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  1. As a fan of Futurama and a leather crafter.. I have to say, that is just too freaking cool!!! That young lady is talented without a doubt. On a side note, it's great that you have that kind of relationship with the students. They obviously have respect for you. Having family and friends in LE I know it's not an easy job.
  2. I believe Springfield Leather has some online tutorials related to sharpening of all sorts of tools.
  3. A clicker die would be the most efficient way of doing it. Having one made might be expensive with all of the holes. I guess it all depends on the volume of production to offset the cost.
  4. Are you using blue painters tape on the back of whatever piece you are tooling? Also you should be using a burnishing glass to prep your piece. That will compress the fibers in the leather and reduce the mushrooming.
  5. A good source for information on the thread sizing can be found at The Thread Exchange. The URL is: https://www.thethreadexchange.com/miva/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=Information They show the common sizing info on their product.
  6. I don't think you will find kangaroo leather anywhere close to 10 oz. All of the kangaroo I have seen is much lighter, 3 oz or less. Stacking kangaroo wouldn't be very cost effective. If you want to use kangaroo why not use a veg tan base and cover it with kangaroo. I have made several dog collars with an exotic outside and always use a veg tan base. My labs wore their collars for many years with no issues. One was elephant and the other was shark. If you are needing leather that is water resistant bridle leather works well or as mentioned a latigo.
  7. The Toledo sewing machine company cross reference mentioned by KGG is the chart I used for reference when I started using a sewing machine. I also tend to go up one needle size if I am sewing some materials. The only issue is the larger hole.
  8. How about automakers that say their vehicles have "leather seats" when in actuality the seats are really bonded leather. one of those technicality things I guess.
  9. Trying to figure it out will only make you crazy. The issues with the USPS finances are primarily due to the requirement to set aside funds for all employees retirement obligations in advance. I know that's not a perfect explanation but no other organization public or private has that requirement except USPS. Corporate employers are free to screw retiree's at will. I know that from personal experience to the tune of a cool million dollars. Verizon shafted plenty of people that way. Can't complain too much though, some people just got flat stiffed by companies.
  10. Vinegaroon will dye the veg-tan leather black. There are links here on the forums for the specific recipe. Basically it is a vinegar base and you put metal such as scouring pads in it. They dissolve over time. It does a great job of darkening the leather.
  11. Why not use one of the commercial products available that remove pet urine odors? I don't know any by name but they are readily available even at Walmart.
  12. When I work with shark I first remove the loose fiber by hand and then use an oscillating orbital sander to thin the piece down and smooth it out. If you don't get rid of that loose stuff you may end up with issues like the hide separating from the base material. I found that paying a bit more for a higher quality hide is best.
  13. Having light weight leather curl like that isn't unusual. The easy fix is a light spray of plain water and place the item on a flat surface and cover it with something else flat with a little weight. I use counter top samples of granite or marble that are about 4" x 6" or even a 12 x 12 marble tile. The other users problem is buying leather from Tandy. As mentioned bellies are not the best part of the hide, the fiber density decreases and you get separation of the upper layer.
  14. A snap setting press would be a good investment. I have had no issues using LN20 or LN24 snaps when using the press. I bought the press and dies from Goldstar Tool a few years ago. I tried the setting by hand but always seemed to have problems. Being able to put on a snap with no issues made the purchase worthwhile.
  15. Shop Talk Magazine puts out an annual "MY Buyers Guide" that has an in depth list of suppliers for anything leather related. It is a go to reference for finding whatever you need.
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