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  1. Needles sizes are so damn confusing. I looked at the eBay listing and they have size 24 needles but I'm not sure the 135x16 will work in my Cobra Class 4 machine. It seems like every manufacturer has their own nomenclature for sizing.
  2. Fenice makes water based dyes that work extremely well. They are based in Italy and I am sure there must be some European vendor that carry the products.
  3. Where do you purchase the titanium coated needles? I normally use "goof off" to clean my needles when I have glue sticking to them but the titanium coated needles might be of some benefit when I sew belts. Thanks in advance..
  4. Tasco/Ritells tanning solution works well. Taxidermy arts carries the kit. www.taxidermyarts.com.
  5. The only true way to "TAN" a snake skin is with one of the reptile tanning kits Tiara mentioned. The solution of 50/50 alcohol/glycerin is NOT a tanning solution, it is strictly a preservative. I have had people use that method on copperhead skins and then want me to make them something with the skin. It doesn't work out well. When you use a true tanning solution you will see a change in the skin, instead of being almost see through the back side of the skin will be almost white. Tanning is a multi step process that changes the structure of the skin.
  6. Why not try a thin sheet of aluminum between the layers. Just cut the aluminum 3/8" smaller to allow room for stitching.
  7. Springfield Leather has a decent selection of drum dyed veg tan.
  8. I second the Renia Aquilim 315. I have been using it for about 2 years now and have had no issues with it. Best thing is a little bit goes a long way. It took me a while to figure out the best way apply it to the leather. I found using a flexible nylon spatula works the best for me. Another plus is you can use it anywhere and don't have to worry about fumes like you do with solvent based products.
  9. Try soaking the stamps is a solution of CLR and water. CLR works very well for removing rust and it's not corrosive. Same goes for any parts you can remove from the machines. Depending on how much you paid you may well have gotten a really good deal even if you have to spend a few bucks to get the sewing machines up and running.
  10. I wasn't referring to the shoulder like I indicated in my message. I said "Craft Cuts" which is another one of the "Sale" items. They are normally priced at $22 + but "on sale" for $17 +. Even at $4.00 a sq. ft. I would still be hesitant to buy the leather Tandy sells. There are just too many other vendors available online that sell a much better quality of leather than what Tandy sells. I would much rater pay a few dollars more and get leather that I know is good quality.
  11. I realize your talking about buying a shoulder but I don't consider $17 a sq. ft. to be a "sale". That's the sale price for their "craft cuts" a 30% reduction from the regular price... What a joke. The last time I looked at veg-tan shoulder or sides at Tandy the stuff they had was absolute junk. It was bleached to cover flaws and the size of the sides were so small they looked like a single bend. 9 - 10 sq. ft. is awfully small for a "double shoulder". I just don't trust the quality of Tandy. What happened to supposedly improving their prices?
  12. Your issue may be the size of the file you are trying to send. Some carriers restrict the file sizes in emails and text messages. Why don't you just use your USB cable and transfer it directly from you desktop to phone?
  13. I don't use that small of thread size, I normally use 277 and sometimes 207 or 346. In any of those thread sizes a 1lb spool of high quality bonded nylon thread runs around $25 US/$33 CAD. If you are paying as much as $60 for a 1lb spool your getting ripped off.
  14. I am located real close to Euless and would be interested in purchasing some of the items. You indicate that your friend had a shop so I assume other items such as tools and leather might be available. Please let me know if anything else might be available.
  15. Some photos of the items that you are looking to sell would be very helpful. I might be interested in some of the leather that you mention as well as tools. Might also be interested in some of the turquoise. Thanks.
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