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  1. K5HEP

    Tiger thread when burnt

    This is what I use... This thing cuts with heat and burns the ends at the same time... https://www.amazon.com/Berkley-BTHLC-Hot-Line-Cutter/dp/B004DIH2DS
  2. I work a lot in the Lubbock area - Slaton, Post, Wolfforth, etc. I spent all of last week down there - not a bad town, but it is a busy place...
  3. You can do that with these as well - just depends on how you want to make it work for you...
  4. I put this together to go with a matching holster for a Charter Arms Bulldog pistol...
  5. K5HEP

    Machinery drive belt

    Check out this video - This guy gives a very detailed description of what you are wanting to do and mentions where you can find the tools and hardware...
  6. I think they are referring to "Aslan" who is a lion character in The Chronicle of Narnia movie series...
  7. Does anyone have a Glock 30 gun mold that they would be willing to loan ? I would gladly put up a deposit for its return. Just not worth it for me to buy one for a single holster...
  8. After I read your first post, I have been looking for some old cowboy boots to make a holster. I have been visiting my local thrift stores and flea markets in my search and have not found a single pair. I will continue to look though - I really like your idea. Maybe I will find a suitable donor pair when the weather gets better and the yard sales start up..
  9. The key to using Sno Seal is warming up the leather to open up the pores. For small items I use the kitchen oven set at 150 deg F and for larger item such as boots, I will use the wife's hair dryer. I work it in really well with my hands and let the piece set out in the hot sun afterwards. As Josh stated, for a little shine a bar of glycerin saddle soap will do a good job...
  10. Sno Seal works great for any outdoor leather use. I use it on everything from holsters to boots. Do some google research and see what you think. I highly recommend it...
  11. K5HEP


  12. K5HEP


    I know very little about a Jeep, but I do own a Samurai. It will go places that most Jeeps only dream of...
  13. K5HEP

    Who makes/made this stamp?

    I believe that you are correct - there was on for sale on this forum a little over a year ago...