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  1. I am looking to learn and get information on how to source leather to a specific military specification. In my current situation, I need to source leather that is speced to MIL-DTL-32092, specifically Type IV Class 1 0.062" thick. The specification is available online and to break it down, I need: - Cattle Hide, flesh splits for garments and equipage - Mildew Resistant Treated. - 4 oz +/- 1/2oz - Chrome Tanned - No Finish - Smooth, Free of loose flesh. Not to be made of Middle, Head, Belly, or Shoulder Splits. As you can see, Mil Spec does not mean fancy or high end. It just means this specific grade. What I am struggling to do is interpret these characteristics into a supplier's product. Does anyone have any suggestions? For some background - I am usually lurking on this site from the perspective of a canvas sewing shop. We have a dozen people sewing heavy canvas products for commercial and military use. I thought you guys might be able to help me on this leather sourcing that is outside of my normal product.
  2. We have great lighting in the room overall from the ceiling and windows all around. This is more for task specific, like right on the needle of a sewing machine. Something to light up the shadow that is cast by your own body and the machine itself.
  3. Does anyone have work lights that they love? We have a canvas sewing shop, so a lot of Juki LU 563 machines sewing heavy material. I started buying a lot of the small magnetic mount LED lights from Amazon (always Chinese brands). I find when they are used all day everyday they only last for a few months, very disappointing. I suspect that the great reviews they have are from people who turn them on for when they use a machine (sewing, drilling, etc.) for a few hours at a time. If I am going to keep buying LED workstation lights it would be nice if they lasted a couple years.
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