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  1. The purpose of the holster plate with feed dog is to maintain the the design of the machine. It sews just like the regular feed dog and plate. You can go fast or you can go slow, and even back up with no issues. It's the same with the narrow plates and feed dogs. The
  2. I'm not making black oxide parts anymore. Everything is now stainless. Any parts I did black oxide was with hot salts cooked in a bath. You can get more info here https://feeds.brownells.com/userdocs/learn/Inst-113 Bluing Booklet.pdf
  3. I have the Xtreme #25 feed dog and plate which has a slot width of .160 recommended for a #25 needle and below. The Narrow presser foot set, Also have the streamlined Double presser foot and left presser foot for the Adler 205-370.
  4. No I'm only making parts for the Juki 441 or 441 clones and the Durkopp -Adler 205. Guess I should clarify, I'm not making any more feed dog and plates for the CB 3200, but my Narrow presser foot set and left presser foot fits the CB 3200.
  5. I do make a #25 for the CB3200 but the demand is low for the 3200 so it's best to contact me directly to see what I have in stock.
  6. A lot of screw thread sizes on these machines date back to the thread sizes that Singer used in their machines so your pretty much out of luck. Your best bet would have been to purchase a shuttle hook assembly of eBay for 28 bucks and use it for parts.
  7. arrow presser foot now available for the Adler 205-370. Get to within 1/8 of an inch to the edge on ledges and hard to sew areas. Also have the streamlined Double presser foot and left presser foot for the Adler 205-370. Available at https://heprecision.com/
  8. Fresh of the mill am offering the Adler 205-370 Xtreme #25 feed dog and plate. Upgrade your Adler with a narrow feed dog . Slot width.160. Beats the OEM products in quality and price. Feed dog is adjustable for height. $135.99 plus shipping at heprecision.com .
  9. Folks with the COWBOY CB 3200 now can upgrade thier machines to a Narrow feed dog and plate made specifically for the CB 3200. 3 sizes available. #25 for #25 needles and below, #23 for #23 needles and below, and #20 for #20 needles and below. Check them out at https://heprecision.com/
  10. @jrk65 should invest in a XTREME #25 NARROW FEED DOG WITH FLAT STAINLESS PLATE at heprecision.com for your Ferdco. Had a customer purchase one for his Ferdco last week with the same set-up as yours and similar issues. Don't have to stick my neck out here, feed dog, feed dog, feed dog! As @RockyAussie was saying about the oil, it's extremely important. Had another customer who purchased a brand spanking new CB 4500 with feeding issues. Had him pull the side plate, put some oil the presser and center foot bars and everything in between and now it runs as it should.
  11. @Kgg, I'm still not enlightened. What parts become weak? Are you talking about the tension spring? If so replace it. Running the bobbin in the clockwise direction will eventually damage the bobbin spring. Sounds like some kind of folklore with no mechanics to it.
  12. Enlighten me @kgg on why you would change the rotation of the bobbin except for adding another problem as in screwing up the spring.
  13. Narrow presser foot set. About as close as you will get when sewing an edge. Answer to the limitations of an inline foot. https://heprecision.com/
  14. Best upgrade for your 441 clone. No more leather falling into the slot when trying to do an edge. Serrated feed dogs for the Xtreme # 25 flat plate. Great for Biothane. Check them out at https://heprecision.com/
  15. Wiz said; Another difference that bothers me about the 441 type machines is that the manual pressor foot lift lever is on the inside of the head, where it can be blocked by the work light or edge guide. Simple part solves that problem. https://heprecision.com/shop/ols/products/extension
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