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  1. Has this been sold and if not how much would it weigh?
  2. Is this splitter still for sale and how much would it weigh? What is the thinnest you’ve split down to? Thank you
  3. Is this still setting around are did you sell it?
  4. Search the sewing machine leather groups there are always machine for sale on there. I live over in Malad!
  5. I'm with wayne, Jeff's helped more of us beginners than anyone i know. He Try s to keep the hobby going and if it costs him $20.00 In the outcome so be it! Thanks Jeff for all you share and do!
  6. Check this out on you tube. DIY Waterproofing Compound for Canvas Tarp. aka Waxed Canvas
  7. There is also on Face Book a group called " tips and tricks with cobra class leather equipment. " join this group and they will talk you through anything! Good luck
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