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  1. I’ve got a huge learning curve when it comes to making corners. Also on just cutting the leather. But for my first run with the new machine I guess it will have to do. You can’t go back and fix stuff so it’s move forward. Buckles and bling next.
  2. Wiz you were correct when you said the cost was trivial. I just got a low pressure spring just in case
  3. Thanks for the info. I did contact Techsew and they sent me a pdf manual for my machine and servo motor. Really helpful folks. I’ll try the adjustments first. I got one of aussies new feed dogs and narrow cover and a left side presser. I also got 1 of the drop down guides and watched ewu’s video on how to drill and tap for the bracket. I’ll get her set up and stitchen the way I think it should soon.
  4. I know there is an adjustment somewhere. I bought this machine used and didn’t get a manual with it. I’m sure it’s a simple thing. There is the big screw on top, which way makes the feet have less pressure and for the walking foot in the middle, is there a tension adjustment. video would be nice. But!!!
  5. I’m asking because I don’t know the codes or how to set the nps
  6. I have a techsew SS800 motor on my 5100 machine. I can find no info about it on the web. Does anyone have a manual for it or someplace to download it from.
  7. Actually I think a pair of 2.5 Walmart cheater glasses would do a heck of a lot of good. I won’t be able to see far but up close would be grand. Ive never used a machine before until now.
  8. The fit is fantastic this morning. Other than a little crooked stitchin I’m somewhat impressed with my first go around using a machine. It’s super thick and should last as long as the 277 thread holds up. I used 9-10 oz with a 4-5 oz liner. Now I get to try ,this machine with Bullit loops. That’s my horses name. Lol. Bullit.
  9. Actually this thing came with the led little light and a big one that has an arm to position it with. It’s the shiny presser feet and stuff being the same as the needle. I may be suffering from glare. Lol. Flat black is a nice color.
  10. I think my biggest problem is eyesight. I’m gunna spray all that shiny stuff black and just leave the needle silver. Or maybe get new glasses.
  11. Thanks. It was much easier. I’ll straighten it up soon. Kinda crooked for a start.
  12. I’ve never sewed a thing in 63 years with a machine. Hands ( mostly thumbs) are getting a bit of arthritis from hand stitchin. So I bought me this machine and put it in my shop Wednesday and started messing around with it. Now I have watched every video of a 441 class machine on the net for over 1.5 years procrastinating about unassin the funds for one. The deal came around for a used one and I pulled the plug. I really have a lot to learn like, going around corners, sewing close to the edge, focusing on the needle position when turning, that kinda stuff. A lot of my problem is I’m blind. I was wearing 2 pair of Cheater reading glasses so I could see better. its not terrible tho. Not great but I’ll wear it. It’s for my personal 357. I oiled my gun and crammed it in a freezer bag , wet the leather ,then stuffed it in. Put some scrap spacers in strategic places and now the wait is on. This is just the holster. It goes in a drop down gun-belt that is in the making. I used Chicago fasteners to close it so I can open it back up later and sew the flap on the back thru the slot in the belt Oh well !!! It’s a start..
  13. My uses are. Well I have horses, so tack for sure. Also I make custom knives. And need sheaths for them. Also western gunbelts and holsters. I might make some nice computer cases and luggage type bags as well. It kinda opened up a whole new range of projects.
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