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  1. Thanks. I finished them. Nothing fancy. Just good tools.
  2. Might be ok. Feel good. Cut like a razor. Might be a little blood on them already.
  3. Thanks. I just jack around with it. Some say it’s weird. Some say it’s good. Some just don’t say. But I enjoy it.
  4. Any of you folks enjoy playing. I do.
  5. I decided to make a couple single bevel trimming knifes. They are ground from A2 blanks. Super sharp and hard. I’m still working on getting the handles finished. This pic is from before heat treating. I drilled holes for pins for the wood handles. Uploading video of them cutting now. I oil hardened them instead of air hardening. Super hard and holds edge like crazy. Finished pics soon
  6. Thescandall


    Very nice. Wow
  7. Nice chest rig Hags. Haven’t tried one of those yet. I do have an order for one tho so I need to do some research on the how too. Any resources you recommend
  8. Thanks Gezzer. That is only the second one I’ve made of that style. So there is lots of room for improvement. The thread is actually # 277 Silver top and bottom. I like the contrast too
  9. Buddy of mine wanted me to make one for this pistol he inherited from his dad. short little stubby thing but cool.
  10. Bob. You hit the nail on the head. But. Underneath the frame right between the collar with the arrow and the clutch , is a hole in the body of the machine. There is a screw in the hole that holds the race/collar in place. That screw was loose. Jammed everything west and tightened it up. Also. The stitch length adjustment wheel had shifted east a tad also. Loosened those 2 screws and tapped it over about 3/16 west and the pin now grabs and the stitch length is solid now. This place is great. Your direction was enough to guide me in the right direction. I now see there is a flat spot on the shaft and the collar with the arrow can’t rotate unless you loosen the screw way off. I’m sewing now. But I still love my 5100 more. Lol.
  11. Thanks. I watched Uwes timing video and see the one now. I was afraid to mess with that one because it marks top of the take up arm.
  12. Bob i dont see a pic. did you intend to add one.. thanks i will look for one with an arrow on it
  13. I may have turned the wheel while adjusting the stitch length so many times I unscrewed it all the way ?
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