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  1. I did some R&D on making the conventional inline pressure foot and wasn't happy about not starting on the edge or potential moon craters on the leather. With this set-up I can get to .135 thou to the edge with a 277 thread and 200/25 needle and it works just as I was sewing with a regular set, and no adjustments needed.
  2. I'm doing a small run of Narrow feed dog flat plates for Cowboy CB4500 and Cobra class 3 and 4. Material is 304 stainless. $120.00 ea.
  3. 3M Synthetic Wax Protectant for cars works great on my cast iron table saw top.
  4. Made in the U.S.A. narrow dog with a flat plat and works great. Made the small slot plates but don't think I'll be needing them. I think the flat plate is better for what I'm doing, definitely more control. Also made a holster plate and down the road will make the stirrup plate when I build my saddles. Awesome idea!
  5. Great idea, so I decided to make my own parts on my Haas cnc mill. Will up load the finished product later in the day. Was going to make the stirrup and holster plate and along came this post. Not into selling them just rather make my own stuff. Received my Cobra 4 last week and as you can see the stitch size plate had to be shimmed before they shipped it to me. Not too happy about that from the Leather machine co. Chinese world class manufacturing. Have to make a new plate without the shim.
  6. Made 2 different molds on my Haas toolroom mill. One is for the Iphone 12 and the other Iphone 13 which was a little deeper cause the wifey has a stand attached to hers. While I was at it I engraved my logo.
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