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  1. Search the sewing machine leather groups there are always machine for sale on there. I live over in Malad!
  2. I'm with wayne, Jeff's helped more of us beginners than anyone i know. He Try s to keep the hobby going and if it costs him $20.00 In the outcome so be it! Thanks Jeff for all you share and do!
  3. Check this out on you tube. DIY Waterproofing Compound for Canvas Tarp. aka Waxed Canvas
  4. There is also on Face Book a group called " tips and tricks with cobra class leather equipment. " join this group and they will talk you through anything! Good luck
  5. No but there are many videos showing how to do things including timing on the cobra 4. Search under Al Babe cobra 4 in you tube.
  6. Could there be to much slack when you hooked your chain to the foot feed? Maybe see if you can hook the catch link tighter???
  7. All back stitch don't look like that! When back stitching make sure your needle goes to bottom died center then raises about 1/4" before reversing to lo k the stitch in. I use mainly 277 top and bottom, stitches look great!
  8. Did you try Springfield Leather they sell several blades for awls
  9. Which handle do you use that pinking blade in? Really nice chinks!
  10. Search real hard on here as someone had a press he was trying to sell. I believe he was on the east coast. He was moving and not wanting to take the press with him. It was all setup to use as a clicker.
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