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  1. AA3JW

    Tool Rack

    While not actually leather work, it does figure in. Got tired on storing my tooling tools in the bins attached to my work bench. Was visiting my sister who is really into rubber stamping. She had just got a new tool which requires the stamps to be unmounted. Had a lot of hardwood stamp mounts with no stamp attached. Used those for the rack. A lot cheaper than what you buy.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I would have machine sewn it, but I all ready had the holes punched before I got my machine.
  3. I am currently making one of JLS's pancake holsters for a 1911 BBQ gun. The holster has a rattle snake insert. I am going to hand sew it. Would 8mm tiger thread be heavy enough, or should I use 138 or heavier thread. I already screwed up by (A) sewing the panel on with waxed thread before I dyed it, and (B) Using white waxed thread. Have not got the back ready to yet, so this is just a in work picture
  4. Thanks, google didn't do much for me either. I will check out the suit stamps at SLC.
  5. I am making a small "player card" wallet for my sister for her many visits to Tunica MS. I am looking for either a 4 Aces stamp or a Royal Flush stamp for the front of it. If all else fails I would settle for a small slot machine stamp. Does anyone know where I might be able to find such a stamp.
  6. AA3JW

    Tech Sew 3650 HD

    Got my new toy today. $800.00 plus $40.00 gas to pick it up. Time to learn a new skill.
  7. AA3JW

    Tech Sew Machines.

    Thanks Ron. I really appreciate it.
  8. AA3JW

    Tech Sew Machines.

    Is the manual for the 3650 the same as the 3800? The manual I got was the 3800. I am picking up the sewing machine on Saturday. Got it for $800.00. From the pictures in the add it appears to be in great shape, and was used very little.
  9. AA3JW

    Tech Sew Machines.

    What Post?
  10. Does any one on here have any experience with Tech Sew machines. I have found a full up 3650 HD am still waiting to see if it is available.
  11. AA3JW

    Consew 227

    Thanks for the response. May have a chance to get one locally. Wants $900 with the motor and table. If I can look at it and get him to come down a little, I may get it.
  12. AA3JW

    Consew 227

    Does anyone know anything about a consew 227?
  13. I actually own the Janome HD 3000 that Tandy sells. Once you add the walking foot, they actually call it the "Even Feed Foot", it is a good machine for light weight stuff. As an example, I am currently re-purposing an old set of motor cycle chaps into a leather apron for working in the garage (leather work, hobby gunsmithing, reloading etc). It joined the two sides together well, but it will not handle attaching the neck band or the belt. I had finally got enough money together for a cowboy 3200, but then had to spend 1500.00 of it on my truck. I had been considering the Tippmann Boss, but after asking a lot of questions, and watching a whole lot of youtube videos on both, I decided that the cowboy for the money was the way to go. Good luck.
  14. Is this machine still available?
  15. AA3JW

    Tippmann Boss VS CB 3200

    Thanks everyone for the input. I guess I continue to save to buy the cowboy. Maybe with a little luck I will win the lotto! Will probably sell a couple more of my 1911s (can't shoot more than two at a time anyway).