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  1. I have used all sorts of exotics that are CITES controlled and the only "documentation" is either a tag on the back of the hide or the plastic tags on gator tails. I am not aware of any other requirement unless exporting the product. Of course there are some US states that don't allow the sale of exotics.
  2. Sorry but I don't have a machine. I do have another suggestion though, Tandy has a complete workshop that they let people use. The main location is on South 820 in Arlington. I don't know all of the specifics so you need to look on their website or call the store.
  3. McMaster-Carr carries all sorts of rivets etc. You can also try www.rivetsonline.com they carry obviously rivets
  4. It looks like an arapaima (sp?) or sometimes called a paracu. It is a south American fish in the Amazon.
  5. If I lived closer I would help you out. You really shouldn't have an issue doing it with a hand held strap cutter. I use one of the old wood ones and the most important thing is keeping a sharp blade in it. Mine uses the 2 inch long blades. The other thing to do is keep the hide stable while cutting. I use the kitchen table and use clamps to hold the hide in place. I recently cut a Hermann Oak belt bend in 12 oz weight and had no issues.
  6. Blue painters tape is the easiest way to do it. Keep in mind that there are variations of the blue tape, some are more adhesive than others. I have never had an issue when using it.
  7. I have received email from Tandy indicating they have equipment you can use at some of the locations. A splitter was mentioned along with sewing machines. Worth checking out.
  8. I have known the owner of the following company for many years, his name is Henry Slaughter and he is located in Florida. The company is https://www.ostrichmarket.com/ Henry has alligator of all sorts and is a supplier to companies in the fashion industry. Henry is a great guy and easy to deal with. Just my opinion...
  9. Does anyone know of a good source for a makers stamp that can be used for branding veg tan leather? I have a regular makers stamp but I am looking for one that I can use to "brand" the back side of belts I am making. I am lining my belts with pigskin and my regular stamp doesn't leave a good enough impression. I was considering some sort of heated one that would leave a nice impression. Anyone know of a source that won't break the bank? Spending several hundred dollars isn't an option.
  10. Have you tried using oxalic acid (leather bleach) to remove the ink? Also consider Goof Off, it is sold at Walmart, Home Depot etc.
  11. Ditto on the Campbell Randall as the source. Actually I believe they have a grey color made by the same company Fenice. It is by far the best water based dye I have used. They also sell a reducer that is made specifically for the Fenice line of products.
  12. I bought the LED light strips on Amazon. They have a backing that peels off and I attached them to the underside of my Cobra 4 machine. The strips came with a plug in low voltage transformer and you can string as many together as you want. They made a huge difference in being able to see what I am sewing. Best part was they were inexpensive.
  13. Looks like great leather unfortunately shipping to the United States would be prohibitive. Just out of curiosity what is the price for the elk or cowhide?
  14. I did something similar several years ago. A neighbor was having granite countertops installed and I got the sink cutout they had done. It was rectangular because of the type of sink they installed.
  15. As a fan of Futurama and a leather crafter.. I have to say, that is just too freaking cool!!! That young lady is talented without a doubt. On a side note, it's great that you have that kind of relationship with the students. They obviously have respect for you. Having family and friends in LE I know it's not an easy job.
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