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  1. That’s very nice Bob. Sleek looking.
  2. I’m going to try the Campbell- Randall to see. The blade is almost done and it’s definitely gray after the acid dip.
  3. I need a light gray stain for veg tanned. I’m making a Damascus skinner and want to match the steel look in the leather sheath I think vinigroon would work but I don’t want it black what ya got
  4. You should be a happy camper Bob. I love my 5100 and with the guys on here I can even fix and adjust it now.
  5. very nice the contrast is great
  6. that is sooo nice.. love it
  7. I’ve noticed that the only ones available are for the fabricator. Are there any aftermarket or other brands that will fit it.
  8. I have both the full size and the mini on my 5100. Barbara’s design makes is super easy to install and remove.
  9. Thank you. I’m just starting to get used to the airbrush thing. I see tons of advantages to it. Just a little more practice is needed.
  10. My boss really takes care of me and I wanted to make him a knife and sheath to match his gunbelt he had me make. So I bought some O-1 tool steel and fashioned him one for Christmas. Heat treated it in my forge to about 60 Rockwell hardness. It’s 1/8” thick and a razor blade in sharpness. Hope he likes it.
  11. That’s cool. So many thing you can do with stamps.
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