to help you better...
  9. @Gezzer You done good - I like it... It should serve you well. I have no problem with anyone borrowing an idea.- that's what we are here for... Mine works very well for me. I am totally ambidextrous and I shoot right handed and use my left hand to load while holding the pistol in my shooting hand. I know some right handed people that have to hold the pistol in their left hand to load with their right hand. so they switch hands twice during a reload. Take care - K5HEP
  10. You have a well thought out and perfectly executed idea. You and I are on the same page and I like the way you think. I have carried a revolver for over 25 years. I would carry my speed strip in my pocket and forget it half the time. This is my version of a speed strip carrier for my belt - as long as I do not forget to put on my pants, I am in good shape. Getting old is not fun...
  11. Whlie we each have our own concerns and feelings and I respect that. I do not understand your need to post a farewell to the group. You could have just left without mention and no one would have been the wiser.
  12. Maybe this will work for you... https://makesupply-leather.com/templates/make-a-leather-wrap-wallet-free-pdf-pattern/
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